Top 10 Hardest Friday Night Funkin' Songs

Like my hardest Super Smash Bros. Spirits list, I will be rating these on how hard I think they are.
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1 Ghost (Camellia)

My Lord Jesus. I play on mobile, and Ghost is the biggest problem there for me. Otherwise, I can complete every song there.

Ghost is just super hard! I mean, super hard. I could only get 500+ misses from that song! Absolutely no rest for your fingers.

Wow, I'm impressed. After coming back to this list, all of you seem to agree with me. The scroll speed is fast, the charting is tough, and it's 6 minutes long!

2 Ballistic (Vs. Whitty)

This song throws everything it has at you. Like the song title suggests, Whitty has indeed gone ballistic on this song.

You're expecting an easy song because the mod was pretty easy to beat, then boom, you're dead.

I eventually beat the recharted version. I am very new to the game, but it took a few days.

3 Final Destination (Shaggy x Matt)

I've mastered a small bit of 9-key. I could beat God Eater, but not this song. Others who have just recently mastered 9-key probably fail as well. But that's okay. It's a ridiculously hard song, a bit harder than the bonus song in the Shaggy mod (Talladega). Although Talladega is also a very hard 9-key song, Final Destination has much more spammy notes. This song in the Shaggy x Matt mod surprised me because I did not expect the last song to be this hard.

God Eater isn't as hard when you compare it to Final Destination. Compare God Eater to Final Destination (God). God Eater doesn't stand a chance!

4 God Eater (Shaggy)

Well, this is hard for people who haven't mastered 9-key, that's for sure. But one thing I have to say is that this song isn't hard... well, actually, it depends on whether people have mastered 9-key or not. There are other people out there (like me, not to brag) who have mastered 9-key, and it's pretty rare to find people who actually have. So this is why Run might be harder than God Eater... at least for some people.

This should be first, Foolhardy second, Tricky Phase 4 third, and Gospel fourth.

Too many notes, and it is so overwhelming.

5 Bob Run (Bob)

And then we have Run. For me, this is harder than God Eater because I have mastered 9 keys (again, not to brag), but obviously, it is different for everyone. This is the most spammy song in the game, and barely anyone makes it to the end. The last and final verse is so hard, you have to literally spam as fast as you can.

I haven't tried this song yet, but on Funky Friday I got about 50% or lower accuracy. This isn't just about me (or Funky Friday). It's about everyone else, too. I've found people that were better than me, and they literally couldn't do Run. Also, well, it's incredibly hard, and everyone (except for people who haven't heard of the Bob mod or FNF in general) knows that. And one more thing: you wouldn't like it when Bob is mad.

6 Zavodila (Mid-Fight Masses)

I haven't tried playing the actual mod, but I played it on Funky Friday, and oh boy, you can't believe how hard it is. It has double notes and can bump up to triple notes. Well, that part was still rather easy. The second part was literally dominance. You had to hold the left note while spamming the down, up, and right notes. It is definitely one of the hardest songs I have played.

I use this song against my friends so often, as they absolutely despise the double notes. Thanks to the mod creators for making this absolutely awesome song that I can use to evaporate my friends!

7 Foolhardy (Vs. Zardy)

Foolhardy would have to be the king of hard songs here. It is so fast, and then when you think it's over... BOOM. You're hit with a hundred notes.

This song only gives you a bit of room to breathe near the end but then blasts you with like 100 notes. I have not beaten this guy yet.

Beat him on the first try. However, the ending part is pretty difficult.

8 A.G.O.T.I (Vs. Agoti)

Putting Foolhardy and Ballistic over A.G.O.T.I is unacceptable. Foolhardy can be easily full-comboed (FC'ed) or perfected (PFC'ed) if you have patience and an advanced skill level. Ballistic is just about remembering where the spam notes and jacks are, and hitting every one of them carefully and fast. But A.G.O.T.I is close to impossible to FC or PFC, mostly because of the jacks on the left and right sides, and especially the end notes.

