Top 10 Toughest Food Challenges

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1 Pretzel Challenge
2 Cinnamon Challenge The Cinnamon Challenge involves attempting to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon within 60 seconds without drinking any water. This challenge became popular on social media, but it can be dangerous, as inhaling cinnamon can lead to breathing difficulties and other health issues.

This can KILL YOU! Take my advice, and don't do it. If you need proof, watch Glozell's Cinnamon Challenge. Boy, that was something.

Swallow a whole spoonful of cinnamon without water, at once.

The most idiotic one. It can collapse your lungs.

3 Saltine Cracker Challenge The Saltine Cracker Challenge requires participants to eat six saltine crackers within 60 seconds without drinking any water. The challenge is difficult due to the crackers' dryness, which makes it hard to swallow them quickly.

I can handle this one

It is so hard my friend will attempt this monday with "no problem" I can't wait

4 Gallon Challenge The Gallon Challenge involves drinking a gallon of milk (usually whole milk) within an hour without vomiting. This challenge is known for being difficult and potentially dangerous, as the large amount of lactose can cause digestive issues and discomfort.

Drink a gallon of milk in one hour without vomiting.

This is hard. You will vomit. Trust me

I can handle this

5 Banana and Sprite Challenge The Banana and Sprite Challenge entails eating two bananas and then quickly drinking a liter of Sprite. The combination of the bananas and carbonation from the Sprite often causes participants to vomit. This challenge gained popularity on the internet but can be dangerous due to the risk of choking or aspiration.

I've seen people do this on a rotating fairground ride. Vomit everywhere. I would not do this because I don't like bananas, but mostly because I'm not stupid.

Eat two bananas and drink one liter of sprite without vomiting for one hour.

One banana two banana, barf everywhere, smells horrible...

6 Bread Challenge

Do you mean one LOAF of bread in one minute?
Eating a slice of bread in one minute is very easy.

One slice of bread in forty-five seconds. Not one minute.

This sounds easy

7 Peep Challenge The Peep Challenge involves attempting to fit as many marshmallow Peeps into your mouth as possible without swallowing them. This challenge became popular on social media around Easter, but it can be dangerous due to the risk of choking.

Done that. Relatively easy for the first two hours, hell afterwards.

Eat twenty-four peeps in five minutes.

8 Steak Challenge The Steak Challenge usually involves eating a large steak (often around 72 ounces) along with various sides, such as a baked potato and salad, within a specific time limit, often an hour. Restaurants often host this challenge, and those who successfully complete it may win prizes, such as a free meal or a spot on the establishment's Wall of Fame.

Eat one pound of steak in fifteen minutes.

9 Peanut Butter Cracker Challenge The Peanut Butter Cracker Challenge requires participants to eat a predetermined number of peanut butter-covered crackers within a specific time frame, often without drinking any water. The challenge can be difficult due to the sticky texture of peanut butter, making it hard to swallow quickly.

This is the worst list in the world! What is the point? I could do all of the EASILY!

Eat two peanut butter crackers in 30 seconds without water.

So easy. I can do this!

10 Carolina Reaper Challenge The Carolina Reaper Challenge requires participants to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper, which is considered one of the hottest peppers in the world. This challenge can be extremely painful and even dangerous, as the intense heat from the pepper can cause severe discomfort and even potentially trigger medical issues.
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11 Ice Challenge

If this is the salt and Ice challenge I heard it hurts! So don't do it. It burns your skin

12 Chubby Bunny Challenge The Chubby Bunny Challenge requires participants to stuff their mouths with marshmallows, one at a time, and say "chubby bunny" after each addition. The objective is to fit as many marshmallows as possible while still being able to say the phrase clearly. This challenge can be dangerous due to the risk of choking.

Put four marshmallows in your mouth and say "chubby bunny". If you can do it, keep adding marshmallows.

13 Eat Dry Weetabix The Eat Dry Weetabix Challenge involves eating a set number of dry Weetabix cereal biscuits within a certain time limit without drinking any water. The challenge is difficult because of the dry and crumbly nature of the biscuits, which makes swallowing them quickly a challenge.

I would try this one day

14 Howtobasic Challenge
15 150 Warhead Challenge The 150 Warhead Challenge involves attempting to eat 150 Warhead sour candies within a specific time frame. The challenge is known for being painful, as the intense sourness of the candies can cause mouth irritation and even damage the taste buds temporarily.
16 The Oreo Challenge The Oreo Challenge consists of trying different Oreo flavors and attempting to correctly identify each one while blindfolded. This challenge is popular on social media and is typically played for fun rather than as a test of endurance or skill.
17 The Smoothie Challenge The Smoothie Challenge involves blending a variety of random ingredients, including both delicious and unpleasant items, to create a smoothie. Participants then have to drink the concoction, often while blindfolded. The challenge is popular on social media and is more focused on entertainment and reactions than on completion.

This is a piece of buff

18 Bean Boozled Challenge The Bean Boozled Challenge is a game where participants spin a wheel to determine which jelly bean they must eat. The catch is that each jelly bean color has two possible flavors—one tasty and one disgusting. Participants must eat the jelly bean they selected and guess whether they got the good or bad flavor. This challenge is more about fun and reactions than skill or endurance.

How is this tough? It's 100% luck-based!

19 Swirl Challenge

Take chocolate sauce and dump it into your mouth without swallowing take a piece of orange and stick it on top then add whip cream.
Then slowly chew so you won't choke.
After take glass of apple juice and a little vanilla ice cream. Then swallow.
The after taste is crazy.

20 Spinwheel Challenge
21 Korean Fire Noodle Challenge The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge involves eating a bowl of extremely spicy Korean noodles, usually Samyang's Buldak Bokkeum Myun, as quickly as possible. Participants often record their reactions and time themselves, sharing their videos on social media. The intense spiciness of the noodles makes this challenge quite difficult for many people.

I've done was really spicy! But it tastes so delicious so I would eat this over and over again! I am going to soon take it up another level with the NUCLEAR fire noodles and the volcano noodles...can't wait!

Taste unbelievably good in my opinion, it's not even spicy, it's very good and not hard

22 Fun Dip Challenge

Chug fun dip... Yeah I've done it and it hurts.

23 Snort Wasabi Challenge The Snort Wasabi Challenge requires participants to snort a small amount of wasabi paste up their nostrils. This challenge can be extremely painful and dangerous, as wasabi can cause severe irritation and damage to the nasal passages. It is not recommended to try this challenge due to the potential risks involved.
24 Nuclear Fire Noodles Challenge The Nuclear Fire Noodles Challenge is a variation of the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge, but with an even spicier version of the noodles. Samyang's Nuclear 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen is typically used for this challenge, which is known for its extreme heat and has become popular on social media, with participants sharing their reactions and completion times.
25 The Shake Challenge
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