Top 10 Best Types of Honey

Honey is a yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and insects collecting flower nectar. They're not only delicious but they also are very good for your health. Here are many delicious honey flavors.
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1 Clover Honey

Clover honey is one of the most popular honey in America, despite it not being from America. It is floral and sweet, with a bit of a sour aftertaste. Clover honey is now harvested in many areas of the world, and its properties vary depending on the source. Some clover honey is amber colored, while it can also be water white. This also has strong antioxidant properties and contains flavonols (supports lung and heart function) and phenolic acids (supporting nervous system).

2 Buckwheat Honey

This is made in numerous Northern states. Its dark brown color tips you off to the fact that it's strong and full-bodied, making it a popular honey among connoisseurs. It's a good choice for marinades that have to stand up to flavorful meats, and it's one of the best honeys for making mead.

3 Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is light and clear honey, and it takes delicate floral taste from the nectar of the blossoms. The high concentration of fructose helps it retain its liquid state for a long time. Its low sucrose content makes it widely popular among the diabetics. With a rich source of anti-inflammatory properties, it is suitable to treat respiratory disorders.

4 Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is Honey taken from Manuka plants. Manuka Honey has rich antibacterial property that aids in treating stomach ulcers, sore throat, cold, etc. It's known to have a lot of health benefits and as one of the healthiest honey brands.

What how dare you not have this at number one you should do some research before making this list. (I'm kidding by the way).

5 Wildflower Honey

Wildflower honey is taken from the nectar of numerous species of flowers or blossoms. The taste, aroma and flavor varies from season to season, depending on which flowers are there at the time and the type of nectar that is collected.

6 Orange Blossom Honey

This variety of honey is widely available, originating in Spain and Mexico but now produced in warmer climates states. It's a light, mild honey with a citrus-y taste and fruity aroma. Many unscrupulous manufacturers add artificial scents and flavors to orange blossom honey; if it smells too much like perfume when you open it, it's probably been doctored.

There's so many interesting types of honey out there! I've never tried this one, but I bet it tastes divine.

7 Eucalyptus Honey

This originally was from Australia but is now in California and it tastes distinctively herbal and somewhat medicinal. Its color does vary but it's good for fighting inflammation, helping heal wounds, etc.

That's one good honey for immune system.

8 Linden Honey

Linden honey is initially produced in Europe and is known as Basswood Honey in America. Linden Honey, however, is rarer since the trees it's made from was harvested for home. This helps calm and detoxify the body as well as treat bronchitis.

9 Aster Honey
10 Sage Honey

A vast majority of sage honey is from California, but it's also available elsewhere. It's light-to-moderate colored, and crystallizes very slowly, therefore commercial bottlers blend it with other varieties to prevent them from solidifying too quickly. It is not only good for digestion, but it also has antioxidant properties.

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11 Avocado Honey
12 Sourwood Honey

Sourwood honey is from source, the sourwood trees from Southeast and Midwestern states. This honey has a sweet, buttery, slightly spicy taste that's resembling caramel with a beautiful amber color. This honey serves as a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

13 Tupelo Honey
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