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41 Pickle

No, that would be cucumber, you turn cucumbers into pickles-have you ever seen a pickle plant..?

I love pickles very much but vary hard to get in the super markets

If you don't like pickles you have no soul


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42 Blood Orange

I think this deserves I higher place

Should be #1 BABY! Whoo!

I love blood orange scider

Me to

43 Gooseberry

Gooseberries are actually delicious. They're just as good as any other fruit on the market, only they're not on the market simply because they don't preserve well. Therefore, they're underrated. They're easy to grow in your own yard. Highly recommend

This makes me think of the gooseberry pies from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

I have never heard of this fruit but it looks tasty though

44 Crab Apples

Used to have some crab apple trees in our back garden; we would always spend hours just picking and eating them and chilling on the swings. - blackw0lf2

Wow crab apples are a fruit. honestly I thought they were not

As a child I use to sneak up into my neighbors crabapple tree and for hours savor those tartly sour little globes.I can Still taste them! wow.

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45 Blackcurrant

The black current is a great fruit to cook with and it reflects the great cooking in the nation of Germany and the Netherlands.

Its an awesome berry... You usually find it in European countries or Caucasian countries like Russia, Netherlands Germany and many more! - Russian_Iron

These are amazing I love them so much its ridiculus

I love black current so much me and my father are crazy for it.IT niether tooo sweet or sour just the purrfect balance 😻👌🏻.i even love love love marshmellows filled black currant. I would eat these all day long and if there was top ten berries these would just have to be on top.I wouldn't leave them for the world.These Are also really healthy and man these should be on top ten.

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46 Rambutan

Tropical fruit which come from countries like Sri Lanka. They have a red shell with spikes on the shell.

Best fruit I've ever eaten in my life! I love that fruit and it should be top ten list..!

This fruit should be number 1 or at least in top 10. It's so sweet yum yum. you can find it in place like Thailand, Malaysia

So many in Indonesia

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47 Cranberry

Dr. Oz approves of this fruit.

48 Mangosteen

Whenever you go to Thailand, you have to try it!

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49 Soursop V 1 Comment
50 Tamarind

Tamarind candies are the BEAST!

51 Date V 2 Comments
52 Gold Kiwi Fruit
53 Guyabano V 2 Comments
54 Custard Apple

I can't belief it is not in the top 10! 1! COME ON GUYS LETS GET IT UP THERE boys/girls/aosdrg! Cheers fellas.

In India theae are very famous known as "seeta phal" these are very tasty and very yummy.

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55 Pomelo

The beast to eat high

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56 Quince

Wonderful fruit! They are very good tasting. Like a cross between an Apple and a Pear with the texture of an apple. It is very sweet and crisp! It deserves a higher place!

Will make your heart stronger against fear. The fruit of men.

The best fruit of all time, especially cooked! YUMMY

Eat Quince boiled with a bit of sugar, it's DELICIOUS

57 Rhubarb

It is one of my favorite fruits. It is especially great with some nice custard.

I love rhubarb! They are amazing with strawberries! I love rhubarb pie! Oh, now I want to make some. Delicious!

So good in a jam.

Rhubarb isn't a fruit...

58 Miracle Berry

Miracle berries makes everything taste really good. You can eat some miracle berries and than you can eat anything you hate without worrying about taste so miracle berries: AWESOME FRUIT (that's way too underrated on this list)

It doesn't taste the best but I love eating lemons after eating a Miracle berry.

Magical fruit. It is healthy and helps the inner sweetness come out of things

They sound so awesome I want millions of them!

59 Mamey (Sapote)

I was lucky enough to marry a Cuban. This is now my favorite fruit! - Sera9573

A tropical fruit that has a nutty, rich sweet flavor. Think of a pink sweet yummy avacado - Sera9573

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60 Kaki
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