Most Dangerous Mobs In Minecraft

There is so much mobs that are dangerous... But... What is the most dangerous mob?
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1 Wither

The wither is a tough dude to be completely honest he is probably the strongest mob you'll ever face. The way you define dangerous go's to him in basically all standards.

To be honest, I think it depends on how you define "dangerous." I think there are two primary definitions: which one has the most health and attack power and requires the most equipment and strategy and is hardest to kill even if you know what you're doing, and which one is a more everyday danger, more likely to unfairly end your game before you even know what's happening. By the second definition creepers and ghasts win because they spawn frequently in the overworld/nether and have ridiculously OP attacks which can blow up everything around you and they can often attack you before you have time to do something about it, but by the first definition (which I have voted based upon), the wither is far more powerful - it is basically impossible to take down without a frenzy of potions and a collection of diamond armour and the wither can destroy anything in its way, even obsidian, just not bedrock and so forth. The worst part is when the wither flies above you, you can't reach it with ...more

bro, this guy does like A LOT OF DAMAGE honestly I never met a wither BUT I know there really hard it takes like 10 iron golems to kill him... well maybe less

I'd definitely put this at #1, way ahead of the Ender Dragon. The Wither not only has more health, but also can shoot explosive wither skulls from each of its three heads independently. The projectiles not only deal explosive damage but they also give you the Wither effect, which is the only status in the game that can kill players and entities. The Ender Dragon gets help from his Endermen, thus reducing his danger level, while the Wither is more used to wrecking alone. Also, three heads are better than one!

2 EnderDragon

Yep the final boss is all power and not as destructive as seen with the wither but it's powerful with how to get there it covers the entire end as a position where you cannot hide in order to be blasted in the face with end magic only the ender dragon can master. Not to mention you have to rip apart the end to get to his heath regeneration spots while dogding endermen left and right.

The ender dragon is weaker than charged creeper without his battlefield, ender crystals and enderman. without that he has to be joking to fight you if you have a netherite sword enchanted.

Avoid unless if you're guaranteed to win the fight because you can't go home unless if you die or it dies.

(Kill or be Killed -Grodd)

Make sure you destroy all of the Ender Crystals before you attack it.

I think the ender dragon is harder to beat than the wither because the wither is spawned by you so there is nothing preventing you from spawning him in a place where he can't hurt you. On top of that, the battle is very simple because all you have to do is attack him and he dies. The ender dragon needs a strategy to beat because if you just attack him, the dragon will just regen it all back. Also you HAVE to fight him in the end not just put him in an inescapable cage.

3 Herobrine

One of the most powerful mob ever in minecraft. The herobrine brothers were so strong espicially when they used the thunder breathing power with the sword. I haven't see herobrine in minecraft tho but see him in monster school.

Fake for now, until someone decides to add him into the game. whoever reads this comment will decide for themselves, to tell microsoft whether herobrine should be in the game or not. I mean just because the wither ender-dragon evoker and elder-guardian are tough, herobrine is equal to all mobs put together x10

People say that he's not real but guess what he is real, one time when I was in a cave mining diamond I looked behind me and there he was I was looking at him for a while until he killed me, he is powerful, He only needs to hit you once and all ready your dead. I should say he is the strongest.

Yo Herobrine may just be a a dangerous person in a mod, but yo Herobrine in real life is really dangerous. He can turn invisible. Shoot fire out of his hands. Always regenerate. He can also fly. He's also the best griefer in Minecraft. So in my opinion Herobrine should be number one.

4 Enderman

Like who'd EVER die to enderman if you lose a 1v1 against a enderman... be ashamed of yourself en pray to god that no one saw you losing AGAINST a enderman.

Don't attack them with a sword unless you're under a tree that is two blocks high or next to a river/water source. If you're under a tree shoot your bow at one so it teleports at you then finish it off with your sword under the tree where it can't hit you.

