Best Full House Female Characters

The Top Ten

1 Stephanie Tanner

Yes yes yes. On the show itself she's extremely underrated. - Anonymousxcxc

She is the best! I love Steph! I don't like Michelle! - sabrinafan

2 DJ Tanner

I love DJ she is so cool and I especially love the dramatic episodes with her and Steve. She reminds me of me

3 Michelle Tanner

Should be 1. Step-On-Me and be so annoying and selfish.

Stephanie's ok, but Michelle is the best!

4 Becky Katsopolis
5 Vicky Larson
6 Denise Frazer
7 Irene Katsopolis
8 Kimmy Gibbler

WHy is Kimmy so low she is the funniest and the best - BreakFastBeast2005

9 Nina Martin

Who is that?

Nina is the best female on the show. She has a crush on fabion.NINA is AWESOME,!

10 Kathy Santoni

She is the cool kid before DJ goes to highschool.

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