Fastest Ritchie Blackmore Guitar Solos

Ritchie Blackmore was a very fast and technical guitarist for his time. Many of his fastest solos are on lesser known songs.

The Top Ten

1 A Light in the Black - Rainbow

His fastest and craziest solo that is also very long. My fave solo by him. The song isn't well known though. It's overshadowed by Stargazer - a great song, too. My point is - give a listen to this song if you don't know it, especially if you are a metal fan. Non-metal fans may not appreciate it because it's a metal song. It's the most advanced metal song of the 70s. Epic and fast. - Metal_Treasure

2 Kill the King - Rainbow

1978. The fastest and most aggressive metal song of the 70s - Metal_Treasure

3 Death Alley Driver - Rainbow

1982. A really fast song with a fast and long solo - Metal_Treasure

4 Child In Time - Deep Purple

1970. One of his most legendary songs where his solo contributes a lot to the song's fame - Metal_Treasure

It's a long solo but it sounds so awesome! - Userguy44

5 Highway Star - Deep Purple

The first true metal solo that even included fast tremolo picking, used later in extreme metal! So who is the godfather of metal? Err...Ozzy who? - Metal_Treasure

6 Spotlight Kid - Rainbow

1981. A unique song for me. By the way, the riff was ripped off by over 10 bands, mostly metal bands. Yet, the song gets little-to-no-attention outside the group of the metal musicians - Metal_Treasure

7 Fire Dance - Rainbow

1983. The song is power metal and respectively, the solo is fast - Metal_Treasure

8 Burn - Deep Purple

1974. Iconic song for most of the metal musicians but not very well known outside the metal community - Metal_Treasure

9 Make Your Move - Rainbow

1983. The entire song is very fast - Metal_Treasure

10 Drinking With the Devil - Rainbow

1983. A fast song in general and respectively, the solo is fast as well - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Lost In Hollywood - Rainbow
12 Hard Lovin' Man - Deep Purple
13 Difficult to Cure - Rainbow
14 Long Live Rock and Roll - Rainbow
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1. A Light in the Black - Rainbow
2. Kill the King - Rainbow
3. Death Alley Driver - Rainbow
1. A Light in the Black - Rainbow
2. Child In Time - Deep Purple
3. Highway Star - Deep Purple


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