Always look at them at the legs because if you look at them in the eyes, they will turn aggressive. Maybe that's why they turn aggressive because maybe it burns their eyes. Or maybe they think we're aliens. But whatever the reason, they are still creepy.

Enderman are annoying. Their weakness is snow golems. right now I am trying to take over the end with my snow golem army. Make sure to keep them in your house. But endermen will scream and teleport behind you and kill you. Very hard to kill.

5 Zombie Pigman

They hold gold swords and sometimes wear golden armor! They're even evil enough to work for the most dangerous mob their is! Very deadly man, very deadly!

At first they are cute but when you try to pet one (or attack one) they will bring up all of their homies and kick you in the balls.

They are hard because if you punch one, the others will attack you, the baby ones are SOOO hard to kill because of their speed!

Hmm... What is that pig doing doing with that golden sword... I guess I'll punch the pig... AH!

6 Creeper

Creepers kill you in one hit with full diamond in hard. What’s better? The charged version kills you in one hit with full diamond protection 4. Yes protection 4. You can barely survive the charged version with 1.5 hearts at full diamond blast protection 4. If anything, creepers are number 4 and should be higher than a mob you don’t have to fight and a mob that can be cheesed with a 2 block height.

The creeper after the combat update (1.14) became way more difficult to deal with, which doesn't change if you notice them. You have to back up and strategize before taking the chance to strike them, sometimes they will take advantage of your combat reach and explode right after you start sprinting, which make Bows, Crossbows and arrows a necessity to fight them. However, Creepers are the only mobs that can kill you instantly regardless of version. For instance, an unenchanted or unsuited enchanted diamond armor cannot take a creeper explosion and will kill you instantly. That is why I believe Creepers are the most dangerous mobs in the game, especially the fact that they are extremely common with all other overworld hostile Mobs.

Creepers rock. Here's some reasons: 1) They are silent. 2) They are cute. 3) They are sooo powerful (fun fact: if you set the difficulty to hard and released a charged creeper, it does roughly 149 hearts (true)) 4) They can climb ladders and vines 5) They blow up griefers (which happened to me before back in a world. Two griefers came and was killed by a lot of charged creepers lol) 6) They are great for adventure or battling maps. Creepers could literally blow up everything, which was cool. Charged creepers are even cooler. I have some reasons why charged creepers rock: 1) They maximizes blow up damages to griefers! 2) They look cool. 3) When you throw the potion of invisibility at it, its aura remains there. 4) When they explode on other "head-dropping" mobs, the head dropping mobs will always drop a head. That's especially useful if you want wither skeleton skulls, so lure some charged creepers to the nether! 5) The damage is powerful enough to, maybe knock HEROBRINE outta the ...more

Blazes only appear in the nether, magma cubes also, zombie pigman are neutral, ghasts are nether only, zombies, spiders and skeletons die easy, iron golems are neutral, same with endermen, charged creepers are rare, same with spider jockeys, withers require you to build them, slimes are rare, and can sometimes be useless, enderdragons are a boss, and herobrine only exists in a mod. Creepers, however, blow up, don't burn in the day, nor do they become neutral, they spawn often, and while they die easy, they are a huge threat. Creepers for the win!

7 Ghast

At this point I'm just dying of laughter like how bad can this get? *looks at the list and sees Elder Guardian, Guardian and Charged Creeper* *sighs* so much worst, I guess all people who voted are just big noobies -8yrsoldkid

Their fireballs knock you up into the air. Armor does not protect against fall damage. If you are at a precarious location, they could throw you off a cliff into lava and incinerate all your items.

The worst part is they attack from a distance. Deflecting their fireballs is ridiculously difficult. If you shoot them with a bow, half the time they move out of the way. They are worse in nether fortresses where a blaze or wither skeleton will sneak up on you if you deal with one.

The reason why it's so hard is 3: he IS hard! 2: he's in the nether and you will be like: "well... The nether so much easier than the end so... The mobs will be easy! Then you will attack the Ghast and say "god, it's harder than I thought..."! And the best reason why it's hard is.. You'll feel bad about it! It screams when you attack it... That's just scary on its own! But also.. It kinda shutters when your near it... So.. That's why Ghasts are so hard to beat!

