Best Donkey Kong Country Bosses

The Top Ten
1 King K. Rool

This is easily the best boss battle in the original Donkey Kong Country, as it's challenging, unique and appealing, in contrast to every other boss battle. This game clearly has one of the worst selection of bosses in a video game. Half are bad and the other half are just ok. But King K. Rool is an exception. It starts off nice and smooth, and gradually becomes more difficult. After six hits, there's even a fake ending Kredits scene before he wakes up for his last phase. And it's all just so well made. And obviously, part of what makes this battle so epic and fun, is the song. David Wise managed to compose a final boss song out of the norm. It's not dark or grand, but instead jolly and in a way childlike. But what makes it so good is that despite it sounding light-hearted, it's still badass, and feels like your final challenge. It starts off pretty happy, you know, pirate-y, but becomes more climactic overtime, just like the battle itself. By the last phase you're all pumped up and ...more

Great boss though can be difficult avoiding some of his attacks especially when he begins jumping back and forth between the stage.

2 Master Necky Snr.

Similarly to how Really Gnawty improved on Very Gnawty, Master Necky Senior improves on Master Necky. This is the purple counterpart of Necky, and aside from King K. Rool, it's probably the only somewhat decent fight this game has. Again it also looks aestethically cool like the Master Necky Junior, but the fight itself is pretty decent too. He spits out nuts, like his predecessor, but for every time you hit him, he spits out one additional nut. And it's actually pretty difficult, because he spits them out very fast. You really need quick reflexes for this. And once he does spit out them all, you need to hit him before he re-does his spitting. So yeah overall, this boss is actually ok. But of course the #1 boss is none other than...

A bit harder them Master Necky but manageable.

3 Really Gnawty

Really Gnawty, should've been the only Gnawty boss in the game, really (no pun intended). In a nutshell, he's Very Gnawty's more difficult counterpart. Plus he's brown instead of green. This guy, while still not necessarily a good boss, is miles better than Very Gnawty. In this fight, he already jumps equally fast as Very Gnawty did in his last phase, which means Really Gnawty jumps really fast as the fight goes on. In addition, every time you do hit him, he leaps super high, making you unable to hit him. All of this makes for a much better and harder fight than Very Gnawty, and it honestly should've been the first boss. And believe it or not, in the GBA remake, he IS the first boss, only a bit easier. Instead the boss for Gorilla Glaciers there is another teal Gnawty, who will cause stalactites to drop on you. Clearly, a better boss level overall. But still, it's a bit too simplistic.

4 Queen B.

Queen B is apparently the only non-K.Rool boss battle in the game who didn't get a re-skinned fight. Boss Dumb Drum doesn't count. This makes her fight stand out a bit more in contrast to some of the other boss battles, but on another hand, it's still pretty generic. You just pick up a barrel, hit her, watch her come for you, then pick up another barrel, vice versa. It's a bit longer than some of the other fights due to her invincibility phase where she chases you, but it's not very difficult. The GBA version takes even longer, but there's also more challenge there, as instead of chasing you around like a mad man, she just summons smaller Zingers which you need to take out before you can hit her again. So, overall, it's another meh fight. Not much else to go on.

5 Master Necky

Master Necky is..., a bit interesting. Out of all the bosses, him and his purple counterpart are definitely the best looking bosses aestethically, excluding King K. Rool, that is. Like it's pretty meh that we only see his face, but it is pretty detailed, and as such this fight gets a few points from just that. But..., like Very Gnawty, it's just too easy. It's definitely more difficult than Very Gnawty, that's for sure. She has actual invincibility frames and he actually attacks. However, Master Necky doesn't get more difficult as the fight goes on. He spits one nut, then we jump on him. No progress of difficulty. That alone makes it nevertheless, a pretty meh boss. But it's much better than what we just discussed.

6 Very Gnawty

Very Gnawty is the first boss in the game. And boy is he simplistic as heck. Like I don't just mean that he's easy. Yes he's also too easy, and is a pretty generic idea, just jumping back and forth with no attacks, but I've beaten him before I've even finished talking. You can literally beat him in like, seven seconds. As all Very Gnawty does is jumping back and forth. He jumps faster for every hit, but it's barely a difference in difficulty. It also doesn't help that his cool down is one second long. It's about the most generic boss battle you can have in any game. However the fact that it IS incredibly short, also saves it from being worse. Because it's such a simplistic and boring boss, it's nice that we can get over with it quickly. Unlike *ahem*, Dumb Drum.

7 Dumb Drum

By far, the WORST boss battle in any video game. Not just in Donkey Kong Country. It's ATROCIOUS! Literally I can't see why anyone could see themselves enjoying this fight. It's not even a fight Boss Dumb Drum, the boss of Kremkroc Industries, is a one of those drums you see in Misty Mine, but enlarged. And what he does it literally just spit out enemies for you to destroy. Then he tries to smash you a couple of times, then he spits out other enemies, and it goes on for around a minute until he decides to basically kill himself..., like WHAT? What is this? A boss battle, or an enemy minigame? Even as an enemy minigame, it's not fun either because it's literally just that, an enemy minigame. And the time Dumb Drum isn't spitting out enemies, he's slowly trying to smash us into the ground. There is not a single good thing about this fight. Heck, I'll play Mine Cart Carnage over Boss Dumb Drum any day of the week. The GBA version of this fight, is actually better though. Here a barrel ...more

Literally just a drum and don't actually attack it as all you have to do is defeat all the enemies that pop out and then avoid Dumb Drum until it explodes.