Top 10 Best Restaurant Burgers

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1 McDonald's Double Cheeseburger

Yummy and oozing with ketchup.

2 Burger King Whopper

The Whopper is indescribably amazing. It has so much flavor compared to any other burger (especially McDonalds. I mean come on people). Burger King has great service, yet I have never had my order wrong there. Also, why is a chicken sandwich #2? This is a lost for burgers last time I checked.

I love burger king plus their service is better than mac donalds because you don't stand around waiting to order for 20 minutes then wait an extra hour for your food while they complain about breaks and other dumb things they need less students working there.

It tastes AMAZING. Why is this on the fifth? This should be on the first!

McDonald's? what no way

3 McDonald's Big Mac

Worlds greatest burger. I always eat big mac with chicken nuggets, fries and drinks the biggest size and garlic mayonnaise and spicy ketchup.. YUMMY. I'm so hungry after I finish writing that I'm going to order what I just wrote

My 2nd favourite of McDonalds chain and a classic one : Big Mac. No chicken, no fish, just beef. We even had the Mega Mac 20 years ago in France to celebrate victory in the World Cup.

4 In N Out 4 by 4

Just flippin' awesome, you can't deny how tasty it is. In and Out is one of the best burger joints ever.

5 Wendy's Big Bacon Classic
6 McDonald's Quarter Pounder
7 KFC Zinger Burger

Hot Spicy and tasty

8 In-N-Out Double Double

The only reason this isn't one is because they are only in the west. If they had these in the east and everywhere else they would without a doubt be the best.

In n out burger is the most amazing burger to ever exist, I truly believe it will always be the most greatest burger to ever hit my taste-buds, no burger will ever out-yum it. I feel so bad for Easties who never had this stuff. If you are in the East, please try an in n out burger, it is worth traveling across the country or getting someone to travel to you, you will not regret it.

9 Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger

Um wait... people are saying McDonald's has a better burger than this? McDonald's has the worst burgers in the fast food industry. They are still cheap and fairly delicious, but do not even measure up to the quality and taste of Burger Kind let alone Five Guys.

Magnificent. I can't get over how amazing these hamburgers are.

10 Dairy Queen Ultimate Burger
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11 Checker's Big Buford
12 McDonald's Cheeseburger
13 A&W's Teen Burger

I like it yummy in my fat tummy get in my bely taste so good I would have it for every meal of the day even brunch I'm not jokeing I mean BRUNCH I don't kid around so go to your local a&dub and pick up one of these juicy taste bombs I'm not kiding I mean BRUNCH!

14 Checker's Bacon Champ Burger
15 Five Guys Cheeseburger
16 Red Robin Wild West Burger
17 Culver's Pepper Grinder Bacon Butterburger
18 Freddy's Burgers Original Double
19 Carl's Jr. Cheeseburger
20 Burger King XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger
21 McDonald's Bacon & BBQ Cheeseburger

Why is this no 18. This is my favorite

22 Tommy's Double Chili Cheeseburger

You have to live in LA to understand this one I think. That's the only reason I can't think of as to why it would not obviously be on here. It's the best fast food chili ever, the best fast food burger ever, it's so good I don't even care that it was probably made out of pig parts that I don't even want to know about, but then again it probably wasn't. It's just so good and delicious and I'm writing this at 9 PM on Thanksgiving, my mouth is watering and I wish I had a car to drive there right now.

23 Smashburger Classic Smash
24 Red Robin's Banzai Burger
25 A&W Canada Teen Burger
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