Funniest Combinations of Kanye West and Blind Guardian Song Titles


The Top Ten

1 Two Words: Mirror, Mirror

(Two Words + Mirror, Mirror).
I put this at #1 because of Kanye's tweet "Have you ever thought you were in love with someone so much but then realized you were just staring in a mirror for 20 minutes? " - Metal_Treasure

2 I Am a God Lost in the Twilight Hall

I Am a God + Lost in the Twilight Hall - Metal_Treasure

3 Stronger Lord of the Rings
4 Roses In A Mourning Hall

Roses + Born In A Mourning Hall - Metal_Treasure

5 Gold Digger Eyes

Gold Digger + Bright Eyes - Metal_Treasure

6 Jesus Walks Somewhere Far Beyond
7 Banish From L.A.

Banish from Sanctuary + No More Parties In LA - Metal_Treasure

8 Good Mourning

Good Morning + Born In A Mourning Hall - Metal_Treasure

9 Majesty Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1
10 Touch the Guardian of the Blind

Touch the Sky + Guardian of the Blind - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Business from the Other Side

Family Business + Imaginations from the Other Side - Metal_Treasure

12 A Voice in the White Dress

A Voice in the Dark + White Dress.
Kanye tweet "I have to dress Kim everyday so she doesn't embarrass me" - Metal_Treasure

13 Who Gon Curse Me

Who Gon Stop Me + Curse My Name - Metal_Treasure

14 And the Celebration Ends

And the Story Ends + Celebration - Metal_Treasure

15 Valkyries (Charlie Heat Version)

Facts (Charlie Heat Version) + Valkyries - Metal_Treasure

16 Facts (A Past and Future Secret)
17 Heartless Majesty
18 Christmas in the Forest

Christmas in Harlem + The Bard's Song (In the Forest) - Metal_Treasure

19 The Ninth Power

The Ninth Wave + Power - Metal_Treasure

20 New Slaves at the Iron Hill
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