Apples are better than fruits you named. I eat apples so I know. Apples are better than oranges. Apples are better than Bananas. I can name many fruits apples are better than. Lemons are a fruit that apples are better than. In China apples are good.

It was a tough choice between apples and peaces but I have to go with apples because they are sold all year round were I live at so I can enjoy them more than peaches since peaches are a summer thing here, I have always loved apples especially the green ones, red is ok, and yellow I rarely buy. Green Apple gatorade is awesome, and apple pie flavored gum is to die for.

Apple is the only fruit that is always delicious. Whenever you decide to eat an apple, you can be sure that it's going to be tasty, even when it's a little bitter or dry, you will enjoy.

Love apples also I plan on doing my project on making an apple orchard for the school although were in California and the teacher said it had to be "water-wise I'm pretty sure hell be fine with it

God thank Washington for all the apples! - sports11

Ah who doesn't like apples? So simple and juicy. Definitely deserve more appreciation. Apple juice, apple pie... Etc

I love apples. I don't see how anyone could fear or dislike them.

Apples are a good source of vitamins. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! This is a tasty and healthy fruit.

I love the juicy sweet taste of an apple and the sound of the apple when you bite in to it crunch crunch crunch

My favorite fruit because they were the first fruit I ever.

This fruit is amazing but way to underrated and I love it

granny smith is so delicious
i wonder why so many people chose bananas
eww - sagadiablo

I love green apples(codling? )
It is very delicious and tastes good.
Also, red apple is yummy too!

Soft and juicy, crispy and sweet bite into an apple! - TwJaGd

I love the skin on an apple, it never gets old.

They r the most amazing fruit in the world

They're amazing and the best fruit ever

A juicy delicious and refreshing apples always make me happy

Nature's toothbrush and a wonderful variety to choose. - mgenet

I like apple because of the color the taste and the nutrients they've bring

Apple's are simply the best...and they make the best juice...enough' said.

Apple is the most eaten fruit in the world

I love them so much! My 2 favorites are granny smith and honey crisp!

They taste good my mouth is watering right now just imagining it

Apples are better than straw berries!