Top 10 Best Towers In Bloons Tower Defense 5

The Top Ten
1 Super Monkey

I don't know what nutcase would vote otherwise than for this expensive but extremely powerful tower. Its right-side upgrades storm through bloons and MOAB-classes alike. The left-side upgrades, when the right towers are sacrificed, dominate the map with plasma. Ripping through rounds of ZOMGs with glue, blades, tornadoes, and missiles hailing on the unfortunate bloons left behind to be melted by this insanely powerful monkey. There is no tower that unleashes hell just like the Super Monkey does.

2 Banana Farm

This tower is clearly the best as it provides additional income, allowing you to quickly upgrade your offensive towers to better deal with the bloons. It also provides the resources to get enough towers to defeat the bloons. Without banana farms, your income is not high enough to allow you to get the best towers.

Personally, I prefer to use the banks as they allow you to focus more on the bloons. However, I accept that the other option is probably superior in terms of money-making.

The only additional income in the game? I guess that could be useful. NO! It's more than useful. It's literally the most important tower in the game! It's the only boost in income at all. How could you possibly afford whatever is 1 and 2 on this list without some banana farms to pay for it?

3 Dart Monkey

Does nobody actually realize how useful this tower is? When people say it loses firepower when near late game, they don't know what they're talking about. Its popping power can definitely beat some of the entries on this list. The juggernauts have excellent coverage against ceramics, while the SMFC can take down BFBs with no problem. Combining this tower with the farm makes any level super easy.

And when I say it's better than other towers in this list, it's either on par with some examples or better in general. Here are some examples: the Buccaneer is really good with special missions and can make them a breeze, while the Dart Monkey can do these same things while also being excellent for regular maps. The Boomerang Thrower, every upgrade in its path can be easily surpassed by the Dart Monkey's abilities. The Heli Pilot takes too much space and costs too much for any advantages during actual rounds unless you go into free play. The Spike Factory may have advantages in cleaning up bloons, but having Dart Monkeys in the front lines instead will take care of more bloons than the Spike Factories can. Other towers I never talked about have their reason for being that high, but I guess you can see my point. I'm not trying to say the other towers aren't good, but I'm saying why the Dart Monkey should be higher on the list.

4 Ninja Monkey

Ninja Monkey really, REALLY needs to be higher. It's so insane! Automatic camo detection - who doesn't want that?! The first path is commonly known to be insane. Bloonjitsu's five shuriken perk helps in bad situations - it's just so insane!

The second path has higher costs, but Flash Bomb is amazing, and the Sabotage Supply Lines ability is insane. The slowness perk is fantastic! I guess a flaw would be high costs? Not really. Well, by itself, it won't do much to M.O.A.B.s unless it has Sabotage Supply Lines. Anyhow, a fantastic tower. Me, Emerald, out.

5 Monkey Apprentice

Monkey Apprentice is the best tower, in my opinion. It's very cheap, extremely versatile, and powerful. I'm currently playing on "Deflation" and barely anything has gotten past the 2/4 Apprentice. Super Monkeys are good, at times, but it's 100,000 bananas to get a 4/2 Super Monkey. With that, you could have many more maxed apprentices, both Tempest and Dragon's Breath, with money to spare!

Both of the paths are amazing together. If anything was to get past the Dragon's Breath, the Tempest would send a tornado and send it right back into the fire! I don't see how any other towers can beat this on a Top 5.

6 Spike Factory

What is everyone's last-resort tactic in BTD? To place road spikes, popping those last few bloons that snuck through your defenses. There's always a slight amount of guilt when you place the road spikes, because you know that they're not economical, and you know that the fact that you have to use them means that your defense isn't as strong as it should be.

Spike factories eliminate this guilt, placing the road spikes for you. They are extremely powerful tools and are ultimately the best tower in the game. The upgrades they possess aren't too shabby either. Exploding spiked balls, a special ability that allows spikes to be placed across the whole path, spikes that pop lead bloons, and spikes that wreak special havoc on MOAB-class bloons are just a few of this amazing tower's many assets.

7 Monkey Buccaneer

With a fully upgraded pirate cove, this is the only tower in the game that can pop lead camo at 0/0. If one of these rolls for me on a daily challenge of any difficulty, I will do it with ease. By far, my most used and favorite tower. Every special mission that can use these bad boys, even "No Escape," becomes child's play with them.

The "Fast Upgrades" special mission can be done in about 2 minutes with the 0/4 version of these towers and a glue gunner. The cost and power of these towers, coupled with the cove giving them the ability to grant detection of camo to all other towers, has provided this game with an extremely effective tower anywhere there is water.

8 Bomb Tower

When you don't want to use a monkey apprentice, use a bomb tower. It has spectacular popping power but can't shoot camo lead. That is why you use monkey apprentices instead.

