Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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1 Water

Good, pure water is what your body really wants but not all water is created equally. I love a good bottled water from a natural spring. As for brands there are some great European waters like Badoit, Aqua Panna, San Pellegrino and Volvic. But we have some great waters in the US as well such as Poland Spring, Mountain Valley and Hawaiian Springs.

Water maybe tasteless compared to other non-alcoholic drinks, but it's living organisms' need. It's also a healthier drink to refill your energy a bit by keeping you hydrated. It's your long-time replenisher, preferably cold water.

Yup, its just do refreshing when you haven't had a regular drink the whole day, it's really speacial. I don't think water is appreciated as much as it should be. Without it, we wouldn't be alive, much less have other drinks.

Have you seen what Coke does to your organs!? It is sick! Water is nature's gift, essential for all life... None of these drinks would be here without water!

2 Coke

Very sugary drink, and that is what makes it taste so nice. But it is very bad for you. I drink one can of it at least in a month. Two in one month at a push. I know it's nice, and it's my favourite drink, but don't drink too much of it!

It is all about my personal like. I have been living with Coke since I was born and still my biggest fan until now. In most occasion I choose to drink coke rather have even an expensive wine.

It tastes great. It's healthy, has water in it, it's refreshing. Those are the only three things anyone needs to know that proves that coke is great

Original mexican coca cola is the best, I don't know why but it's better than the american coca cola. And no it's not the glass bottle.

3 Dr. Pepper Dr Pepper Snapple Group is an American soft drink company based in Plano, Texas, and as of July 2018 it is a business unit of the newly formed publicly traded conglomerate Keurig Dr Pepper.

Doctor Pepper is one of the worst sodas in today's world. It taste like a confused cinnamon drink. It sucks and when its warm it tastes like melted down plastic. It is one of the worst sodas in the world and I have no idea why people like it. The only reason I voted was because I need to get the message out about this terrible and over rated soda.

Taste wicked and it is brilliant and great and I recommend people to drink this go I say it is really excellent and cool. I refer this more than coke this is because it got a different taste.

Dr Pepper is the only soda I will drink. It has such an interesting taste to it and it doesn't have a bad after taste like Coke. I could drink Dr Pepper all the time and not have a problem

I love Dr. Pepper. The only soda I will drink at all other than Dr. Pepper is Pepsi (Coke is terrible) and Dr. Pepper is 20 times better.

4 Milk

Nothing better than milk, yo. Yummy. Have you ever tried milk straight from the cow? Takes you time to get used to it, but it's amazing.

I can drink 2L of milk a day when I'm sick or not feeling well as my meal for the whole day. They are lovely and just enough to make me full!

Milk is very really good! You can make it strawberry or chocolate. And its healthy! It goes good with almost anything!

Hands Down! I drink at least two glasses of it each day. One in the morning and one at night.

5 Root Beer

I like Roor Beer because I'm old enough to Drink it also my Little Sister drinked it while too Young so she needs to pay attention to her Age. the Drinks I like is Mountain Dew, Water, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Pepsi, and other Drinks that I like.

It's so damn good surpassing everything and anything. Root beer is love root beer is life. One time this whole week I drank nothing but root beer and had an estimate of 14 12 packs id say.

It's the best drink ever! I drink it every time I go to a restaurant. Please, please, vote for root beer. I am begging you to vote for it. The drink that makes everything better.

It's like liquid candy. It's really good, and kids could drink it out of a bottle and pretend it's real bear.

6 Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

Pepsi and only Pepsi. Also I love Coke but that drink is officially claimed as the most unhealthy drink ever. No joke here. Just read more scientific journals

Pepsi is overrated it's a dumb copy of coke and tastes terrible I don't care if it's healthier it sucks. Coke dominates over Pepsi.

Pepsi should be number one! Not that I'm trying to be a hater but, coke doesn't even have that good of a flavor in it. For real.

7 Lemonade

Lemonade is fizzy, Loads of people like fizz in drinks. This is healthy; great thing to have daily as a treat and kids love it! Good for a diet if you love drinking alcoholic drinks. It's Cheaper, Healthier, You Name it!
So start having this drink today and stop this alcoholic addiction.

Its incredibly refreshing, especially on a hot summers day or after a hard days work. Its good with ice as well. I love it and it has immense flavour. Yum!

I love a fresh lemonade is the best non alcoholic drink and healthier drink for your body. Can be drink any time with any meal

I love fresh lemonade. Its good with everything. Good for any mood. I just love it, All time favorite Tropical Lemonade

8 Mountain Dew

Mountain dew is the best pop I've ever drank its just so delicious I can't understand why people like coke it has a bad flavor and its burns my mouth don't believe me let coke sit under your tong it burns crazy.

Mountain Dew is the best. Its taste really satisfies you and when your done, you want more. Without mountain dew, I wouldn't drink at partys ever again

When I was a kid my parents wouldn't let me drink energy drinks, so I would drink Mt Dew. So I like it because its like an energy drink for kids.

Things are different on the Mountain! The Dew can cure a runny nose at 30 below. Enough said, now that's quality!

