Top 10 Best Ace Attorney Cases

This is a list of Ace Attorney Cases, based on my and your opinions. After the case's name, in parentheses will be the number of the game and the number of the case (for example, the first case of the first game would be written as 1-1).
The Top Ten
1 Bridge to the Turnabout (3-5)

There's absolutely no reason why anyone should think this is not the best case in the series.

It was one of my favorite cases, despite what happened in the end.

This case tied up loose ends you did not even know existed and gave every major character something to do, while being very complicated and intricate.

2 Farewell, My Turnabout (2-4)

This was an amazing case. You find out that Engarde hired an assassin, and you need to get him convicted and get De Killer to release Maya. This was a great plot twist.

One of the best cases in the series! Seeing Matt Engarde self-destructing in the end was very rewarding and satisfying.

This case is not as important as some other final cases, but it leaves an impact for how different it is, as well as probably being the most intense case in the whole series.

3 Turnabout Goodbyes (1-4)

This is my favorite case of all time, even after I've played all other games. The villain is absolutely fantastic, and the whole DL-6 incident is done so well. Edgeworth, Yogi, von Karma, Lotta, Larry - everyone is just so great in this case. It's so satisfying to use that metal detector to defeat von Karma. This case also gives us a big chunk of backstory for Larry, Phoenix, and Edgeworth, which was very necessary and well done.

4 Rise from the Ashes (1-5)

Although the first half of this case is not that good, the final half more than makes up for it by the battle against the second strongest villain of the series (after von Karma). Everything comes together so beautifully that this case instantly became one of my favorites.

5 Turnabout Beginnings (3-4)
6 Turnabout Trump (4-1)
7 Turnabout for Tomorrow (5-5)
8 Turnabout Memories (3-1)
9 Reunion, and Turnabout (2-2)

First confrontation with Franziska, another case with Maya as a potential killer, the coming of the cute Pearl Fey, and the case itself is amazing.

10 The Stolen Turnabout (3-2)

Talk about a unique case. The first witness and first new character you meet is the culprit? The charge is not murder for once? Your client is actually guilty of said charge? This case is insanely replayable because of its fun cast and mystery, and it is very different from your usual case.

The Contenders
11 Turnabout Academy (5-3)

A very underrated case. The twists are awesome, and the villain is very creepy.

12 The Grand Turnabout (2-5)
13 Turnabout Sisters (1-2)
14 Turnabout Succession (4-4)
15 Turnabout Samurai (1-3)
16 Turnabout Big Top (2-3)
17 The Monstrous Turnabout (5-2)
18 Turnabout Reclaimed (5-DLC)

Wow, this case was baffling. It is super weird but in the best way possible. A whole lot of twists and one of the few cases where I actually liked every single character.

19 The Inherited Turnabout (I2-3)
20 Recipe for Turnabout (3-3)

This is hilarious and incredibly fun! It's my second favorite case!

21 The Lost Turnabout (2-1)
22 The First Turnabout (1-1)
23 Turnabout Corner (4-2)
24 Turnabout Serenade (4-3)
25 Turnabout Countdown (5-1)
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