Best Little Big Planet Slappers

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1 jelani2000

Jelani is the best slapper ever go fight him hell destroy you you don't stand a chance. v you right he's the master slapper

2 WingNight22

Greatest Slapper in the history of the game. Hands down, nobody can comeback from games like him, nor ace people like he did.

He was a legend that had faded into the shadows from what I heard. I'm surprised people don't talk about him as much now.

He rejects a lot of join requests but he's the best I've seen.

3 agentclank111

He got so much skill. He is the best. He beat some of the 1-20 so he should be Top ten..

He is one of the best slapper I ever seen. And he should be number 10!

He is one of the best slapper I ever seen. He beat a lot of pros. He should be number 10

4 killerBOY012

I am the best and I can still prove it, Jelani and tt are the only ones worth my time honestly, wingnight been scared to 1v1 ever since he heard me claim title #1 and plus wingnight only 1v1ed me once and won by 1 point bk in 2014? come on now I'm a legend and will always be #1-Killerboy aka Killerboy-_-kb

5 Omega413

Omega should be way higher on this list... At least in the top three

6 NightStroke12

Sid you're amazing, you've always been so strong, and now you've exceeded your capacity and have become much stronger than you ever was. Its been an honour being your friend bro. You should be #1 anyways, you're better than most of the people here, I know I haven't been on in ages but hey, I'll come back sometime later... Continue to be the best Sid, you're #1. - Lildevontae

NightStroke12's an epic slapper, he's been improving a lot recently and I think he's the best. Go fight him now, he's way beast.

NightStroke12 an awesome slapper. He's always training, and has taken on two or more and won. you should try fighting him, then you'll know what I mean

7 ThePlayer_No1

This guy is the best slapper all of the World. Why is 6 he should be 2 or 1. And Thomas is a lief can t Accept that he's a Noob and Jack Beat him always

He's very good. He got really much skill. He deserves a higher rank.

8 bck-007

Bck? number one? Don't make me laugh. not even number on in your mothers heart.

9 dariandude

He has defeated five of the top ten. He trained Killerboy and Thomas. Even now coming out of retirement, he still aces people.

Not just a beast, but a genius... Not only does he beat Slapsters, he makes better maps than them.

Says he's still rusty, but he's still better than most.

10 Killerboy-_-kb
The Contenders
11 ultimateninjaj

Ninja deserves way higher than this! He's the best back slapper I've ever seen.

12 OxX_Tobi_XxO

He aced xXThomas99Xx so he shouldn't be und er him!

He aced xXThomas99Xx so he shouldn't be under him!

He so bad azz he dominated lots of slappers from this list he should be top ten!

13 AtomicMurder_777

Why is he 38th? Isn't he the best he's beaten everyone on this list...

15 xXThomas99Xx

XXThomas99Xx he beaten eveybody in Slapmaster alone and they're a big clan. he's aced many people and he's a good teacher. I respect xXThomas99Xx he trys to the best of his ability and that's what I like in a slapper personally. And we all know xXThomas99Xx was the best in Slapmaster. ThePlayerNo1 used xXThomas99Xx to train all his members because he was to lazy to do it himself after people said to xXThomas99Xx you was used by ThePlayerNo1. We all know ThePlayerNo1 is one of the most hated on lbp2

Honestly, Thomas Should Be Somewhere In The 20's, he's defeated all of the Slapmasters Members, And he gets lots of aces.

16 x-Grand_Gamer2k
17 Justxxwin

This guy aced so many people and won a lot. I think he might make it to the top 1 day

This guy is great and he taken student now that I think about it Left Pod... I'm his student now

This noob can only regular slap.. he should be 20 but I know peoples who are a way better.

18 Berzerker-_-Boy
19 Elite-_-Syndicates

He's is a decent slapper and I respect him and he's beaten me countless times, I'm voting for him.

20 Torre911

Torre is awesome he deserves to be at least number 9 he's better than grand gamer to me

21 OrbITKASTER_9-2
22 IAmTruePain
23 Gangzta_4Life

Laugh out loud... this is Gangzta voting for himself, all you do is vs. noobs all day, you should be ranked at 32 because I know many people way better than you. I ace you on a regular basis - J

This list dead. People just putting their names now like some gaf.

24 djj14016
25 Ninja_killzz30
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