Top Ten Favorite Foods

The top 10 greatest tasting, most mouth-watering, and most satisfying foods you can eat. Treats fit for the everyman (or woman) as well as the connoisseur.
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1 Pizza

Nothing beats the Pizza! A variety of flavors and toppings in one large sliced dough will never satiate my mouth. It's definitely worth the 10 dollars. Yum!

The immortal champion of foods, fast easy and decadent, whenever you think of something good and fast to order and eat, the first thought is often PIZZA! Want the luxurious kind by making your own? Home made Pizza beats nearly every other food on this list, can be made with absolutely anything

Pizza is the GOAT. It's the perfect blend of cheesy, crispy, and saucy. It can be easily customized and has been many times (yes I like pineapple). Pizza has been around for centuries, and has profoundly had an impact on the world. First starting in Italy, making its way to America and elsewhere indoctrinating every single human it met with the delicious scent, taste, and touch of the Pizza. Pizza is the best food known to man!

Pizza is something. Cheesy, saucy, delicious goodness. It may not be healthy, but it's cheesy goodness will not make you care. It's delicious, it's savory, it'll make you wanna eat more until you can't handle it but even if you can't handle it you eat more until your stomach explodes and then you die and have a funeral. It's that good. You never get tired of pizza. It's overrated but it's still the best.

2 Ice Cream

Ice cream is the best! Indulge yourself in smooth vanilla or coarse chocolate chip. Not only ice cream is delicious, it's also full of carbohydrates which are used to power yourself. If you think ice cream has too much fat or sugar content, you can buy lowfat and low sugar ice cream! OR you can create homemade ice cream! Just in a small resealable plastic bag, combine half-and-half, sugar, and vanilla. Push out excess air and seal. Into a large resealable plastic bag, combine ice and salt. Place small bag inside the bigger bag and shake vigorously, 7 to 10 minutes, until ice cream has hardened. Then your ready to eat it! Sprinkle some rainbow sprinkles or any toppings of your choice. Wa-laa! Homemade ice cream with less fat, no artifical sweetners, and less sugar! What a win-win treat for any occasion!

You got in a fight with your parents? Your boyfriend just broke up with you? Did your boyfriend just ditch you for the "cheerleaders"... Well.. at least we will always have ice-cream until everything gets better : )
I love ice cream so much! It always helps me cheer up and look on the good side every time I'm down in the dumps. My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies and Creme!
, vanilla, chocolate chip, sherbet, cookie dough, anything! Who cares about brain freeze; ice cream is the best thing ever!

I cannot live without ice cream! Caramel ice cream is awesome! Cookies and cream is pretty good too... After I eat it, I get this extraordinary feeling inside of me, if you ice cream lovers know what I mean. And it's so refreshing too! After a day of hard work, you can just sit down, relaz, and enjoy some amazing ice cream!

Oh, my gosh! I know some people in my school totally hate it because it's too sweet or gives you a tooth freeze or whatever, but seriously! My favorite flavors are chocolate chip marshmallow and chocolate double brownie. Second on my list is cotton candy. Oh, bliss!

3 Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

Best buy to me is See's. The dark chocolate raspberry creams are as good as it gets. For diabetics try the dark chocolates with walnuts. You won't believe this is sugar free. They also make the best peanut brittle I have ever tasted. I don't even consider buying any other brittle. They are generous with samples also and they just KNOW once I start that I will be walking out with a box. HOW can you beat a place that lets you pick the chocolates you want to fill a box. I have tried nearly all of their flavors and can't think of ONE that I didn't like. Thanks to all of them for their generosity in giving out samples. The cheap bastards at Godiva wouldn't even think of doing such a thing.

I love all kinds of chocolate, preferably dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is good, but it doesn't have the strong coffee vibes dark chocolate gives.

I will never turn down this delicious treat if its milk chocolate dark or just plain it can very much overpower other candy

Chocolate is always a relaxing thing to eat whenever you are tired or whatever the case. It is creamy and rich and will always calm your nerves. Chocolate is so the way to go.

4 Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has all the juiciness of a steak, the crunch from a Pizza's crust and the ability to mop up a sauce like french fries. This is the best fast food hands down.

