Top 10 Most Delicious Fruits

Find out the top ten most delicious fruits ever grown...
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1 Mango

Mango is the most delicious fruit for me because there's a lot of mango tree in our country and it's just hard to eat but it's fine and it's delicious...

Mango products are among the best fruits in the world. If I had a $1 for every mango I ate, I would probably be able to buy myself a nice steak dinner with fries and maybe even a baked potato!

I LOVE mangoes SO much because they are VERY juicy and VERY delicious. I eat mangoes everyday when I have them in my fridge. But when I don't have them in my fridge, I miss them SO much!

Mangos are like so delicious if heaven existed it would be made out of mangos and mango ice cream is epic so is mango yogurt and it tastes good in smoothies.

2 Strawberry

Strawberries are a beautiful red colour and very sweet. They are really healthy go with chocolate really well!

Common we all know strawberries are the best so VOTE STRAWBERRIES!

Best Fruit I don't care what anyone says. It could be Candied, in ice cream, dipped in chocolate, with sugar, or just by itself but it still tastes delicious!

Very versatile fruit that goes well with milk products like yogurt, ice cream, milkshakes, and flavored milk, pastries, crepes, pancakes, and many more desserts!

Strawberry are Fruits you can't live without. The red delicious fruits you would always love. They are the Best and Delicious Fruits

3 Watermelon

Probably my favorite fruit. On its own, it's the perfect snack on a hot day, or after a tiring time at school, at work, or a workout. If you add a bit of chaat masala (basically a different kind of salt), you get the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and just the tiniest bit sour. It's also extra refreshing because it replenishes the salts in your body.

Simply THE most delicious fruit I have ever eaten. I only discovered it a few years ago when I moved to the south-west of England. I keep it in the fridge and eat it every single day (no exaggeration). I'm addicted to the stuff but it is a healthy addiction.

You need to put it in the fridge for the full experience. Buy a watermelon and put in in the fridge for about a day. Take it out, slice it, and take a bite. You will taste a juicy, sweet, cold, soft, and fresh fruit all in that one bite.

It's healthy and sweet. Mostly made out of water too. How refreshing it is to come back home from a hot day at school and to eat a slice of watermelon that came out of the fridge. I think I'm going to eat some right now.

4 Apple An apple is a sweet, edible fruit produced by an apple tree. Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus.

Apples rule mango common give me a break mango the dumb only muslaem people like mango and a little not if it wasn't for muslaem mango would be like 100 place. Muslaem people like mango because there is a mango juice that all muslaem people like.

APPLE'S IN TENTH?! I have an apple every day. They can be great in pies and cakes and even plain! Gotta love them apples!

Apples are 100% my favorite fruits, they come in such a variety, anybody can find one that fits their taste!

It just tastes so juicy and can make cider, juice, pie, cake, jam, sauce, and other things!

5 Banana

Bananas are the best fruit that I have ever had and I believe they should be higher up on the list. Anyway, they are so sweet and have so much flavor when they are ripe enough. They remind me of vacation and tropical islands unlike some of the fruits at the top of the list.

One word: DELICIOUS. Bananas are simply the BEST fruit EVER. I like bananas, banana candy, banana milk, banana juice, banana clothes, banana jokes, banana republic, banana phone, and banana peels.

Bananas are full of potassium and fiber. A great fruit to keep you going through the day. It's a very versatile fruit also. It can be made into shakes, smoothies, pudding, and much more!

There are at least 5 differnet Bananas in tropical countiries. USA Banana is no match. One kind smell like mild camphor. It is the tastiest of all bananas. Banana should be Number 3 in the list.

6 Pineapple

I've only tried this fruit a couple times, but it was absolutely delicious. And pineapple on pizza? Not gross. More like one of the best food combos ever made.

Pineapples are great fruits; no doubt. With a sour-sweet taste, there flavour bursts in your mouth. I can't believe it's not in the top three! I mean-the tropical flavour is rich and sprightly. Who doesn't love pineapple?

Yummy sweet, sour, and juicy, everything you want in a fruit.

