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281 Jalebi
282 Macarons
283 Creme Brulee

It's the True best dessert ever. It is so rich and creamy that I can't get enough of it. They come in flavors from vanilla to coconut cream.

284 Fajitas

Fajitas can only be described as a little gift, that's hand wrapped for your delight by god himself, stuffed with worldly delights, smothered with creme fresh, salsa and mayo... And served on a plate fit for the feeding of the five thousand.

Let it be known by all that fajitas will soon one day consume the hearts of every living being in the cosmodrome, sending them all to a delightful vortex to Italian utopia, were they will live a peaceful life of serenity, in a fatija coated nightmarish world.

I open my arms and say... Send me screaming through oblivion, straight to the salsa coated dream... NOW!

285 Vegemite V 2 Comments
286 Teriyaki Chicken

My life in total so good

so goood

287 Meat

I like meat avoiding even vegetables.

V 1 Comment
288 Lychee
289 Chicken Korma
290 Durian

It is known to taste like heaven and smell like hell

V 1 Comment
291 Cornbread V 1 Comment
292 French Toast Rolls

Recipe provided by buzzfeed, I am very fond of these tiny morsels of sweet/tart goodness. - ListerBlister

293 Quorn V 1 Comment
294 Chicken Kiev


295 Ham Roll With Branston Pickle
296 Flour Tortillas

Its one of the Mexican-American tasty traditions

297 Shish Kabob
298 Swiss Roll
299 Boiled Crawfish

Mmm, my belly always makes noises digesting that crawfish.

300 Tator Tot Casserole
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