When you enter the Nether... There is a weird sound... Then, it throws fireballs at you... What could it be? It is the

8 Elder Guardian

Elder Guardians are rare but once you encounter one it will inflict Mining Fatigue which will make your life tougher for harvesting the Prismarine walls.

Guardians are more likely to kill you than drowning.

Really irritating when shots mining fatigue at me.

They have those mining fatigue and lazer beams

9 Charged Creeper

So anoying! I try to push it next to a skeleton or zombie and BOOM! The good thing is that it's so rare! Imagine if all minecraft creepers were charged creepers... They explode before you can even say 'minecraft'.

These things are OP and but dubbs they are way more powerful than normal creepers wich if blow up on a slab it only blows up that one slab. But charged creepers can blow up to 35 blocks wide and 4 blocks deep.

I can have killed a creeper like 20 times and I only killed a charged creeper once they should be number two or one.

How is a creeper more dangerous than a charged creeper! Just looking at one is suicide!

10 Wither Skeleton

Dealing with one is dangerous because you can't let it touch you but when another one comes around behind you, your doomed. They can't drain half of your health in one strike but they are easy to knock back with a shield.

The wither effect is SO annoying!

Wither skeleton = wither effect.

I love it when you kill it

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11 Guardian

Never attack! Don't even think of taking on one without armor. They have 80 health points so Melee combat would be a result of a loss for you.

They may look cute but their deadly.

Huh what that oh I see it

It is really cool

12 Blaze

Hmm... What is that weird yellow thing... It's shooting fire everywhere!

The only way you can attack these is with throwing snowballs.

Huh blaze not dem I don't care how I spell the tings

The mob will light you on fire,

13 Iron Golem

They are helpful at defending a village but when your trying to kill a zombie they are a pain. They will steal your kill and if you hit one your best bet is to run 10 blocks away and build a pillar with you on top that is 4+ blocks high and then you should kill the golem with your bow. You can also run for your life and forget all about that village.

They´re so strong they can beat u in 2 seconds. Or in two hits! In creative mod I used a netherite sword and hit the golem and I hit more than 10 times to defeat him.

Also skeletons, witches and spiders and endermen and other kinds of zombies (including the nether zombies zombie pigmen) and skeletons (strays? ).

They only attack zombies, but if you were a zombie, you're dead. And they don't only guard villagers.

14 Skeleton

Most people who post on these lists just look at raw power, like the Wither's high attack and the Enderdragon's quick movements and knockback attacks. However, one thing they are ignoring is the power level, the state that the player is in when they encounter the mob in question. Nobody would be stupid enough to spawn the Wither or go after the Dragon without at LEAST iron armor and a diamond sword, but those are voluntary (you choose to make them happen) encounters, while skeletons are not. Skeletons will attack you from the shadows while you are still a recent world join with stone tools and leather armor, and without good strategy and PvE skills, they can easily shoot you to death before you can even land a blow on them. Creepers, Zombies and Spiders are easy to defeat, Endermen, Withers and the Ender Dragon are only a problem if you intentionally attack them, nether mobs and cave spiders only attack you when you enter their domain, but Skeletons can shoot you anywhere, anytime, ...more

Skeletons used to be a joke, but they got a huge buff in 1.9, making them one of the most dangerous common mobs. Since 1.9 skeletons have nearly perfect accuracy (good luck dodging their arrows without sprinting away), they also can back away from the player. They shoot quite fast and the knockback might prevent you from even reaching the skeleton earlygame before dying. They're very dangerous without shields and dodging them in water is basically IMPOSSIBLE. The only normal mobs that are more dangerous are drowned with tridents, and they're much rarer. Wither skeletons are a joke compared to normal ones - they're just zombies on steroids and you can easily hide from them. If you haven't got a shield or good armour they can be hard even with an iron sword - I can't say that about zombies, creepers, spiders or slimes.

