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241 Tofu V 1 Comment
242 Meat Pie With Sauce
243 Venison

I have no idea what this is

244 Calzone

Like a pizza, but even richer, since it has the form of a sandwich. Should be way, way higher.

I have ate one and I tasted rally good!

Most underrated thing ever. It's like a pizza, but inside out, and with more ricotta cheese, and with no sauce (well, it's optional), but there is just something about it that makes it better than pizza. Oh yeah. Because it's bigger, and you get to taste. everything in your mouth, making a satisfying experience. That's what it is. - djpenquin999

245 Tom Yum Soup

Prawn hot and sour soup with lemon grass, mushrooms very Yum Soup Thai of course.

246 Beef Jerky

I love beef jerky. WHen I swim I always get it. Its sour and sweet and its good. Today I even had a lot of them. Pizza is good but beef jerky beats them by 1000000000000000000000 times so I will try it every day and night.

Beef jerky is SO delicious! We do not get it very often so when we do its like, 'gimme that! ' 'I want some! '

It's so Good! Whenever I eat it, it feels like I can breath fire!

247 Sar U Pe

Sar you Pe is a Kurdish delicious food you can eat it anytime but if you eat it in Winter it would be better because it gives you warmth &
You should try it it's amazing!
Come to Kurdistan and eat Saru Pe

Sarupe is the best Kurdish food I like it a lot it is the Best
I hope you come to Kurdistan and taste it
So delicious

V 1 Comment
248 Roast Beef

Roast Beef is great, especially in sandwiches

249 Beef Tongue

Simply the best

Just the best

250 Artichokes

Dipped in a butter mayo mix or a lemon butter mix. Sexy and delicious. Just add some wine and cheese

251 Greek Salad and Chicken With Feta

mmmmmmmm delicious if your a greek you would love this mmmmmm! -

252 Gyro

This Greek food tastes absolutely delicious *mouth watering right now*

It should be higher than Oreo Fluff

253 Pineapple

Pineapples are my favorite fruit.

Pinapples have a tangy taste when you eat them

254 Quesadilla

Someone needs to do a remix for this. Seriously, just 1 step above grasshoppers, unacceptable. The only reason people aren't voting or remixing this is because, well, it's so low!

How is this possible?! I have loved quesadillas my whole life and they get places at #499 right above Grasshoppers?!

They were once at 80, so who voted these down to 253. How can I stop this from going down even more

It should be in top 20

V 3 Comments
255 Omelette V 1 Comment
256 Carrots Carrots

GOSH Why didn't I (or anyone) added carrots I didn't add them because I figured someone else did.

V 2 Comments
257 Chips and Gravy

I dislike chips & gravy because those two don't work together and sound gross. I like dates and hope they end up higher than this.

V 3 Comments
258 Salt and Pepper Peanuts

I think salted peanuts are DELICIOUS but peppered peanuts not so much they even sound kind of GROSS

259 Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese

Tastes like how my brother's feet snell

I live in Switzerland and that cheese is delicious. - redhawk766

260 Gnocchi With Pesto
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