Chicken can be made in so many ways... Fried, roasted, grilled. There's chicken pizza, curry, sandwiches, tacos, fajitas. You can put a chinese or thai sauce on it and put it with noodles which tastes amazing. Here in England, we have 'hunters chicken'. It's chicken, wrapped in bacon, with melted cheese, smothered in bbq sauce. It is one of the best things ever!

How can this only be at number 20 on this list? KFC produces the best food I've ever tasted - and not only the fried chicken, but they have the best gravy I've ever tasted! Sometimes I want just the mashed potatoes and gravy, but I have to buy the chicken still, with it! KFC chicken is the best!

I remember being SO hungry after a long hike... and I got some fried chicken and it was the best thing ever! I forgot how good this is and it definitely deserves the number 2 spot

5 French Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped more.

With our burger, we want French fries. Not potato chips or shoestrings or wedges or Tater Tots: simple, unadorned French fries. With ketchup. Heinz is fine. These fries should be long and thin and crispy/soft, preferably hand cut, skin on, and blazing hot, like the ones at That's-A-Burger. You can throw a little garlic in there, like Marc Burger does, or even toss in a whole bunch of spices and garlic chips like at District Bar. Just don't go too far, like Cortland's Garage with that chili-lime nonsense. If you want to bowl us over with duck-fat fries, like at Sweets & Savories or The Bristol, we won't complain. Truffle fries are fine if you can pull them off - Bull & Bear and Capital Grille both can - but they're a disaster when they're too thick (you know who you are). All of you, frankly, could take a hint from Five Guys (left), which currently serves the best fries in Chicago. They're hand cut, fried in pure peanut oil, and amazing, stuffed for some reason into a Styrofoam cup, ...more

They're good fries but why are they called "French" fries. Fun fact: These were made in Belgium, not France. And Belgium has 3 different languages so you can't differ. These should be called "Belgian Fries"

I think french fries deserve to be on this list they go with everything and tastes delicious. It's not that hard to cook and every fast place has them. No matter where you go in the country there's some french fries somewhere. Who doesn't love french fries. I will be surprised if I met somebody that didn't really like french fries. Unless it's a certain type of french fries.

I love french fries.Mostly the crispy ones.I love them with Ketchup.

Thing weird about me:I hate Mcdonalds Fries there is barely salt

Another weird thing:Once I eat a french fries I have to go to the bathroom ALWAYS

6 Hamburgers

Burgers can either be delicious or horrible. It can be nothing but grease, or have mucus-like cheese in them (I don't like cheese anyway) or have mayonnaise (which is OK) hanging in sticky lumps in the lettuce, which is the worst combination of food ever; but on the other hand, a good beefburger, turkey burger or venison burger can be delicious, cooked as perfectly tender and thick meat, which goes excellently with fine mustard (depending on the mustard), grilled tomato or onion, or powerful chilli sauce. Food heaven.

It should be the same as pizza because burger have meat, cheese, vegetables, condiments, and fresh baked buns and pizza has dough, sauce, cheese, and a bunch of toppings. That is why I eat Pizza-Burgers all the time instead of one over the other.

I literally get a burger everywhere I go! I can't remember the last time I didn't get a burger when I went out to eat. They are so juicy and meaty and cheesy! (if you get a cheeseburger) And they are just the best food in the entire world!

Nothing TOPS a great American style hamburger! NOTHING
Any way I like it that's why burgers are the bomb.
Better than boo sack noodle.
Cheesy beefy goodness! I love all burgers.
I love cheeseburgers especially.
American food at its best

7 Bacon

Mmm, sizzling bacon- let me tell you something, only the legends will get it. I enjoy having breakfast in bed. I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me, and since I don't have a butler I have to do it myself. So, most nights before I go to bed, I will lay six strips of bacon out on my George Foreman Grill, then I go to sleep. When I wake up, I plug in the grill. I go back to sleep again, then I wake up to the smell of crackling bacon. It is delicious, it's good for me, it's a perfect way to start the day. Today I got up, I stepped onto the grill and it clamped down on my foot. That's it, I don't see what's so hard to believe about that.

I can't live without bacon
Without pigs, life would be nothing. Without pork, there is no point in life. Without bacon... This comment is too sad. Can I get a tissue? Please?
You can never have too much bacon. If you were drowning in a vat of bacon in a container made of bacon on a planet made of bacon in a facility made of bacon that produces bacon, you still wouldn't have enough bacon.

