Top Ten Alliances In Empire: Four Kingdom (India1 Server)

I am making a list of alliances of e4k, this time it is of India1 server.
The Top Ten
1 SpanKing Squad

They own many more things, it's just their kind nature they don't do publicity stunts.
All knows what they are, and no one can be as aggressive as they are. No need to mention.

Shiv sena and Ek are the worst alliances on Indian server... When come to war most of them choose protection mode... Spanners and shinobi are the best one

It is a Good alliance, it helps everyone. It's rival is Shiv Sena. They fight alone for glory. They think Shiv Sena as demons in server;). They own only a Royal Tower.

2 Shiv Sena

It is one of most dangerous alliance in the server, it has support of unlimited alliances in server ( Six are big one ). It rivals with second most powerful SpanKing Squad. They own 3 capitals.

Shiv Sena is the best alliance on Indian Server, they play fair and respect others. They are the team deadly players.. With highest authority points they rule India Server.

Shiv sena number 1. Hacker alliance in Indian server... they may be powerful but nt loyal or fare playing ally... they bully other alliance and make der wings... Only one person is getting heavy on whole ss ally the great strong crusader...

3 New Era

They are neutral and owns some of the honest players in game, they are not wings of anyone like Empire Knights. They are always silent, no one knows about them much. But the part is that, they can be very dangerous

4 Brotherhood

They are also not wings but supporters of Shiv Sena, they can be dangerous like New Era but they remain active always. They are in Top 5 because they own a Royal Tower.

East or West brotherhood is the best
Without brotherhood any alliance can't win a single war...

Peaceful, aggressive, and loyal alliance in the Indian server I loved this alliance...

5 The Khalifah Empire

They are one of hyperneutral alliance in server, they never attack anyone ( Not even small alliance ). They train small alliances to become best, but they lack attitude :).

6 The India

They are on 7th rank because they developed so fast in 3 months, they come on #1 sometimes but are not able to maintain it. They too support Shiv Sena and are wings of Empire Knights.

This is one of the strongest alliance and according to its growing rate its gonna lead the Indian server forever. Its bright future is unbeatable. And the brains of its players prove that

It also houses ferocious players and the most supportive. That's the reason why it's called the fastest developing alliance on the server. It's not too late this alliance will get to the top

7 Empire Knights

They are also powerful, they are huge like Shiv Sena and SpanKing Squad but they don't war much but they are one of huge supporters and wings of Shiv Sena. They are not same but can rival SpanKing Squad

Very loyal. They have been bullied for long but always jump back

Very,aggressive and loyal friends of ss. They can change the way any war happens in the server

8 Shinobi Warrior

Shinobi Warrior, one of the most strong and reputated ally. A strong supporter of SKS and deeply believe friendship. When it comes to war they don't leave any opponents unburnt.
Always fights with courage and dignity. Have given full respect to every ally including the enemies.

Shinobi warrior is the most democratic alliance where everyone feels same and acts as a brother...

Most feared alliance for the opponents. Always values friendship.

9 Royal Fighters

Don't know much about them, they are neutral, I think. Didn't saw any action by them from 2 months. They are one of developing alliance and can be on top in future.

They are not so nice to everyone they kick almost everyone out

10 Team Gladiator

Very dedicated and have only a single ruby player. Have been constantly bullied the most but rise above all challenges. Most players play the game with extend tactics and strategy

They are supporters and Wings of Spanking Squad. They own some of best Ruby Buyer Players, they own a Royal Tower and can fight some big powers.They get upto 50k donations per day:).

50 days and they will be in the top 5. If you dare, try attacking eshansingh

The Contenders
11 Dark Terminators

Dark terminators is fastest growing alliance in Indian server...
It is a best alliance, best leader, and best players...
It is a family not just a team...

Dark terminators have great players like alok agarwal most humble and best leader of Indian server no match for him. Dark terminators fights both side ss and sks now they nutural but deadly

Dark Terminators is one of oldest alliance on server but it can't rival the revolution.

12 Fiery Dragon

Awesome alliance and provides great help to its members... Friendly but destroys anything that comes its way during a war :SEITHER

13 Black Mamba

The name itself describe the alliance, its among the most powerful alliances. Supporter of Shiv sena and it got support from many big alliances. Players are very good and active.

We are one who keep calm but of aggressive nature. We believe in fare game and always promote good small players. I am proud to be a member of BM

The best alliance in terms of caring where u are a family member and supported many alliances in many events even though it got nothing in return. Feared by many for its unique style of mass attacks, which was named by Indian server players as BM style

14 The Axis Power

The Axis Power is the best alliance.

15 Samrat
16 Friends for All
17 Gladiators

Fastest growing alliance, without support of any other alliance. Only fighters can join this alliance.

18 House of Heroes
19 Deadly Lords
20 Justice League

The amalgamation of Assassin's Creed and Avengers as Justice League is proving to be dangerous for other allies. In a very short time of about 6 months, they have proved that they are a force to reckon with. King Sargon is a very able leader leading the alliance from the front. He is the present Storm Lord. At present, the situation is such that JL is proving to be a big threat to other alliances. They have got some exceptional players in their midst led by King Sargon, to name a few: Batman, Superman, Manasi, Gerrard, Queen Pree, Devilinden, Raje, Anirudh, Abhimanyu, Nithi, Gagan, Bohemia, and Mayank. They have all been nurturing youngsters and honing their talents to make them players worthy of the Justice League.

21 The Revolution

They were wings of Shiv Sena before, but they declared themselves free. Who knows what they are planning, they own some good authority. They are totally changed so I can't explain much

22 Aghori

I belong to kings of hell and I'm surrounded by aghori they are dangerous

23 The Devils
24 Death Rage
25 Asteria
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