Best Pot Noodle Flavours

I bloody love Pot Noodle, a perfect day for me is home alone, pop to the shop and grab a Pot Noodle so... Here is a long overdue list of the best flavors of Pot Noodle.
The Top Ten
1 Bombay Bad Boy

Best flavour going. Chicken & Mushroom is disgusting in my opinion but each to their own!

I wish it was hotter in sure it was hotter when it first came out?

Great flavour - extra chilli would be even better!

Really good so good I have it every day!

2 Chicken & Mushroom

Its lovely. But I do miss the original flavour they in the nineties, and up to around 2005. much yummier, saltier, more delicious.
And the old packagings with the pop-art "boom" graphic was also cool.

I always say the original is the best because the others are just build ups. Also, I don't really like soupy things but this is the bomb when it is soupy!

By far the best flavor. How bombay is the best flavor I don't know, reeks of BO and tastes of capsaicin...

I hate Mushrooms but love this flavour. The best hangover food or when feeling down with a cold!

3 Original Curry

The best flavour and especially better than chicken and mushroom.

Absolutely delightful! Heaven in a pot in the long shot!

I like original curry,
Its super tasty!

Best Pot noodle flavour ever although never tried Bombay bad boy yet

4 Beef & Tomato

in a supermarket my sister was about 17 back in about 1989 I was about 4 and she first showed me a b&t pot noodle, she told me it was the best flavour, and ever since I have always agreed with her on this. I thought the original curry was the nations favorite, will have to buy a whole range of pot noodles after viewing this page.

If I do not have my favourite I will have this one.

Original and still right up there!

I am eating it right now

5 Sweet & Sour

It's my favourite but I have to got to supermarkets outside of my town to find it!

Best by a country mile although - irritatingly - less easy to find.

This one is in my stomach right now, where my bad boy was moments before

Love sweet and sour

6 Chow Mein

They are all so good. But if I could only eat one flavour would be this one. (Don't forget the extra splash of soy sauce)

Definitely my favourite, love the little pieces of carrot!

Very good, not the best, but right up there.

Best flavour no doubt

7 Sticky Rib

Best flavour, hands down. I think the reason it's not more popular on this list is probably because people just haven't tried it.

First time having it and it was amazing, I love the Peking Sauce with as well.
Very M O I S T.

The best flavour of pot noodle in my opinion!

Had this yesterday yummy

8 Korma

Really good kurma flavour - as good as any indian take away and I should know, I am a professional!

9 Jerk Chicken

Lovely and a favourite of mine. Quite a kick to this too.

Gorgeous new flavour

10 Brazilian Barbecue Steak Flavour
The Contenders
11 Curry

Pretty good tomes

12 Pulled Pork
13 Pop Mie
14 Thai Green Curry
15 Fusions Chilli Chicken
16 Christmas Dinner
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