Limited Fast Food Meal Failures

Hey, do you remember these items that didn't last too long? Let's take a look back at these disaster one course meals.
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1 KFC's Double Down Sandwich

Oh dear god... those things could give anyone heart burn for a good week to recovery just by eating one. Its basically the opposite of what a chicken sandwich should be one difference is that its suppose to be in a waffle style bun, but it still isn't enough to justify the sickness to our stomachs.

They briefly came to the UK as well, and many people found them revoltingly greasy. I'll stick with bread for my sandwiches, please.

It was just gross

2 McDonald's Super-Size

McDonald has had many come, and gone blunders, but arguably the biggest one was the Super Size. Thanks to the documentary film Super Size Me made many sick to their stomach what they have been craving for about 12 years. Sure that might be considered decent, but the end result is revolting.

3 Burger King's Satisfries

This was at the time where they magically took away the fan favorite Chicken Fries, and in its replacement was the big time epic failure of the Satisfries. Needless to say it did a poor job getting itself out there thus out in almost less than a year, and eventually swapping back the Chicken Fries as the customers rejoice.

4 Taco Bell's Bell Beefer

Yes... Taco Bell made their own burger at one point, and it was massive failure. It was more less a simplistic makings of a sloppy Joe with a lot of other things put on it of their own fashion like style. It was out for a decent portion, but eventually was discontinued going back to what they know best have that Taco on a soft or hard shell that's the Taco Bell I know not this burger slop.

5 Wendy’s Superbar

Oh man this one failed massively in the late 80's, this is more less trying to be like Big Boy have a counterpart breakfast bar, but make it more less for salad that ain't gonna sell very well. ''The Superbar ended up a victim of its own success: Wendy's crews just couldn't keep it clean and stocked while serving up burgers, too.'' Yikes bad service for not keeping it spotless.

6 Chipotle's Queso

Never been to one of them, but than again when I did I was given this of all things. ''Chipotle has tried to stay true to its pledge to avoid artificial ingredients that are common in most types of the gooey cheese dip, throwing the texture and taste off for many customers. It has pledged to keep tweaking the recipe.'' Nothing secret about feeling green very soon once you have completed digestion now is there?

7 Jack In The Box's Frings

First off Jack In The Box has to be one of the worst places to go in Fast Food, and next they did this combination of serving the customer fries with an Onion Rings. Not a bad combo, but problem is he actually eats there?

8 Sonic's Pickle O's

On Soup that's okay, but done from a fast food stand point such as Sonic oh no. Question who loves Pickles if you do by all means say what you will, but you don't need a meal with this much to see filled up in a shape of a nugget.

9 Dairy Queen's Breeze

The frozen yogurt fail that didn't help the matters any better for the king of Ice Cream and Cakes more less. One of there more unusual set in the long quality of foods as a whole. This Breeze is left the building into ashes never to be relevant again.

10 McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Return

This was a hilarious failure. I wish I would have been at a McDonald's when this happened so that I could have seen it in person.

The trope "Misaimed Fandom" really applies here.

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11 Carl's Jr's Baby Back Rib Burger

There is nothing more unappetizing than looking at how much was put into that burger is just sick. For around $5.00 bucks you feel ripped off by the end of it.

12 McDonald's McPizza
13 Burger King Where's Herb?

While this wasn't exactly food related, I definitely feel this deserves an entry. To sum it up - Back in the 80s, you had to look out for Herb, who never ate a Whopper in this life, and if you mentioned that you weren't Herb, you'd get a Whopper for 99 cents. The problem? A few months passed and no one cared about who Herb was until the '85/86 Super Bowl revealed who he was. Never ate a Whopper? Man, you must be some boring old dork called Herb, then. And to make this issue worse? A 15 year old actually did spot Herb, but being underage, the prize went to his friend, which was declared as consumer fraud.

14 McDonald’s Hula Burger
15 Windows 7 Whopper
16 Burger King's Fire-Grilled Ribs
17 Burger King's Crown-Shaped Chicken Nuggets
18 Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa

Basically Taco Bell's version of KFC's Double Down. A chalupa with a fried chicken patty for a shell instead of a sandwich between two fried chicken patties.

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