Favorite Milkshake Flavor

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21 Bubblegum

Mumm I want to how that taste like I have tasted bubblegum ice crem but I want to taste the milkshake a lot I wonder how that Tastes like


22 Mixed Berry

Sounds awesome

not nice

23 Black and White

Vanilla and Chocolate! Each are great on they're own but put them together and your mind might get blown!

Their ment together like black+white=ultra delicious!

Wow this looks gool that is the word I made

Yin and yang of milkshakes! 1111111111

24 Chocolate Chip Mint

It's like having Thin Mints and ice cream in the same delicious shake!

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25 Nutella V 2 Comments
26 Cookie Dough

I love cookie dough and if I didn't have it I would die this coming from 50 year old

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27 Peanut Butter Cup

Best milkshake ever! If you have never had it then... GO GET 1!

Better than goat cheese

28 Blue Heaven

I can't belive you haven't heard of it it is the best -

Favorite since I was a kid

29 Lime

In my opinion lime is easy number one, it so sweet and refreshing

Lime is by far the best. This is the flavour that I always order.

Heaven in a glass

Oops should read heaven in a glass 2 pint jug, refreshing, moreish and addictive. So where in the world can I get it?

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30 Smores
31 Mango

Mango ice cream is rich but very refreshing. And I love Mango in anything. The mango brings you to another world. I love Mango Milkshake: If only places like Mcdonalds sell them, I would be a regular customer!

I like the smooth tropical taste of pure delicious mango. I never get tired of it.

Why is mango sow low on ranks... It is the best followed by chocolate - zuni

Mango deserves 1st

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32 Heath Toffee
33 Birthday Cake

It is better than cake!

34 Spearmint

It is the only flavour I did not see on your list Choc mint was there I know but personally I like spearmint flavour by itself

35 Rum V 1 Comment
36 Graham Cracker
37 Chocolate Orange

Cause it the best around and no ones ever gonna let it down.

I don't know what it taste, hahaa...
I just like he name

38 Reese's Pieces
39 Apple
40 Kiwi
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