Top 10 Best Roblox Military Games

You from roblox and love to play Military Games on Roblox. Watch it!
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1 Armored Patrol

Well Armored Partrol is a good game as you can drive veciles around the amp and capture the flags as you can buy stuffs like Rocket Launcher on Rank Tier 2 like theres so much to it.

I've played this game for at least 2 years and it is still fun. I love how in the helicopters you can open the doors and missiles and bullets will actually fly through them instead like other games where it will always hit the vehicle. This game is very unique because of the hit-boxes for vehicles. I've seen so many war games that have the vehicle a hit box and sometimes the rocket doesn't hit the vehicle but you still take damage. This game is so much different. This game makes it to where each part of the vehicle has a individual hit box and slanted parts have a hit box that only includes the space taken up instead of other games where the slanted part has a square hit box. This game defiantly deserves first but "Mad Paintball 2" deserves 2nd.

You Know WIngman8 he's super. Wingman8 first game is better than Urban Patrol. Urban Patrol has 9000-15000 Visit in a week. Armored Patrol well 100.000-250.000 visit.

Should be number 2, I think phantom forces is better even though is this is a genius masterpiece.

2 Call of Robloxia 5

I love the game armoured patrol is good but not as good as call of robloxia 5 please friend me I just lost my account my user is 559803h

This games likes real a war.

Its like the Roblox war 5.

We have Call of robloxia 2, 3, 4 and 5.

I've been playing since 2012 and I can say with confidence this gives me nostalgia


3 Military Tycoon (Iamyouronlydoom)

It's Hard But Fun!

nice game, definitely a thumbs up.

4 Military Tycoon Warfare

This game is the best game ever!

I don't Liked This Game Is Hard

nice gameplay, guns sometimes glitch on mobile tho.

5 Call of Robloxia: Black Ops

Its fine, I guess.. You can't crawl, or crouch

Black ops, sincerly, it's the best of franquia


yes yes

6 Boys vs Girls

Boys vs girls... Yes I know you can say Boys vs Girls on a higher place but.. It don't can on the 5th place Base war has 37M+ Visits and Boys Vs Girls 22M+. And boys vs girls has now well 200-2000 visits and base wars 1000-3000

7 Phantom Forces

It good, but whenever I go to snipe someone with the intervention, the bullet goes sideways, but, really realistic, your death depends on whether, you go on the front lines and, fight, or only use your knife and many other different things, basically, your death depends on your choices. Plus this game makes me feel like I'm in delta force.

Amazing maps, guns, and scripts, good for lovers of FPS and its very fun. New updates on it are bring it higher each time.

Awesome game! Super realistic but you can't zoom out or edit your avatar.

Is a good game and the movements of the players is so real

8 Blood & Iron

This game is excellent. It has a great historical setting, it has very balanced units, it relies on strategy more than most first person shooters which are based off of all skill yet the game still keeps skill in the equation, you can play cooperative, and it altogether is an excellent game. I would recommend it to anybody who likes historical games and enjoy both strategic games and first person shooters.

I've played this game a lot lately because of how historically accurate it is with the clothing and weapons, the strategy aspects, and because it's a first person shooter. When you condense these together you get Blood & Iron, a great game overall. It's a 8/10 in my book.

Basically, if you're too poor to afford Mount and Blade or Holdfast, this is your only option. I had lots of fun playing with my friends, but the community may be toxic sometimes. In my opinion, this is the best shooter(After Armored Patrol) on Roblox since most of the shooters are pay to win.

The historical setting is good and the game's lit but 70% of the players who play this game makes my brain small. Peace Musicians, Soup Stores, Pointless RPs, Bad Linebattle Commanders (Kids trying to command men but are horrible at it), Exploiters, Tent Camping / Glitching, Barrel Camping / Glitching, Sword Glitching, and more stupid goofs, yet funny.

9 Drugstore Cowboy

To be honest this should be 1 this is the best roblox game out there. I must say.

Possibly the best game ever created in Roblox...

best game in Roblox very realistic but beware there is a TON of blood and gore in this game it might be taken out soon

10 Star Wars Tycoon.

This game has in 4 months 1M+ Visits!