I love pineapple. Remind me of tropical

7 Blueberry

Oh come on! No votes for the wittle blueberry over here?
Hello... Hello?
Nope, I guess I'm the only one that loves blueberries.
*goes to corner and cries*

Delicious and sweet fruit. I love blueberries and I think it should be number 1

Blueberry should be number one! Crave the sourness.

It tastes unique from the rest of the fruits. Just has its own personality

8 Peach

Hmmm... I wish peaches were higher, but I can't argue with 7th. The texture is so nice when you just bite into them! They go great in a fruit cocktail with cherries and pomegranate. Ooh, and star fruit! Peach, star fruit, cherry, and pomegranate are the BEST! My fave fruits!

I love peaches. Soft texture, furry skin, juice dripping, you name it. But don't mention that princess that is always bring kidnapped.

I LOVE peaches. Especially when it's a hot day and you pull out a cold peach from the fridge. Their juicy taste. Oh.

Peaches are my favorite. Especially when they are crispy. Where I live, it is pretty expensive but they are just awesome

9 Grape

When they are firm, they are the tastiest fruit on earth. Burst of flavour in my mouth, the red ones are definitely the best

Grapes are so tasty. I could eat them all day

Purple grapes are better than green.

Juicy and sweet fit for a king!

10 Raspberry

I live in India and I have not tasted raspberries yet, and in our Indian markets most of the temperate fruits are not available (except the strawberries). But just after looking at their pics I lose myself in their yumminess, and even though I have not tasted them yet, I believe that they are super duper tasty. Wanna have some now! Off! Can't control myself and gonna visit the GROFERS in search of some of them...

How come this delicious, tasty, tart yet sweet fruit isn't in First Place!?!

I love raspberries! Reminds me of my grandma's garden! This should be first!

Once you start eating it, you can't stop pleasuring yourself with it.

The Contenders
11 Passion Fruit

I had one for the first time in Hawaii this summer...SO AMAZING! Inside looks like snot, but so juicy and tart and bursting with flavor! The seeds are delightfully crunchy, too! If you've never had passion fruit, you haven't truly lived yet! PLEASE TRY ONE! I will eat them every day when I move to Hawaii!

Tried one from an international food market, and wow. why aren't these more popular in grocery stores? they are so tropical tasting, not too sweet but sweet enough, and interesting texture with the seeds, overall the best fruit out there

Oozy... Slimy! WHo wrote that before! I totally agree! BEST fruit in the world. I got sick of mangos after two tries. TOO SWEET! Say it; I am only seven but yeah!

The best taste in the world. So sweet it's amazing you just want another until you can't eat anymore and you feel sad that you can't have some more.

12 Lychee

I love these! The first time I tried them was on a trip to Hawaii, when I was maybe four or five. I originally thought they were white grapes lol but I was begging for more once I tried them.

My mom showed me lychee when I was a small child and I still love it! The taste is devine, the fruit tender. It's very memorable!

Lychees are sweet and juicy, Mhmm so good! They aren't sour at all. But you might have to spit out the seed

Lychee are the best. They should be 1st

13 Pomegranate

Despite being sour, the juiciness and taste deserves 10 star ratings (me exaggerating) and I don't mind the seeds. I understand if it is disliked (referring to the seeds) but I am bewildered by the fruit not being voted 1st.

Pomegranates are so good they're worth the hassle, it tastes so nice, sour or sweet. Its got an amazing sharp taste, even the seeds taste great.

I love passionfruits, pomegranates and figs. All in the same kind I think. And ALL should be in the top three. I love lemons and limes and pineapples too. Sourish sweet.

Perfectly ripe pomegranates are heaven. Sweet with an amazing texture, and just the right amount of sour.

14 Kiwifruit

The kiwi fruit attracts my attention because of the chicken sized bird in New Zealand. After trying it, I seriously got addicted to it!

I love it. Very attractive and very sweet. Love the seeds and their cranchy taste

Stop it your making me hungry!

Do I even need to explain...

15 Lemon

I shall tell you why lemon is the best fruit ever.
First of all, lemons can be used to make lemonade. Sure, you like Coke and and Fanta better, but lemonade is great anyway. Fanta is from oranges--pee-yew!-- oranges don't have the hidden sweetness.
Lemons ae great to suck. Ask all children-mine and their classmates- and you'll find out they have hearts of lemon. Hearts of sweetness.