It's fairly hard, I gotta tell you too, as someone who isn't a professional Funky Friday or FNF player and just likes to play the game for fun. A.G.O.T.I is an almost impossible song to PFC if you're a normal player like me. The insane difficulty has made the charting so difficult, and I think it shouldn't be so low on the list.

9 Genocide (Vs. Tabi)

This is if Madness and Ballistic fused into one, and it is amazing. Curse the toxic part of the FNF fandom for making the song look bad and taking down the Sky Mod.

Get this one higher. Not only is it super difficult, but every time it's Tabi's turn, your health drains.

Bruh. I can literally beat this song. That's probably because I use the D, F, J, and K keys. It's easier that way if you just try it. I know if it isn't your turn, you lose HP. However, on hard mode, I can have more than 100% HP. Honestly, it's different for everyone, so yeah. Anyways, I hope you guys keep up the good effort. Still, in my opinion, this should be way lower on the list.

10 Gospel (Mid-Fight Masses)

With the messed-up note symbols and the crazy demon spitting notes at you, this should be fourth.

Changed notes and that one impossible part. I still need help with this.

I hate the long part. I can't get past it, even on easy.

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11 Hellclown (Tricky)

I can only beat it on easy. And even when I do, my health just barely exists.

Because of the fire notes. Do not hit them. You will take damage.

12 Flipping Out (Vs. Flippy)

Spam. My fingers hurt just thinking about it.

13 Sporting (Matt)

Matt is insane, a lot like Flippy.

Damn, I love this song. It's a great way to get used to jacks and just a good song in general.

14 Onslaught (Vs. Bob)

Run on Hard is impossible. You can't win. But Onslaught on Hard is beatable, yet so insanely hard that I don't even play the mod anymore. Much harder than everyone thinks.

If it were not for Bob cheating, this would be about Manifest difficulty.

15 Madness (Vs. Tricky)
16 Eruption (Shaggy)
17 Expurgation (Vs. Tricky)

It's not unfair because of fast notes. It's unfair because Tricky cheats to beat you. Without him cheating, this would probably be Ballistic levels of difficulty.

I have not even beaten Hellclown, but this song looks like a nightmare to play. Plus, the song slaps.

The difficulty's name is literally Unfair. Tricky literally cheats to try to beat you by using signs and instant-kill notes.

18 Revolution (Tree)

The modchart makes it kind of hard. Between the moving arrows, the shaking screen, and the part where Tree's notes disappear, it's really annoying.

19 Boxing Match (Matt)

I have never done the actual one but did it on Funky Friday once. I lost badly.

This is pain. I never got past the first few turns.

Who thinks this is easier than Sporting?

20 Target Practice (Matt)

How is this dude only training you? Spam is your best friend here.

21 The Hardest F*ckin Chart Ever (Shaggy x Matt)

The name really fits it well. This isn't as popular as Final Destination, but it's much harder than it, that's for sure. In fact, it's so hard that I don't know which one's harder: Ghost or this song. I don't really want to say the name because, well, look at the name.

Anyways, it's like Final Destination, but yes, with death notes. According to Funkipedia Mods Wiki, Shaggy uses the fire notes and Matt uses the caution notes. But still, that doesn't matter. All I know is that this is definitely much harder than Final Destination. That means if even one death note is thrown in there, I'm just… dead. I will survive this song much less longer than the actual Final Destination, and this explains it. I can go almost halfway into Final Destination (yet again, not to brag), but seriously… not this. Definitely not this.

22 Whitty (B-Side)
23 Nyaw (Kapi)

I love this chart. It is somewhat hard but, if you master it, this will become your favorite song. The mix between the great music and great chart is epic.

The meowing part is pretty distracting, and the chart is super intense.

24 M.I.L.F (B-Side)
25 South (B-Side)
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