I really like star wars;this game sounds perfect for me


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11 Base Wars

I think this should be moved up to 3 but ok. The only bad thing about it is the BW weapons

person with bw devastator:*sees any kind of player* FIRE! *sees jeep* FIRE! *one shots jeep*
person with all BW weapons:*sees assassin armor person* *shoots Bw devastator* *kills assassin armor player* *assassin armor player gets anti explode armor* former assassin armor player gets shot bw DMR as soon as he was through the door*

Base Wars Allows you to have different weapons unlike armored patrol

I love all the vehicles and not really that much lag like that jet game

I have played and love it except maybe some more variety of vehicles

12 Blackhawk Rescue Mission 2

This game is so Realistic. you can Combat with other peoples. and you can also make big missions with all the server or play mini games on the menu. THIS IS AMAZING!

This game is good, But it's so easy to get hacked, I get hacked an time..

This is good this game make we like a military who safe survivor

Lol, I remember this game, classic, not too popular now, though

13 Roblox WWII

Dependently the best on the list.

I think this is super fun because I like WW2 a lot

great game

14 Unit 1968: Vietnam

This game resembles war, I mean it's literally usa against vietnam. It's fps game and it has good graphics sound and screams when you die or attack or warn if you throw a grenade. It's similar to Phantom Forces. It's still under huge development. So this game is not finished yet. But the game is still amazing

Play it now!

Amazing graphics, and a lot much like the real war. Also love how u can call medics, and ammo suppliers, and u cry out if u get shot or your buddy gets shot.

This game has epic graphics, I like the fact its based off the vietnam war. the maps are also epic

I love this game, awesome graphics, nice looking guns

15 Build a Hide Out

This is Build a hide out and... ? Its survie! Like this game with 60-1000 visits in a day, 19M+.

NOW I LOVE GAMES LIKE THIS you build a hideout as best as you can and hope nobody comes in 10/10


16 War Tycoon

This like one of the first war tycoons of roblox. 2010.

tycoons mixed with war? awesome combo 9/10

17 D-Day

I really like this game super fun and awesome (ps the medic is the best class)

Great you don't have to spend anything to have a serious tactical battle or just to have fun. Overall great game good times :)

I love this game. its really fun and has good graphics. I'd rate it 9/10

I think it's a really good and fun game

18 The Conquerors 3

This is probably the best game in roblox. It's a strategy game where you can make your own armies, and conquer other players.

The best strategy AND war game on Roblox! There is nothing else compared to it.

Easily the best war game lets you create your own empire and control massive armys

It an Amazing Game But can Be laggy when people are shooting at each other a lot

19 Fireteam Remastered [pre-Alpha][read Desc]

This game is one of the best, in my opinion. This game has a lot of potential, because teamwork actually matters and is everything, and you NEED to know everything to understand the game. Should be more renowned than PF. If you like Realism, this game is for you. If you like FPS nonsense, you go for Phantom Forces. Also, this game is way better than Phantom Forces.

In my opinion, it's better than Phantom Forces. Lower pace, more real than PF. It is one of my favorite games that I belive should be put on the ROBLOX War Games Top 10.

Realistic fps, it is not just about runnig around at shotting people all the time

It's most realistic millitary game on roblox.

20 Meepcity

Best game on roblox gotta invade the enemy base, the parties, by using FACTS!

Oders play tis and catfish is useful for exposing goldiggers

A game for 10 years old!

I meeped my pants when I saw this on the list.

21 Counter Blox: Remastered

This is like counter strike

I like it because I like csgo

22 Muffin Kombat: War Without End

One of the best military game on Roblox. Sadly, it is dead due to Roblox Updates.

The most creative and funny shooter game I've ever played

Best game ever... I'm addicted and its funny.

, I love this game, it is the best

23 D-Day (The Original)

Actually, this'd be on first place,
but the thing is, what makes this bad is the fact that its...
EXTREMELY hard to rank up and get new guns.
And especially, if you buy officer, you should get an officer rank, not the old rank you had.

This game is extremely fun. The only thing wrong with it is that ranking up is hard but not required.

I love this game! My favorite so far

Great game but a bit slow

24 British Army

This is the best roblox army group. There are multiple regiments to choose from and it has so much detail! -awesomeMiner1310

Is A Roleplay Military Game..that you get high rank...from BBT to all way you can pass..enjoy

25 Shellshock

It's the Oof Brigade, I love it. Wonderful game. They gotta fix the vehicles, though.

Close to battlefield! Awesome game!

Near to phantom forces

Best game ever

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