9 Coffee

This is indeed God's gift to remove tiredeness. There are migratory birds who swoop to the coffee plantations when they feel tired so that they can continue with their onward journey

They are many kinds of coffee like the normal coffee (sometimes with milk or sugar or even both), the Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha and so on.

Yummy, coffee, I love coffee, hot, iced, and so many great flavors! Coffee coffee coffee coffee!

I probably drink more of this than I should, but I do so love my coffee.

10 Tea

I like other drinks as well, but tea is my favorite! I don't like coffee, so I drink tea in the morning, in the evening, and at night before I sleep. Stereotypical British person, I know, "God save the queen, barmy Brits can't live without their bloody tea" (Imagine voice dripping with sarcasm). In short, tea is amazing!

Sweet tea on ice is the only thing in life I don't get tired of over time. I could have 3 glasses a day and just turn and say please sir can I have some more.

Nothing better than a nice British cup of tea fresh from a tea-pot. Enjoyed with a scone with jam and cream. What a proper tea party.

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11 Hot Chocolate

I live in Ohio and were famous for football Friday night for local high schools. During that time, it's usually cold. If you want to find a place with good hot chocolate, head on over to western brown high school in Mt Orab, Ohio, just 45 minutes east of Cincinnati. The hot chocolate is VERY chocolatey and so refreshing you'll want to drink 10 cups per game.

I can drink it when its hot outside. I can drink it when its cold outside. The flavor is so bold I can feel it in my toes. Hot like my hot chocolate.

Yes! With whipped cream and marshmallows, there is nothing that beats the delicious hot chocolate. A complex recipe and an amazing taste!

This is awesome on a cold winter day. Put in some marshmallows and that is super good. Tea is gross.

12 Sprite

The best soft drink. I said I drink about two cans of Coke Zero a day. I drink about three cans of Sprite Zero a day.
I have a problem.
by the way I think Sprite Tropical Mix and Cherry Sprite is better than normal Sprite but they are all great.

This drink is not as unhealthy as Coca-Cola or Fanta or Coffee

How is this num. 9? sprite is literally carbonated water that has lemon lime flavor! how can you not love it!

Don't forget sprite is made by the coca cola company

13 Plupp-mjölk Choklad

Yeah! I love this stuff. You can never get enough of it. Once you start, you HAVE to finish!... What is it again?

This drink has been off the market for many, many years now but it was the best back then.

No question about it. This is the best drink ever!

This is great stuff

14 Gatorade

Gatorade is so great, had this stuff forever really since I was born. Tons of flavors and really some great marketing too, Yeah just my opinion but if you have MJ and Tiger Marketing it it has to be good

I'm a gatorade addict. It taste so good and is refreshing if your dehydrated. I would stop there but the stupid quality bar wont let me.

I love this that I made sparkling Gatorade so good

Best energy drink ever

15 Kool Aid

Kool Aid is disgusting! I can't believe anyone would put something so toxic--food color and sugar--into their bodies!

Kool-Aid is something great
All my dudes in my class drink it
We use it like a group sign

Jonestown was proof that the worst thing in Kool-Aid isn't always refined sugar

That stuff...awe yeaaa...

16 Orange Fanta

I love fanta. I am amazed it is not in the top 10! I think fanta is the best drink in the world. Definitely the best.

It's so good! I could live off of this stuff!

Fanta is the lifeblood of the world

Kinda like it! But not really

17 Chocolate Milk
18 Apple Juice

It makes me splashed
I love it when it's served along with smashed ice qubes

Great Value has the best store bought apple juice.

Good quality Apple Juice, cold on a hot day, so refreshing and sweet and more importantly it tastes amazing! WOO GO Apples :D

Best stuff right here can't go wrong

19 Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla milkshakes a really good I love vanilla especially with rainbow sprinkles

Yum I love milkshakes! Why don't they put milkshakes up higher on the list. I also like lim milkshakes which are amazing but the ones at mc Donalds are to icy. I love MILKSHAKES!

Should be top ten

20 Egg Nog

I can't believe this is so low, when it's so good.

I'm also suprised that Coffee's not in the top 10. Pretty much every adult in the U.S. drinks it (every day).

Come on, everybody loves eggnog! The only thing that can ruin it's reputation is if it started World War I.

Silk Seasonal Holiday Nog-- it is vegan, THE best drink of all but they only sell it around Xmas :(

I don't know why people hate this. It’s my favorite holiday drink, next to hot chocolate

21 Slurpee
22 Iced Tea

Love Lipton's peach flavour iced tea - It's so refreshing, not too sweet but sweet enough to be delicious! Love it

23 Orange Juice

What 16 listen I drink and this is not a lie 4 glasses a day my dad says hm I want something to drink with breakfest opens fridge wait gabby (I'm gabby) already had breakfest :) me like oj!

Especially when it's fresh-squeezed.

Only without pulp.

24 Arnold Palmer

Nothing is better in the summer.

By far the best no doubt

25 Powerade

Powerade RULES! Best sports drink ever, tastes good, looks good, over all amazing! Drink it if you want to be an athlete.

Don't know why, but it is just so good and healthy, makes me feel better every time I drink it.

I love powerade because it's the best sports drink EVER made.!

Powerade is the besstt tasting drink ever. And Gatorade is good as well.

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