Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' VS Mods

This list will only count vs mods like Whitty, Hex, Zardy, and Mid-Fight Masses. If it only reskins the characters like the StarCatcher mod, it won't count.
The Top Ten
1 Mid-Fight Masses

The story is interesting and the songs are good. I finally got lucky and beat it on easy. The characters are great too.

Zavodila is the song that basically got me into the game, and Gospel is great too. Plus, it is very hard.

2 Hex Mod

One of the chill mods that I actually like. Hex deserves the recognition he gets, robot power!

This mod was very fun to play. The songs were very fun, and Hex was a cool character.

3 Vs. Whitty

I have not yet beaten Ballistic on easy yet, so I think the creator did good. I still don't understand why Whitty went ballistic if he didn't want to fight in the first place, but whatever.

Dude's jacked up my fingers when I first started playing Ballistic. The jacks were really hard to Full Combo.

All of the songs are good, and Ballistic is pretty tough.

4 Vs. Sky

Sky is an evil fangirl, but I see why she did what she did. It wasn't right, but I can kind of see why.

She makes for a great villain in the FNF Universe, a psychopathic blue-haired fangirl who tries to kill Girlfriend out of jealousy.

5 X-Event Mod
6 Tricky

Madness and Hell Clown are personally my favorites. Improbable Outset doesn't have a lot of action to it, and Expurgation is an okay song if you've practiced on it before. If I had to choose one, I'd say Madness takes the win.

Everyone has been saying how hard Madness is. Guess who just beat it on normal on her first try?

Expurgation is probably my 2nd favorite song in the game behind Zavodila. Madness, Hellclown, and Improbable Outset are all great.

7 Vs. Zardy
8 Vs. Neon

Songs are good and it's 8-bit! I think.

9 Vs. Tord

If you're a fan of EddsWorld, you'll definitely love this mod.

10 Vs. Tabi

An extremely underrated mod. Tabi's last song (Genocide) had a lot of action and stress-inducing background to it, and the cutscene can cause seizures.

Very underappreciated. Genocide is a song that needs more love. It has full voice acting, but I wish it had an ending cutscene.

The Contenders
11 Vs. Annie

Made by the same creator of the Garcello mod, her songs are fun to listen to.

The songs are good, but this mod is underrated. It should be more recognized.

12 Vs. Bob
13 Vs. Deku
14 Vs. Goku
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