Hayley Williams

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Hayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore.


47? All hell nah. I was expecting Hayley the be at least in the top 20 but Selena Gomez number 32? Katy Perry number 13? I love both these girls and they have amazing songs but its common knowledge that they literally can't sing live but Hayley has one of the best live vocals and is a great stage presence and I think that's what most of the girls higher on this list lack. I respect modern day pop singers like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry because they are great lyricalists (if they actually do write their own songs) but anyone can sing in studio with autotune but you can really determine talent by when a singer can sing live because everyone in the music industry should be able to sound relatively similar to their album and of decent quality to their voice. Sure there are singers like Bob Dylan that are exceptions to this rule but that's because he is renowned for his lyrics and to make up for lack of voice quality you have to have some exceptionally good lyrics and I honestly think ...more

Only #48? Are you kidding me? As someone who mostly listens to rock music (and I swear I'm not trying to be sexist, this is just my opinion), a lot of female artists sound the same to me, especially the pop ones. However, Paramore is a awesome band, and it's amazing how much energy Hayley has whenever she sings. Her voice is beautiful and she's just got an amazing gift. Paramore's songs are great, and if you don't believe me, try listening to Misery Business, Brick By Boring Brick, Fences, Decode, or That's What You Get (just to name a few of my favorites). Her and Amy Lee are two of the best female rock vocalists (pretty rare nowadays in a world of bubblegum pop), and both have insane talent, but Paramore wins by a nose as to which is my favorite band of the two because their songs are a lot more diverse. Some of them are really upbeat and fun, while others really make you think.

WHERE DO I BEGIN? Most singers now and even some in the older days fake their voices SO MUCH. Not just autotune. But people try to sound unlike themselves. Hayley has great diction, great projection, can hit SO MANY high notes, and she sounds great live. And not like a screeching wench that runs out of breath every 2 seconds. We need more votes. Who cares that most of her songs aren't pop? Most pop music sucks. Hopefully she will change pop music and we'll get more people who sing in a real voice.

She really sings for the public.. In every single way.. All emotions.. When people are sad.. There are sad songs from her eg. Breath. And when you feel love warm feeling and want to enhance the feeling she got 1 too eg. Adore.. Shes everything.. Without her music.. I probably wouldn't live this long in my life.. And she made my life perfect..

She has those vocals that make you feel every emotion that should be felt when listening to her songs. Seeing her (and the band) live was one of the best experiences in my life. Listening to a voice like that reminds me how lucky I am to have the ability to hear and the privilege of being able to purchase her albums.

She is my inspiration. She is so young and so full of talent. I wish I could have the opportunity to see her in a live performance. She is great, and she deserve to be on the top 5, definitely she got a great voice!

Hayley is one of the most unique singers to grace my ears. She sings every kind of song and hits the nail on the head every time, being in a rock band gives another dimension to her singing as I don't know if many of the women rated above her could pull off the type of singing it takes to accommodate the genre, and the best part is because of her amazing voice the band can play nearly any type of song and make it sound incredible.

Hayley Williams is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other female singers in this generation. Most female singers nowadays only sing great in studios, but have barely if all vocal experience at all. If you don't believe me listen to live versions of song of artists such as Katy Perry and Selena Gomez and compare them to Hayley Williams. The majority of female singers nowadays should call themselves entertainers rather than singers.

I think people forget about how talented she actually is, her vocal range is incredible and her voice is amazing. She is one of the best female vocalists not just inside rock but in music itself. In my eyes she should be in the top ten and I'm not just saying that because paramore is my favourite band of all time but because she has one of the best voices I know (probably the best). Also she is amazing in general, a great role model and awesome woman.

Okay. Let me think for awhile. The first name I imagine when I read the topic "best female singer" is Hayley for sure. And I kinda "the hell? She's on 40th! " Haha. I believe that Hayley's not as popular as others, I mean who don't know Shakira, Madonna, Adele, blahblahblah. And, Hayley, who is she? She's even just on a band. Sadly, we're not talking about 'the most popular', but 'the best'. And not anyone ever heard Hayley's voice I guess? It's UNIQUE and she just had it right from the start. Now, I only wish that someday the name of 'Hayley Williams' can reach the top ten. - putriideas

WOW! I mean really what else can I say WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Hayley Williams! Her voice is so unique, I mean what the hell is Hayley Williams at number 30 and some kid I've never heard of at number 1! I am really hoping that Hayley Williams jumps up o the top of the chart! - victoria98

Hayley Williams, signed at 13 because Atlantic Records saw her talent. She's known as for her powerhouse vocals. She can easily reach the whistle range, and has been called out for her live performances sounding as good as she does in the studio. She should be in the top 5 no doubt. Her voice is unique, and can do way more than Amy Lee's voice, which can only master one style.

To all the people who voted for Hayley, GO YOU! You are awesome! Also, go Hayley. Hayley Williams is so talented, she should be number 1 and I am going to vote on every website I can possibly think of for her. Keep on crunching out those awesome songs, Paramore! I love you!

She is my role model, not just for me as a person but for me personally as a singer! Her voice is beautiful, and she can change it to match any style! Truly a versatile singer, which makes her that much more talented. Not only this, but her range is insane. Seriously. Why isn't she #1?

Seriously, all the parafamily should see this. Hayley deserves to be on top 10. She's so perfect in every way. Some musics of Paramore make me cry and with Hayley's voice (even at the shows)... Well, it just make everything more magic.

HAYLEY WILLIAMS is THE BOMB! She has awesome vocals! Her voice is very powerful it fits perfectly to every song her band has! She is so AMAZING! Everything about her rocks especially her hair! Her voice is just that amazing SHE TOTALLY ROCKS!

31? Definitely deserves to be a lot higher. One of the few singers who I think is actually better live than she is on the albums. Not too sure how accurate this list is though considering Beyonce isn't even in the top 20.. Just saying'

All the way down at 29?! Seriously?! Hayley williams is amazing at singing, I bet you couldn't try to sing like her. Her voice is AMAZING and she is so talented! Come on parawhores and lets get her to the spot she belongs in, top ten.

Who could possibly be a better candidate than this young woman?! You have to admit, she has true talent. Her songs are just TOTALLY catchy and once you start listening, you just can't stop. Admit it, you so wanna press that replay button.

Hayley has such a unique and powerful voice. It's great for rock songs that are loud and also for softer songs that require her voice to be sweet. This girl can do it all. She's ridiculously talented. So much love for Ms Williams


She... Well... She rocks! If anyone asks me If I admire her... I just answer the person... HEY! Wake up is Hayley Wiliiams she is me new day and my old night, she is my first kiss with my first boyfriend, she is my better feeling, she is H.A.Y.L.E. Y N.I.C.H.O.L. E W.I.L.L.I.A.M. S SHE IS MY FAVOURITE SINGER! I really.. Let her be mi reason to stop running away from al my problems.. I admire her in al the ways

Hayley Williams voice is breathtaking. It's not fake at all, and in my opinion, she sings better than every singer that's above her on this list. Every live or acoustic song she has sang, she hit every note perfectly. Just listen to the song "All I Wanted", for example. I'd like to see Ariana Grande try to hit those notes.

Hayley Williams is most definitely top ten material. For some reason she's extremely underrated and overlooked, and this makes me sad. Personally I believe she's should be up there with Amy Lee, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, and Mariah Carey.

Haley Williams has excellent friends who sing and are in her band everyday, give the woman a break.

You people truly have no heart for those who risk it all to make it to the top.

If this is what she gets for trying, she might as well not have. - tserena98