Worst Vegetables

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1 Brussel Sprouts

They are in reality delicious, but very, very hard to cook, so most people screw them up. If they are a bit over or undercooked, they taste terrible, so people judge them quickly.

The most revolting thing that ever walked the face of the earth next to hominy.

These are mini ashes mixed together to create a bitter vegetable.

2 Onion

Why can't this be higher than broccoli? Broccoli is delicious! Onions are basically the bane of my existence, unless they're just onion powder. If I discover an onion in my food, I'm heading straight to the toilet to vomit.

My stomach filters them out. It will hold on to them, give me a lot of discomfort for a couple of days, and then it will bring them up in protest. "Don't give me this rubbish!" it seems to say.

This monstrosity that nature created for us, because it 'tastes good'? No, it doesn't. It literally tastes like battery acid.

3 Eggplant

I agree. Also, I don't eat eggplants because they taste nasty and I hate them.

The fact that perverts ruined it makes me lose my appetite for it... Yeah, I'm not eating that.

This is my personal least favorite. It's way too mushy, slimy, and gooey for me.

4 Asparagus

People say they'd kill Hitler if given the chance to take out one person in history. My kill would be the guy who first ate asparagus.

An awful vegetable. It doesn't have much flavor, it's hard to chew, and it looks weird.

These make your pee stink and look weird. They taste horrifying - just no.

5 Zucchini

The worst vegetable goes to zucchini. I mean, you can eat cooked broccoli, and I'll even eat plain Brussels sprouts with some sauces. Though zucchini, I can't even swallow it. "It's a cucumber rip-off!"

Zucchini is like eating plain nothing with a hint of the most disgusting foods in the world.

I haven't had this in a while, but I like cucumbers way more.

6 Broccoli

1. I'll only eat it if it's cooked.
2. If it isn't cooked, it isn't going in my mouth.
3. This vegetable is the bane of my existence.
4. It should be translated to "poison" because I brutally and sincerely refer to this foul vegetable as "the poison of the vegetable world."

Why does this vegetable exist!?
Oh, I know - because Satan.

To be honest, I don't really like broccoli. It's not very good. At least it's healthy.

7 Beets

Beets are hideous. I can't believe they are only ranked at #9. They are the #1 worst vegetable to me.

8 Tomato
9 Cabbage
10 Bell Peppers
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11 Kale

This is actually very bitter and just has that disgusting taste to it to make it worse.

12 Lima Beans

These are straight-up disgusting and bitter, so slimy! A vegetable from hell made by Satan.

These are seriously disgusting. Why is broccoli on the list?

Mom makes me eat them. I hate the texture so much.

13 Sweet Potato

The moment you eat a sweet potato fry... last time I had them I gagged and spit them out on the floor. Satanic.

I ate sweet potatoes one time at my school, and I did not like them.

This one sucks. It's disgustingly sweet and looks like an orange.

14 Spinach

I used to love you, Spinach,
But now I've moved on.
I said that you tasted good,
But now I am wrong.

For you, I always did care,
Then you brought me into despair.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Wave a wand, and you'd be GONE!

This is probably the most bitter thing I've ever tasted. Just - no.

I hate spinach even though it's healthy. When I eat spinach, I puke.

15 Bitter Gourd

All the bitterness and disgust without any good flavors to show for it.

It's just that I don't understand why this even exists. A better way to get vitamin K is to eat broccoli and mushrooms, so that way broccoli is actually enjoyable.

16 Hominy
17 Olive

I just do not like the taste of olives and I try to avoid them as much as possible.

Can't even stand the smell. Makes me nauseous.

I love olives but I don't like the black ones.

18 Celery

I got used to it about three-ish years ago, but it still tastes like a nightmare and smells like one as well.

Celery may as well not even exist!

19 Cauliflower

Disgusting. Looks like a flower and tastes like hell.

Actually tastes like bug spray. So bad I actually physically gag when it enters my mouth.

20 Radicchio

I had this purple vegetable only once (and hopefully never again) in a healthy salad. The raw leaves were so bitter they completely blocked out the other vegetables. Disgusting.

21 Turnip
22 Okra

It should be illegal to cook this in a home where young children have to smell it - even when they aren't required to eat it!

Gross. I puke when remembering its taste and sticky texture.

These taste like crap. Why aren't they number 1? Brussels sprouts are good if you cook them well.

23 Potato

They make me gag. I can't stand potatoes, except for potato wedges, french fries, tater tots, hash browns, and chips. I'm okay with that. But no to mashed potatoes and baked potatoes. Yuck.

24 Pea
25 Scallion
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