It really bugs me. The last time there was a full moon there's a HUGE amount of skeletons with enchanted armour and bows. It even avoided the traps, too (a zombie villiger got caught, though). They would never stop spawning forever. One with an enchanted bow and helmet went into my portal and I had too kill it in the nether! It dropped a power IV bow. I'm not afraid of them anymore. Skeletons should be number 35 LOL.
To easy to kill for me. : )
Good luck! ; )

They fire so fast you can't even get near them. While they are distracting you, zombies, phantoms, witches, creepers or another skeleton will hit you. They can overwhelm any player without a ranged weapon that chooses to fight them.

15 Witch

These are less powerful than lazer pigs!

I don't think so

Very annoying very,very annoying why da heck do you keep using potions on meh?!

she can throw potions AND drink them so hard to defeat

16 The King

Has a army of players to defeat this thing he as 2 dragons made of daimmonds and army of blazed headed zombie with diamonds enchteched swords leather and iron armor, knights, and his champin.

The king is 5o times stronger than Godzilla! You are going to need the ultimate set of armour or you are going to die in one hit! The either would be running away like mad if it saw the king.

You need to deck out in full Royal Guardian Armor, another personto teleport to, and luck. It's worth it when you kill him though, he drops EVERY ITEM in the game. EVERY ITEM.

The king is a creature that you can never defeat! Even with all your good armour and weapons! WARNING: YOU CAN NEVER DEFEAT KING! DON'T EVEN TRY!

17 Magma Cube

These things are easy to deal when your on top of a cliff and there at the bottom. You can snipe them really easily that way but watch your back for other mobs. If your in a Nether Fortress hall way then this is a different story because you will be quickly swarmed.

Unless it's almost dead?

Meh he chased me to a cliff and he fell down


18 Spider Jockey

Advice from almost every minecraft book, and me is if you even SEE this freak, RUN!

This should be in at least top fifteen but not number one or top five.

I don't do mods. I don't even know how to get one into the game

18, are u kidding me!

19 Cave Spider

You people just don't understand do you? This thing will kill you through diamond armor by poison, and will follow you more relentlessly than any other groundbound mob.

Cave spiders are so annoying. I have mining 42 times every time I get killed by one.

Poison leaves half heart unless you drink milk.

Cave spider poisan you

20 Spider

Spider kinda mor dangerous cave spider!

They're not that dangerous.

There just week

21 Slime

Sure, they're basically oozes from D&D, but that multiplying when killed can quickly overwhelm you.

Slime is a bit dangerous, and can break into more slime when damaged.

Probably the exact same as a magma cube but different color.

They are scary because they seperate into different creatures! So spooky!

22 Attacked Wolf

Wolves can be dangerous in swarms. But they are helpful when tamed

Whoa they're danger level is higher!

You can tame one with rotten flesh.

Ya they get red eyes that Greek me

23 Evoker

Kill the Evoker is easy but killing the vexs are hard because they will bob in and out of the ground. The vexs will also swarm you in matter of minutes so kill the Evoker right away.

Diamond armor really doesn't save lives if you encounter them. Their fangs always do 6 damage regardless of how powerful your armor is. The Vexes they summon provide a distraction while they summon more evoker fangs. They are comparably dangerous to a Ghast.

The Evoker is dangerous because of the vexs and its fangs, but they drop totems

I hate the tiny thing that kill you

24 Witherzilla

Come on, witherzilla does get reked by ultimate king, but seriously, he is the best on this s list

Health : 100mil damage: unlimited minions : a crap ton of withers can use kill comands

There over powered

See this thing

25 Zombie

Ya those zombies attack very well. One time there were 2 zombies after me. I went through I nether portal to escape, but THREE zombies were already there! And I died. And another time I went through my nether portal again and they just kept pushing me out! Those zombies aren't just strong, they're smart to! Even with no brains.

A easy mob to kill if there is just one

I agree. They're pretty dangerous

Me love zombies (brains)

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