Bacon... Bacon is a wonderful gift from heaven above. When He dropped pigs from the sky, we all bowed down to praise him for the magnificent gift he gave. Pork, ribs, ham, bacon...

Only my deepest, darkest nightmares confront me with no bacon.

The best death would be death by bacon

You can never have too much bacon. If you were drowing in a vat of bacon in a container made of bacon on a planet made of bacon in a facility made of bacon that produces bacon, you still wouldn't have enough bacon.

Bacon... Bacon is a wonderful gift from heaven above. When He dropped pigs from the sky, we all bowed down to praise him for the magnificent gift he gave. Pork, ribs, ham, bacon...

Only my deepest, darkest nightmares confront me with no bacon.

The best death would be death by bacon.

I don't like the amount of fat on Bacon. I hate the fat on Bacon. I have to spend almost half an hour picking off every strand of fat per bacon before eating it if my dad was to give some to me. It's a nightmare to eat, but I do enjoy the taste, so it's not all bad.

8 Steak

The ultimate man-meal... A nice, juicy rump or porterhouse, grilled to perfection, with a side of thick-cut chips, a salad and a big glass of ice-cold lager to wash it all down... Bliss!

1. High in protein.
2. You can eat any type of steak, from expensive to poor, Blue to rare to fully cooked to burnt.
3. You can eat with many vegetables if you want.

Nothing like a good rare steak, full of flavour and seasoning, with a huge platter of chips, and a fresh salad drizzled in peppercorn sauce.

Every man needs his steak. Steak and lobster would be my choice for a last meal.

9 Tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

Tacos are the best foods in the whole USA I mean pizzas good but tacos are amazing
If people don't know the awesomeness of tacos thet arnt from the USA
Tacos and Burritos.M... Pizza and all that American food is solid but tacos with that soft shell and delicious fillings! That takes the cake!
For being so good, Tacos are amazing because their also healthy. They have raw veggies, beans, are gluten free (if having corn shells)... Just perfect and so satisfying

I think that tacos are the best foods not only in the USA but all of the world because of the soft shell fells nice not only that but the juicy tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce, avocado or guacamole, the nice cheese feel, with the little spice of the warm meat.

Tacos are the world's best sandwiches! So yummy, gooey, cheesy, and it's a need for all sandwich lovers! Best food in the world! Yummy, healthy, and the first time I tried it, I fell in love with it. So please try! It's so good for you

The thing that taco has, that nothing else in this list has is that you can build your taco any way you want. You can literately put anything in a taco and it will taste good. Imagine icecream with sprinkles in a taco...

10 Macaroni and Cheese

Comfort food to the next level. Although it's an absolutely delicious meal, I'm very fussy when it comes to Mac and cheese. It has to cheesy but not too cheesy, crispy but still runny and creamy extremely creamy.

One of my best friends lives in a house previously occupied by James L. Kraft (the Canadian inventor of processed cheese who also co-founded Kraft Foods) back in the early 1900s. I call him "cheese head' from time to time.

It is the most delicious and creamy thing a child can have, you can just lick the bowl for the rest of your life. It is an extrememly delicious meal and if you have not tried it unless of course you are allergic to it, you are NT HUMAN.

You gotta love Mac & Cheese, especially home-made. There's so many ways to do it & make it taste SO good...I really shouldn't be thinking about food @ 3 in the morning.

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? Aussie Meat Pie
? Spaghetti Bolognese
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11 Sushi

That killer thing was just A Joke sorry Justin I did not mean to offend you. I really like sushi and yes. I would rather just lock myself in a room for a day without food for this tasty meal! Don't argue. Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I don't only know English and a few Spanish words. That's all I know honestly! One of the sushi chefs named Uncle, is a pro! (Yes that is his real nAme ) he is very good... I love this and it would take me a whole MONTH to get sick of it. I have a headache so I'm going to go now : )

Porkchops is the best! Just kidding. Raw fish may sound gross... Its actually pretty yummy! Why are you insulting fish? Because ITS RAW? So what? I eat fish like... Like a fishavore! (my spelling is off ) - randomly singing a minecraft song - "ones green! Ones dead! They'll hit you in the head, hostile mobs! HOSTILE MOBS! " done. Sushi is as good as having a voice for your whole live because gruefnergernugrgnowogunwuigni - recording beep - UGNERUIGNRUGNIREN - long recording beep - wow... Didn't have to attack me! Anyway, I love sushi! To me, it's a delicacy!

