How to Counter Some of the Most Unfair Weapons in Splatoon 2

This list is designed to help players struggling with fighting some of the more gimmicky weapons. It mostly applies to ranked modes, which put a larger emphasis on battling, but it could be applicable in turf wars. Add anything that Ails you and kills you repeatedly.
The Top Ten
1 Clash Blaster / Rapid blaster

Since these blasters excel at hitting you with successive indirect hits and do not actually kill in 1 shot, you should basically be hugging the person using it. With the clash blaster, simply wait until they get near you and then pop out of your ink and shoot them, or attack from behind. DO NOT ATTACK THEM IF YOU HAVE LOW HEALTH. They can't splat you fast enough to stop you from getting them into at least a trade situation. With the rapid, just swim towards them until you are close enough to hit them and then pop out of your in and splat them. The from a rapid blaster shots are easy to dodge once you get past their explosions, since they basically only fire in a straight line.

2 E-Liter / splatterscopes

You need to do this one simple thing: be aware of them at all times. If you don't know where they are and the top of the screen says they're alive, find them and play defensively. If you know they have a scoped charger and the laser is not pointed at you, simply get into range and splat them quickly. Use their recharge time and slow movement speed against them.

3 Dualie Squelchers

They have a horribly slow splat time from close range compared to many other shooters, so just prioritize dodging shots until they roll. if they roll back, you should also move back. if they make the mistake of rolling towards you or sideways at close range, simply splat them as fast as possible. Always watch out for their splat bombs as well.

4 Other Blasters

These blasters are anything other than the clash or rapid blasters. Since they splat in one hit if they have very good aim, make sure to be wary of getting too close to them. Some, such as the range blasters, have a hard time killing you when you approach them. others, like the luna, you will need to keep your distance from. Make sure you know how far the blaster's shot will travel before it explodes, and stay out of that area. Blasters have a sweet spot that creates a hard are to pass without being splatted, so make sure you avoid the areas where their shots will explode on you.

5 N-ZAP '85

Use the fact that it needs to hit 4 times against it. If you are using a shooter that kills in 2 or 3 shots, than just fire away at them. Since it is a hard weapon to beat in 1v1, here are the key things you'll need to know:
Shooter versus N zap : technical skill (aim, movement, general skills) / zoning
Charger : Literally just hit your shot, and you'll be fine. don't let them get close, but if they do, super jump away.
Slosher : stay just far enough away to hit them and don't try to land both shots at the same time. Every slosher actually slightly outranges the N-zap
Blaster :
Roller : Spam Vertical flicks
Brella : keep an eye on your ink tank at all times, your biggest problem is when you don't have the brella available.
Brush : I don't think I can help you here...
Dualies : Roll 25/7. give the N zap no personal space. (unless you use the gloogas or the squelchers, in which case just hit your shots from max range.)
Splatlings : just try to kite them (keep them away and hit from as far as possible)

6 Bloblobber

This weapon is incredibly hard to stop in tight areas. If they are on a stage like port mackerel or moray towers where you can't dodge to the side, try to lure them into a more open part of the stage. This slosher fires in a perfectly straight line, so in those open spots you can simply dodge to the side. They do have a long range though, so watch out.

7 Sloshing Machine

This slosher has the slowest kill time out of all of them, so they shouldn't be that dangerous. The indirect shots do a very minimal amount of damage, and have to hit you 3 times. If they hit a direct though, Kiss your inkling's health goodbye. To avoid that, remember that the shot fires straight and memorize the noise it makes. This slosher fires so slow that you will usually win a 1v1 if your opponent misses entirely.

8 Tri Slosher

If you even get hit once, back away as quickly as possible. If you land the first hit, keep firing and you will at least trade with them.

9 Un-scoped Chargers

Try to bait them into missing a shot, and attack them while they are recharging. NEVER STAY STILL. With the bamboozler, just fight them like you would a shooter, but keep their laser of of you.

10 Tetra Dualies

The end lag on the dodge rolls is incredibly high, so if they roll you should prioritize not getting hit until they stop. After they stop rolling around, you should be able to splat them before they can move again.