Top Ten Funniest EastEnders Characters

The Top Ten

1 Jean Slater

Love her "Sausage SURPRISE! " Just a lovely character to watch. Everyone should have their very own Jean Slater to take with them wherever they go! - Britgirl

2 Tiffany Dean

She is absolutely hilarious and the spitting image of bianca I think if she ever returns in the future she will go down in eastenders history

she is small but feisty her cheeky comments and awkward questions are hilarious! shes the mini miss of the square. go tiff!

Cheeky, but totally adorable. So funny and sweet I want to hug her

She was so good in 2011 xx

3 Mrs Masood

So many scenes I can think of haha the best part where she asked tamwar if he was looking at pictures of girls or boys. And when she yelled 'riiiiiiiicky'

zainab brings a lot of humour and laughter to the masoods. with her outspoken comments and her gossipy attitiude, we all have a bit of zainab in us

Absoulutey amazing, funny, charismatic, love watching her on the show, she makes eastenders good :) riiiiiiiiiiicky

Love the video of her singing, so hilarious

4 Sean Slater
5 Michael Moon

Loved his many brilliant quotes such as, 'I don't do tracksuits or tracktops. I have this elusive commodity I like to call taste. '

6 Heather Trott
7 Ian Beale
8 Peggy Mitchell
9 Dot Branning

Oh, I say! I love her always quoting from the bible, inbetween taking drags from her cigarette. - Britgirl

10 Mo Harris

No is gas mo is mad funny

The Contenders

11 Ricky Butcher

When bianca says " RIIICCCAYY" his look

12 Shirley Carter
13 Kim Fox-Hubbard
14 Dexter Hartman

I accidentally clicked on the vote button don't really find him that funny just annoying

15 Billy Mitchell

Makes me laugh so much when he loses his temper laugh out loud

16 Bianca Butcher
17 Minty Peterson
18 Garry Hobbs
19 Gus Smith
20 Ben Mitchell

YOU NEED SLAPPING DOWN! That is too funny. Plus, Charlie Jones had some laughable performances like Tommy Wiseau.

"YOU NEED SLAPPIN DOWN! "... Really, no one?

21 Grant Mitchell
22 Roxy Mitchell
23 Ethel Skinner
24 Den Watts

Absolute legend

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