Bombs can both pop MOABs and bloons. It plays an essential role in BTDB and BMC and can pair well with almost any tower because of its capabilities. The cluster bomb has a 560 bloon popping limit, easily taking care of large rushes. MOAB maulers are almost exclusively used to pop MOAB-class bloons, and there is no other tower so commonly used among players.

9 Monkey Ace

Both upgrade paths are stupidly broken. Ground Zero is essentially a You Win button, and Spectre might as well be a flying Robo Super Monkey.

Operation: Dart Storm is surprisingly effective. It does significantly more damage per price than any iteration of Super Monkeys. Test on the 100 MOAB challenge to see that Operation: Dart Storm clears them before they get halfway, while the Super Monkeys, Robo-Monkeys, and Sun Gods struggle with your given budget.

For its cost, the Monkey Ace has one of the most devastating abilities in the game. It's able to wipe out the entire map of anything, regular MOABs and below, and significantly damage the larger MOABs. When combined with a Monkey Village and Engineer's Overclock, you have a non-stop press-and-delete button. With five or more, you become near-invincible.

10 Boomerang Thrower

The boomerang thrower has a rather big amount of capabilities. The first path is pretty cool. The ricochet is a fantastic way to pop insane amounts of bloons, and the Glaive Lord... good lord, this thing rocks! The orbiting glaives are great bloon poppers!

The second path fires glaives in a way that rivals the super monkey. Turbo Charge plus glaives is ten times faster than normal, and add the double rang upgrade from a maxed boomerang dojo and you get a truly fantastic warrior.

However, the boomerang thrower's weakness is that it can't do a lot against M.O.A.B.s. But this flaw won't prevent this tower from being very, VERY good early and late game. Me, Emerald, out.

The Contenders
11 Monkey Engineer

People say that the super monkey deserves #1 because of its strength. However, this is a list for the best. Don't get me wrong, the super monkey and apprentice monkey are good. But the monkey engineer is like having multiple towers at once and is cheap. When you're saving up for the super monkey to help out, who do you think is pulling the weight?

This should definitely be #1. Once you upgrade the engineers' workshop in the specialist buildings all the way up to get the red sentry guns, all you'll need is a monkey village to detect camos. Also, they are dirt cheap, so you will have hundreds of sentry guns before you get to the harder rounds.

12 Tack Shooter

The Tack Shooter is OP for its price. In the 'No Escape' mission, I spammed Rings of Fire, and the bloons didn't get through the first circle. The Rings of Fire got like 4K pops each.

13 Sniper Monkey

When you have it targeting strong, it can quickly pick off large targets in crowds that might otherwise cause trouble later down the path. Even better on longer paths as its range is everywhere. One 2/3 Sniper can mean you don't even see any bloons some early-mid rounds, and 4/2 can stop MOABs in their tracks. Great when combined with Apprentice monkeys or Supers for wave clear.

Number 2 supply drop is overpowered. Get 10+ and a 4-2 village, you can get a ton of 0-4 snipers and eventually, it lags out to give you more than you actually have. Much better than banana farms, so much smaller, cheaper, and more money in the late game as rounds are much longer and ability can be used 5-10 times each per round.

14 Dartling Gun

Is this even a question?! The Dartling monkey is so versatile, fast, and powerful it can be used to solo run easy mode with support from a dart monkey for five turns. At 2-2 it can pop all bloons including leads. Although the ability to control them can be a hassle at times, the micro-management can save you. Keep in mind that there is a tower that allows you to lock their attacks.

The fourth-tier upgrades are some of the best despite their heavy price. You can solo run with a group of Rays of Doom. Easily the best towers in the game (unlimited range by the way).

15 Monkey Village

To me, it is the best because when taking the left side all the way through, you have a plasma monkey that can see camo and it still generates boosting effects on fellow towers in its radius. Also, the right side can turn your super monkey into a lead-popping beast because of the Monkey Intelligence Bureau. If you get the final upgrade, it can turn into a last-second lifesaver.

Monkey Villages are the best tower in the game. Just think what your pathetic Super Monkeys would be doing without camo detection. Plus, they also boost the power of fast-attacking buildings like the Super Monkey to ridiculous new levels.

16 Mortar Tower

With the mortar specialist tower, it becomes one of the most powerful towers. A self-aiming cannon on steroids with unlimited range! It either shoots super fast and reveals camo or shoots huge explosions that take off three layers at a time. What more could you ask for?

The Big One annihilates rainbows.

17 Glue Gunner

On maps that have hidden tracks, the glue gunner can hit the bloons with glue. It will pop wherever, as long as it is on the track. 20,000 pops on round 72!

When these are maxed out to splatter absolutely everything, it makes it silly easy to take down everything up to a Moab.

18 Ice Tower

It's totally not a bad tower. The ice tower is terrible with ice shards and Absolute Zero, but the Arctic Wind ice tower is super cool and underrated. Pair the Arctic Wind with a Ring of Fire and watch the near-infinite bloon slowing and popping power.

Regrow Ceramics are easy against a Viral Frost, especially if you have a good tower like a Ring of Fire beside it!

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