I love seafood and fish, but if you like rice your in for a treat! Sushi is fish with rice wrapped around it and any kind of sliced fish to keep it together. It can be raw or cooked, but if you like it cooked be careful, because some Chinese restaurants only serve it raw. My favorite kind is the California Roll. I only like it cooked because to me raw fish tasted weird. But I love sushi! I think it's really good!

Sushi is the best! I'd choose unlimited sushi over a hundred thousand dollars! There's so many toppings you can choose from, like salmon, egg, and chicken teriyaki. When you eat sushi, you can taste the sauces, the fishy sashimi, and the sweet rice. It's also pretty easy to eat with chopsticks. This is the reason I want to move to Japan when I'm older.

12 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Why have only two listings of the exact same food when we can have "Spaghetti with Meat & Tomato Sauce with Basil Leaves with a Little Sprinkle of Pepper on the top."

To me, nothing beats Spaghetti... just... look at it! I even want one now! It is delicious. Especially when it is with sauce, even pizza would not beat spaghetti to me! Come on guys it should be at least in the top tens!

Spaghetti seems like a great food to eat, especially with the bolognese and other extra toppings! Pastas can always be eaten, even if you're a vegan. It is a really good starch to have if you can't find anything else to eat.

The Best. Its especially nice when all the toppings are served separately. Then you can try out different combinations. like plain with Parmesan, or sauce meat and cheese and Parmesan.

13 Cheeseburger

Well cheese burgers are better than hamburgers in my opinion that is why mcdonalds,burger king and more have yellow in their logos.
Whataburger is orange which is still the color of cheese.

Mm I absolutely love cheeseburgers it is my all time favorite food! Hamburgers are good but cheeseburgers are the bomb! Go Cheeseburgers

Cheeseburger needs to be higher, it's the only burger that I would actually eat.

"A boatload of ingredients stuffed into a toasty sesame-seed bun. Open wide!

14 Cake

Cake is the best. My personal favorite is this one cake that has mashed up Oreos, chocolate chips, and whipped cream, all on a light vanilla sponge. It's heaven.

But for a certain red-haired anime character, strawberry is the best if you catch my drift

Cake is really good, only if it has thin layers of frosting. Thick layers of frosting covered all over the cake... is just gross. I don't like frosting that much

Cake and frosting is heaven on a plate. It's love and acceptance all in one. Starts with your first birthday cake. Yum!

I love cake if it does not have buttercream frosting(like it on cupcakes though). Chocolate cake with normal frosting and ice cream in it is the best kind, or even better, an Oreo cake.

15 Apple An apple is a sweet, edible fruit produced by an apple tree. Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus.

This is actually quite an underrated snack, while I do prefer to overall eat junk food, apples are great. Like pizza, there's different types of apple for everyone, I prefer sour and hard apples like braeburn and granny apples, but you can really experiment with what you like.

My top 15:
1. Pizza
2. Chocolate
3. Apple
4. Ice cream
5. Chicken nuggets
6. French fries
7. Cookies
8. Cake
9. Sushi
10. Fried chicken
11. Chow mein
12. Cereal
13. Steak
14. Apple pie
15. Mashed potatoes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Plus they're so tasty and sweet who could resist the juiciness of a delicious apple!

I like the taste but someone is talking about the apple company (I'm posting this on a MacBook Air).

16 Chicken Wings

If you hate your parents cooking chicken then buy this it is chicken but the good ones and it has more flavor *WARNING* it could get messy.

Why isn't this one further up the list! So many varieties of Chicken wings too. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Oh, come on. I've had my tea and now I want to go out for KFC and get a bowl of chicken wings.

I can eat chicken wings for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

17 Bacon Cheeseburger

The holy grail of all burgers. The perfect combination of bacon, cheese, burger patty. Nothing beats a good bacon cheeseburger

Food scientists when creating bacon cheeseburger: How about we take a BBQ classic and... add the best food in the world to it! Genius! If you're going out to a burger joint don't hesitate to get the BACON cheeseburger.

It is bacon number 7 combined with a cheeseburger number 12 so just imagine how it would be like together.

