Top 10 Most Unappetizing Food Names

The Top Ten
1 S**t On A Shingle

It looks gross too.

2 A** Milk

It's just donkey milk but oh man, its name...

3 Spotted Dick
4 Plopp

What is so unappetizing about "Plopp". At least in German, this is a sound effect, similar to the English "pop" for something popping. It's also used as a slogan for "Nimm 2 Soft" gums, because they pop when you start to chew them. Maybe it means the same in Swedish.

It's a Swedish candy bar

5 Paula Deen Butt Massage

It's a seasoning (from her collection Special Seasonings).
Chef Paula Deen about the product:
"Y'all, rub this wonderful blend of spices on any pork butt (even beef brisket) and watch everyone's eyes roll back in their heads over the flavor! "

6 Penis Fish

Those look gross.

7 Barfy Burger

You get to eat it twice.

Now that's recycling.

8 Creamy White Finishing Sauce
9 Camel Balls (Bubble Gum)

I have so many questions.

10 Microwaveable Spotted Dick

As if Spotted Dick wasn't enough... we also got a microwaveable version

The Contenders
11 Bum Bum Cake
12 Ameisenkuchen

"Ant cake"
But it's just a cake with chocolate crumbles, someone probably thought it looks like ants.

13 Stinkhorn Mushroom

Yeah, it's stinky!
Stinkhorns are edible (basket stinkhorn is preferred) but only in egg stage because they are odorless and stinkhorn 'eggs' are considered a delicacy in parts of China and Europe. Stinkhorn 'eggs' are pickled raw and sometimes sold under the name 'devil's eggs'.

The picture is even less appetising.

14 Leberkäse

"Liver cheese"

In its basic form it contains neither liver nor cheese, but is made from pork and beef which is grinded extremely finely and then baked. In between buns, it's one of the most popular (fast) foods in Austria, and one that is deeply connected to the country's image. Some variants have actual melted cheese inside.

However, none contain liver. I think liver and other organs are disgusting on my plate, and I wouldn't want to imagine what a literal liver cheese would be.

Wouldn't I call "Fleischbrot" if it's grinded finely like a bread flower?

15 Ants on a Log
16 Shiitake
17 Mueslix

Gimme a bowl of mueslix!

18 Nasi Goreng
19 A** Cheese
20 Shito

It's hot black pepper sauce that originated in Ghana. There are versions with cayenne pepper, and other ingredients.

21 D'Asses
22 Bull Testicles

That is disgusting.

23 Cream Collon
24 Fish Ball
25 Eitrige

"Purulent one"

It's a sausage filled with melted cheese. In neutral German it's a Käsekrainer ("Cheese krainer", "krainer" being a variety of sausage), but in Viennese dialect it has got this disgusting name. It's not only a very popular dish, it's also delicious, but in combination with this local name you can't get the image out of your head that this yellow cream inside isn't cheese, although it is.

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