Freakiest X-files Villains

These guys gave me heart attacks. And now I will share them..

The Top Ten Freakiest X-files Villains

1 Eugene Victor Tooms from "Squeeze"

This guy bypasses into your house by squeezing through air ventilation. He murders by removing your liver, and devouring it. He has demonic yellow eyes, and hibernates every thirty years. - BronySyndrome

2 The Chinga Doll from "Chinga"

This violent, murderous doll will make you commit gruesome suicide. She killed a few people in the episode by making them impale themselves with harpoons, making them slice their necks open, and making a poor butcher decapitate himself. - BronySyndrome

3 Donnie Pfaster from "Irresestible"

This guy came out at night to murder women, just to keep their remains. - BronySyndrome

4 Mrs. Paddock from "Die Hand Die Vertelztz"

An evil demon teacher who murders students with witchcraft. - BronySyndrome

5 The Flukeman from "The Host"

The creepiest part about it, is, it comes through the sewer systems. Can't unsee that. - GameTheorist

A disgusting, vile worm creature who impales you with fluke worms. - BronySyndrome

6 The Peacock Brothers from "Home"

Terrifying when the sheriffs wife watches her husband murdered from under the bed and then they flip the bed over :-0

7 Charlie Holvey from "The Calusari"

He is controlled by a ghost. He unintentionally murders his brother, father, grandmother, and almost Scully. This episode is TERRIFYING. - BronySyndrome

8 Darren Peter Oswald from "DPO"

This teenager uses lightning to murder people. - BronySyndrome

9 Napoleon from "The List"

After his execution, he ghost goes on a disgusting, disturbing killing spree. - BronySyndrome

10 Cigarette Smoking Man

A cold bas.. You get my point. In the end of the series, he dies alone.

So much for him. - BronySyndrome

The Contenders

11 Virgil Incanto from "2shy"
12 Band Aid Nose Man from "Home Again"
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