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1 The Late Phillip J Fry

I was expecting Jurassic Bark at number 1, I am glad it didn't happen, this is my favorite episode, because they crammed so much into about 22 minutes. It was interesting to see all the different times.

Yes, please! This episode is absolutely fantastic! This is my favorite episode because it combines creativity, comedy, emotion, a great song, and a great concept. Definitely an amazing episode! - SBJPM

For an episode that came out when the show aired on Comedy Central, this has got to be one of the best. - Disasterpiece

Easily the best

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2 Jurrasic Bark

"You see, beneath the fossil's crunchy, mineral shell, there's still a creamy core of dog nougat."

He described Seymour as a chocolate!

Poor Seymour is looking for Fry. He whines and sings "I'm Walking On Sunshine" with Fry, it's hilarious!

Its actually really sad.

3 The Luck of the Fryrish

This was so heart warming like Jurassic Bark. When I first saw the end (I still do) I burst into tears. I can't believe this series has ended

Only one that made me cry. This is the first time on Futurama, where you truly realize that Fry left his entire family behind, and that his brother actually loved him.

I love this episode it was the only one to make me cry and yes I saw jurassic bark.

So sad I loved it

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4 Fry and the Slurm Factory

This was the first episode of Futurama that I ever watched. This episode got me into the series and it is my favorite show of all time! My favorite episode is "The Series Has Landed." - beatles5

I agree. The series has landed has the best Bender quotes and some genuinely touching moments with Leela and Fry. - Knucklewood

Funniest Episode of Futurama - nightblazer534

"Grunk-a, lunk-a, dinkity-dingredient, you shoul not ask about the secret ingredient! " Lol

5 Roswell That Ends Well

Lol "Oh, a little 'Don't change history' lesson here from mister 'I'm my own grandfather'"- Prof. Farnsworth. Best line ever - istooduptoabully

But existing is basically all I do

And you are out of here!

Yep, I did the nasty in the pasty - Disasterpiece

6 Hell Is Other Robots

You'll be punished to the end of time, enduring tortures most of which rhyme, TRAPPED FOREVER HERE IN ROBOT HELL!

Best Futurama song in the series.

7 Godfellas

Awesome. It got philosophy - fuadmondeo

I really loved this episode of television.

Halarious with great story. - nightblazer534

GOD NEEDS BOOZE - Disasterpiece

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8 The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
9 Space Pilot 3000

The one that started it all.

10 Parasites Lost

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11 Antology of Interest II

I don't have feelings and sometimes that makes me very sad

12 The Bots and the Bees V 1 Comment
13 The Sting

This episode.. Leela and Fry just.. Damn.

14 The Why of Fry
15 The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

Without a doubt, the best episode. It was originally intended to be the series finale because Futurama was being cancelled, and the season ended on this masterpiece. From stolen ass plates to improvised opera, this episode had it all.
"It's not ironic! It's just coincidental! "

16 Saturday Morning Fun Pit

Laugh out loud my favorite part was "G.I. Zapp" at the end when Nixon's tryna censor everything.

It's not a very good episode in my opinion,but G.I.Zapp part is really hilarious.

G.I. Zapp with Nixions editing is my funniest moment in the series

17 War Is The H Word

My favourite

18 The Farnsworth Parabox
19 The Problem With Popplers
20 Three Hundred Big Boys
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