Best Characters In the Call of Duty: Ghosts Campaign

Best characters in the single-player campaign to Call Of Duty: Ghosts, which (spoiler alert) will likely lead into a Ghosts 2 due to the way the campaign ends, so expect a sequel the next time it is Infinity Ward's turn to make Call of Duty.
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1 Riley

Riley the dog, a very cool and battle-hardened dog, is trained to escort Hesh and Logan during their battles. Riley saves lives often, as shown in the scene when he fights off a wolf to save and protect Logan.

Hey! On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you sound nice!

2 Elias Walker

Elias "Scarecrow" Walker is considered by some as THE ghost and is the father to Hesh and Logan (Logan being the character who we play as throughout most of the campaign). Elias is part of one of Call of Duty's more emotional scenes.

3 Logan Walker

Logan is the main character who we play as. He is the younger brother to Hesh and the youngest known son of Elias and his late wife. Logan has an uncertain future ahead of him, which will be continued in the sequel to this game.

As soon as I started playing Logan, I immediately got attached to him, and it broke my heart to see him being brainwashed at the end of the game. I also really liked Merrick, but Logan, even though you never really see his face or hear his voice, he's still a great character.

I agree too. I think Hesh will save Logan. In Logan's wife, please show his wife in Call of Ghosts 2.

4 Hesh Walker

The elder brother of Logan, and Elias' and his late wife's eldest known son, he saves Logan on more than one occasion. Hesh takes the role of a bigger brother without being selfish or overconfident. It's obvious he shares his father's love for his family.

5 Thomas A. Merrick

Merrick is just a straight-up savage. He is one of the senior Ghosts and fights very well. His mask and the rest of his uniform look sick. After Elias died, he took charge against the Federation, and without him, maybe that wouldn't have been possible. I never played Ghosts for a long time, but I will come back to play the campaign soon.

6 Rorke

Rorke is the main villain in the Ghosts campaign. Though we may not like him, we have surely got to respect his character creation, as he is a good villain character. Rorke was once considered a Ghost, but Elias had to drop him from a helicopter. Rorke was preventing the Ghosts from reaching safety and would have resulted in their deaths had he not been dropped while trapped in ladders.

I like him better than Hesh and the others. The last scene was just so epic.

7 Ajax

Another Ghost, and killed fairly early in the campaign.

8 Keegan P. Russ

It's me. Thank you so much for having someone named Keegan. You make everyone whose name is Keegan special.

The most badass out of all the Ghosts.

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