Top Ten Hard Candy Flavors

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1 Blue Raspberry

First of all... it's insane how good Jolly Rancher flavors are. The only one that isn't mind blowing to me is grape, and it's still pretty good.

That being said, I definitely think Blue Raspberry is the best tasting candy flavor out there, and this poll is proof.

Second place for me would be Pink Starburst Strawberry. It's hard to even say that it isn't tied for first.

Third favorite flavor is Peach Mango.

Fourth is Strawberry Lemonade.

Fifth place is tied amongst the other jolly rancher flavors.(excluding grape)

This is my favorite jolly rancher flavor. Second place for me would go to green apple or sour apple.

Everything that is flavored blue raspberry is my favorite!

Yum. Try putting warm water on it then it tastes like a normal non sour hard sweet

2 Fruit Punch

It is the best because it tastes so good.

3 Lemonade

Do I even have to say anything?

4 Lime

I have yet to see lime done wrong. If only candy companies could stop dropping it

5 Lemon-Lime

Tastes like sprite soda

6 Cherry

Oh my lord it is the queen/king of candy!

Cherry is the best I still really love blue rasberry but cherry is the best.

Because it goody

Cherry is yum

7 Raspberry
8 Strawberry

Best fruit and flavor hands down. "Blue Raspberry" comes in second and there shouldn't be a second choice for "Raspberry". But, eh.

9 Watermelon

What can I say, watermelon is just really sweet and it's always been my favorite. It goes well with barbecues as a fruit and as a candy it's the kind that almost no one can disagree with.

Watermelon needs more votes! People who like grape and cherry are clearly addicted to cold medicine...

It's the best invention to make a flavor after my favorite fruit!

I like the jolly ranchers that are watermelon flavored.

10 Pineapple

Slept on but Fantabulous

The Contenders
11 Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade is honestly my favorite flavor of anything. Like, it's strawberry, and lemonade!

Best of he best no question. #1, period poo

12 Grape

Yeah, grape is my favorite. Ever smell fresh concord grapes? Or better yet, taste them? Native to USA (East Coast), they have a massively floral scent & flavor. Strangely, grape flavored candies usually have an essence of this & I love it. Fresh concord grapes can't be beat, but for fruit flavors, grape wins for me.

I love grape flavored everything... Go away stupid haters because honestly, I bet that grape hates you!

Grape is the best because it is sweet and delicious at the same time. (P.S blue raspberry is the worst).

So good! It's sweet and tasty, I LOVE any grape flavors! Starbursts, Jolly Rangers, Airheads, you name it!

13 Vanilla

A vanilla hard candy is, unfortunately, a rare find for me. When I do come across one, I hope it's everything I dream of.

Vanilla is a classic option. Vanilla never gets old and many people love the taste of it.

It tastes the most like cookies without being cookie flavored

14 Orange

I love oranges so much

Always loved orange!

15 Green Apple

Come on dude his is like the most common candy flavor, put this higher!

I thought green apple would be the best by now.

Green apple flavored are the best.

Green apple is the best

16 Lemon

Lemon drops are absolutely amazing!

Lemon lemon lemon in opinion lemon is 2nd but totally blue raspberry first

17 Peach

Peach is so good. It is heavenly everyone needs to try peach in a sweet if you don't you are definitely missing out. Xxx

Peach is so good. I can't believe it's not 1.

Blue raspberry please

I don't like peach.

18 Butterscotch

Butterscotch in my opinion is the best because it is so creamy so moist and tasty. Those are the 3 3's that you want in your candy moist, creamy, and tasty! SO GOOD

It's great it's like old candy the kids look at like not very good but when you try it it's girl friend said she doesn't like butterscotch hard candy I asked why she she just did like the taste.well she wanted something sweet and all I had was some butterscotch hard candy she said to give one she just wanted something sweet next thing you know is she eating all my butterscotch candy.then she said she never gave it a chance.because she thought of it like old time candy...she just sent my son to the store to buy some right now...

So sweet, so yummy. A buttery taste to it that makes it good.

19 Blueberry
20 Root Beer
21 Cola
22 Caramel
23 Banana

Cause it tastes good

24 Chocolate

Just hear me out, can you really say you don't LOVE chocolate tootsie pops?

Always good in the good

25 Cinnamon

The spiciness and the good freshness it leaves on your breath is awesome

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