Avril Lavigne

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Avril is the most under-rated singer of our time. She has great range, though there are singers who have more range, but her voice is so powerful and projects such emotion and is so pure. If you listen to all of her music it becomes obvious that she uses her voice in the same way a master plays an instrument, and she does it effortlessly. She is a goddess among mortals in the world of music.

No I'm not a random fan that vote Avril up because she is so loveable and all (eventhough yes definitely is). I vote up Avril because I truly believe she is an amazing singer. She can sing with a weak vulnerable voice yet she can rock out and radiate young punk energy to the crowd. I don't believe she is given enough recognition as a SINGER. You can say her vocal range is fairly slightly above average and compare her to Whitney Huston in terms of vocal ability, but I argue vocal emotion and performance. When she sings she touches my heart if she sings a slow number and makes me excited when she rocks out with a sick beat. Another trait of Avril's amazing voice is she always seem to enunciate each lyric precisely when she sings. I almost never misheard lyrics from Avril's singing. I love Avril but that is not the reason I vote her to be the best singer, I vote her because she IS.

You, re the best and the number 1 singer I have ever heard of you are better than Selena Gomez shes the worst I ever heard of and you, ll be my best singer forever keep rocking us most of the songs I like the most are yours I love your each and every song you have the most unique voice and you, re the coolest singer and guitarist and yo, re very talented who writes all of her own songs

Are you kidding me I mean avril is at 23 no way she is supposed at the top I mean with songs like what the hell and hot and girlfriend and much more you guys are so wrong in putting her at 23. Avril is the best pop singer in the wor wor wor wor old old old

shes always on maxims hot 100 every year and is by far the most talented, she writes her own lyrics and they come from the heart and has a strong vocal

I can't say Avril is the best but it's my favorite in terms of music and songs. Many great singers don't write their own songs. And common, avril clearly sings better than katy perry. I mean almost all the other top 100 can sing better than katy perry. Katy is a pop star but I am sorry she really can't sing

Her voice is AWESOME..!
And I just lovee her... All her songs are great and really touch my heart.. She's the best and I'll always love her for her amazing voice and brilliant songs. She's very talented and I'll always love that angel

I JUST LOVE YOU AVRIL! AND YOUR ABOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! I'm so happy I cried when I saw your name! I just love you! I can't believe your actually here! Even if you weren't I would still be your FAN FOREVER. I put the song "Slipped Away/I Miss You" in my grandpa's funeral. It was the most fitting song. :) Thanks for everything Avril

Deserve top 10! She marked a generation! I'm so proud of calling her my favorite singer, she's been part of my life since 2007 and I've learned so many things by listening to her songs, like, we can live each day like it's our last day and keep laughing (who knows), we have to think about the little things that make life great (innocence), we can stay forever young if we want to (here's to never growing up), we don't need to give up, cause we can do anything (fly), we don't have to worry cause everybody hurts (everybody hurts), we can always stay strong and trust that everything will be okay (keep holding on), nobody can bring us down and change who we are (nobody's fool), we have to keep smiling and make other people smile (smile, and its videoclip). Well, that's obvious why Avril deserves top 10 (in my opinion top 1, hehe). Love only

She does not need auto tune! Her voice is amazing if you listen to her sing alice live you will understand the talent this girl presents! What makes her special is that she is different than singers and that is why I love her!

Does Skater girl Avril rock your world? Avril Ramona Lavigne is a Canadian singer-songwriter. She was born in Belleville, Ontario, but spent most of her youth in the small town of Napanee. She had signed a two-album recording contract with Arista Records worth more than $2 million. In 2002, when she was 17 years old, Lavigne broke onto the music scene with her album Let Go.

How could Avril Lavigne be placed at such a low rank? She can do almost ALL of genres and she has a very nice technique of singing. She also writes songs that are beautiful and inspiring. She has the looks to die for that never grows old. And most of all she has the heart to help others.

THE BEST EVER! In the beginning her voice wasn't that good without autotune, but after a few songs her voice... Changed, it was awesome, strong and her songs rocked! She seriously inspires the quote: "Practice makes perfect" Now she IS perfect! She always was.

She's the most talented singer!
Her voice is beautiful when he sings is able to unleash itself and excite the public as a whole
There are no words to describe how wonderful the whole

Avril Lavigne isn't like some singers today who have a perfect voice in studio and can't sing for a toffee in real life. She is an amazing singer and songwriter, plays three musical instruments and when she sings live I get the goosebumps.

I love you Avril lavigne you are so good in singing I love your voice I like the way you are your so pretty and rock! I love you you are so amazing and so famous love you with all my heart!

Jeez, you actually put Avril below Britney? Maybe, just maybe, this world has REALLY lost the sense of soulful and amazing lyrics

Why did you putting AVRIL in the 23 she not deserving to put her because she wonderful amazing talent pretty sexy and admirable

she sings better than any women on this senseless top shes smarter than any women in this top and shes the most beautiful women in this top

Avril is the best! She has a kind heart and also has LOTS of inspirational songs. Take "Fly" for an example. She sang that in the Special Olympics this year and it inspired MILLIONS! She is also THE ROCK AND POP QUEEN OF THE MUSIC WORLD! I seriously think that she should be put at number one. I mean, WHY NOT?! Above Taylor, Demi, Katy, Gaga, Ariana, because SHE DESERVES IT!

She's the best! Her songs are 90% made of "LOVE" but it teaches us WHY the person went or HOW to keep strong! Trust me, If you are in a low mood, turn her song "HOT" up! - xCrimsonflash

Avril Lavigne is my second favourite singer all her songs are the best though! My favourite out of them all is Smile!

Avril is very talented and knows how to sing, she can make everyone sing along with her to her new songs and everybody loves her, she knows how to pump up the crowds

She so amazing very talented she is the best pop rock singer go girl you're the best

She is awesome. She always put great idea into her songs. And I think she's really brilliant. Keep up the good work, Av. Just be your self.