It is beyond amazing. Diabetes here I come!

18 Cookies

I don't like chocolate chip cookies that much. But sugar cookies, soft cookies with a thin layer of frosting, and shortbread cookies are all delicious.

Cookies are the best dessert ever. Like, you can get them crispy and crunchy or soft and chewy, and adding a little heat gives you this ooey, gooey, chocolaty, sugary mess.

Cookies are food that makes me happy. You can't live without chocolate chip cookies!

Chocolate chip is a way to live but DOUBLE chocolate chip is just... Marvelous!

19 Cheesecake

Best dessert ever. In general, I don't like cake, but cheesecake is where it's at. So creamy, amazing crust, and when you combine it with berries and caramel sauce, there's nothing better in the whole world.

I love stuff like pizza, chocolate and fries, but DAMN that is some good cheesecake! Nothing can replace the creaminess of a slice of cheesecake. Mmm!

Cheesecake is amazing... especially from the cheesecake factory, and especially Oreo...

Oops I meant to choose something else but I chose this. I like cheese cake though.

20 Lasagna

Picky eaters will eat anything if it's in lasagna. It has an amazing texture and has layers upon layers of PASTA and CHEESE. It sorta has to be good if it has pasta AND cheese in it.

Lasagna is by far the best food ever. it has sauce and noodles and cheese. I have been eating lasagna since I was a baby. Italian food is the best. Pizza is my second favorite food which is also Italian.

My favourite since I could eat! I love the melted cheese and meat! Best ever and should be in the top ten. Italian food rocks!

Oh, how it's so cheesy, melted, with all those layers of cheese, an cheese (did I mention that? ) and all that stuffing, be it beans, veggies, meat, or anything.

21 Burrito

They are the best food ever because you can put anything in it, even fries. I like my burritos spicy and with guacamole and cheese! No matter what it has, it almost always tastes amazing. Especially if it has traditional Mexican ingredients in it.

Even though I'm Italian, I think burritos have got to be my absolute favorite food, especially the grilled chicken queso burrito from Qdoba...! We're talking ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! Second favorite of course would obviously be almost anything Italian.

Burritos have always been my favorite! Chipotle makes them the best but all the flavors mixed together with the sour cream and guacamole is so good! Shout out to Tacos, Sushi, and spaghetti...

A big burrito with refried and black beans, corn, any meat of choice, peppers, lettuce and spicy salsa. That's a perfect meal for me.

22 Bananas

Banana and Bananas are on the list. That makes total sense.

Bananas are too high. they are my least favorite food. It is bland and not sweet like fruit should be

They are a good snack, I eat one almost everyday.

My favorite fruit deserves to be higher.

23 Brownies

Brownies are the best. Simple yet yummy and tasty. Once you tasted it, you will look for it and search for it to buy it and eat it. It's good for your stomach. Although, one of my favorite is lasagna, I choose brownies because it has a very catchy taste and perfect sweetness. I sometimes imagine my self eating brownies all the time. From day till night. Until I sleep and wake up again. It's way better than burgers and hotdogs.

I like my brownies with nuts personally because it has that really nice crunch. Overall Their really good.

Oh danm these are good. But why down here? Everyone knows it should be in the top ten, right?

I didn't like them for a long time but now I think they're okay.

24 Chicken Nuggets

They are good if you get them from Wendy's or a good place. The ones at McDonald's or in school foods are crap though.

Yeah these deserve 1st I am a little old for chicken nuggets but do I care? I don't think so!

If your son/daughter hates your cooking this is the solution.

Why 43! Chicken nuggets are best and deserve 1st!

25 Doughnuts

Donuts are the best thing ever given to humankind. You have a variety of flavors from chocolate to vanilla, and during holiday seasons you get special limited time donuts! My favorite are the ones stuffed with Boston cream, I could eat those ALL DAY! I live for donuts!

I love doughnuts, those sugary circles of love
I can't imagine a worlds without doughnuts. Sorry, this is too sad! Tissue please! ANYONE?! Please! I made a song called doughnut love

This deserves to be in the Top 5! Donuts are the tastiest sweet there is. Donuts are also great because there's always a flavor that suits a person. Nobody's left out!

Do not eat the donuts that your grandma that hates you that locked you up in an attic for 2 years Do not eat them Do not eat the POWDERED DONUTS!

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