Lets go lemons! We all know lemons are great (coff.. peaches) but you don't need to be sour about it! - Team Lemons. And that is a fact. I am a part of team lemons and peaches stink. #Peaches suck #Lemon Nation #Lemons are amazing #Suck it peaches #Lemons for president

Oh yeah! I've eaten a lemon whole, and it was the best day of my life. Why the hell are these lower than peaches? Peaches and tomatoes are the devils of this world (along with white chocolate who's name is a lie).

OK, it may be sour but it's got a hidden sweetness.
And, who doesn't love lemonade?

16 Cherry

Cherries are WAY better than Honeydew and Cantaloupe or even Apples and Grapes for that matter!

Seriously 21st? Cherries are a must top3, together with strawberries and peaches

Why? Why? So low! They are the best thing ever.

Are you kidding me?! 21st?! cherries are amazing! they should at least be in top 3.

17 Gooseberry

I think gooseberry taste like grape when I eat it. It's one of great green fruit.

Sweetest fruit there is

18 Blackberry

? How come blackberry is not 1st? Blackberry is one of sweetest and delicious I ever had. Try Naturipe brands. Those brands gives a great flavor compare other brands.

Blackberry and raspberry with a touch of agave nectar is the BEST.

Blackberry is one of the best and sweetiest tastiest and many more things are here.
I thing blackberry no 3

Nothing beats blackberries they should be number one...

19 Orange

It should be #3! it is super good!

Oranges are the best!

Oranges are like the fruits which when I eat brings joy from sadness

Oranges should be #4.

20 Apricot
21 Clementine
22 Plum

Plums are the kings of the stone fruits. They are so underrated. They're basically all the good qualities of a peach and an apricot rolled into one.

Do I really need to explain this one? Ripe plums are heaven on earth, end of story.

I like me some plums

Plums are good

23 Cantaloupe

I love cantaloupe. Why the heck is it so low on the list? Juicy, with an amazing texture. The taste is inexplicable. Simply marvelous.

This fruit tastes like honey, only juicier and more delicious. It's a beige and hard on the outside but when you cut it open, It's a beautiful yellow and delicious juice is leaking out. This fruit is absolutely the most extraordinary and tasty.

Cantaloupe is obviously the best. This should be number1!

Sweet, juicy. My favourite food in existence

24 Nectarine

I don't understand how nectarines are so low! They are amazing! I haven't even heard of these other fruits above nectarines. If heaven existed it would be made out of nectarines

Nectarines are like upgrades peaches. They have so much flavor! My favorite fruit.

Nectarine should be so much higher in this list!

Just the best! But you have to get a good one.

25 Mangosteen

I am not a fruit person yet I would travel all the way to Thailand or Philippines from NY, just to have this fruit! No joke! I was thinking of going to Thailand in February but I learned that it is the off season for mangosteens. How could I go to Thailand and not have a mangosteen?! I think I must postpone my trip! Seriously, the taste is indescribable. It's sweet and complex and absolutely delicious! ! Just be careful to know which mangosteens are good. When I took a trip to Spain and went to their fruit market in Barcelona, they gave me rotten mangosteens. I have never tasted a mangosteen at that point and thought it was the worst fruit ever. Years later, I went to the Philippines and, wow! What a difference! I would say only buy this from Southeast Asia! You will love it!

The mangosteen is not very common but you can buy it in whole foods in LA, orange county and probably in Seattle when it is in season (may to August). Its flavor is simply amazing and almost indescribable so if you come across some be sure to buy a lot. The ideal fruit is purple (not too dark) with no blotches and a semi hard skin. to eat one you lightly cut the fruit in half and twist open, one you had done that white segments will be revealed take one out at a time, pop it in your mouth and enjoy!

I'm from India & when I went to Thailand & ate this fruit believe me I was having this fruit like everyday! Thailand has fruit sellers all over places like Pattaya & Phuket & those guys sell like the best. & freshest fruit! Must eat

A rich tangy squirt of sunbaked South East Asia, mangosteens have a unique pungent staccato that you can't capture anywhere else.

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