Top Ten Filipino Singers of the 70s

Singers listed were chosen based on singing abilities, versatility, and appeal to the international audience. Some of these singers should be in the top 10 singers of all time, however, top ten lists should be by decade because comparing singers of bygone years to current singers is like comparing apples with oranges. The songs they sing are different, the universal mood is different and you can't compare the current style to the singing styles of different decades. Thus I am starting with the decade of the 70s.

The Top Ten

1 Rico J. Puno
2 Amapola
3 Martin Nievera

Top #2 - MALE - manpower

4 Pilita Corrales

Top #2 - FEMALE - manpower

5 Jonathan Potenciano

Top #3 - MALE - manpower

6 Pops Fernandez

Top #3 - FEMALE - manpower

7 Apo Hiking Society

Top #4 - MALE - manpower

8 Nonoy Zuniga

Top #5 - MALE - manpower

9 Dulce

Top #4 - FEMALE - manpower

10 Linda Magno

Top #5 - FEMALE - manpower

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