Top 10 Super Mario Games that Should Be Created

Ever dreamt about the possibilities of new Super Mario games, each adding a fresh and exciting spin to the beloved franchise? Have you ever imagined strapping on a helmet and biking through Mushroom Kingdom, or stepping into the shoes of Princess Daisy for her very own super adventure? In the limitless universe of Super Mario, anything is possible, and the potential for new games is as vast and varied as the levels we've explored in existing titles.

We're here to delve into the world of what could be, specifically focusing on Super Mario games that have yet to grace our consoles. From intriguing mash-ups of familiar characters and concepts to potential sequels that could follow up on cherished classics, this is a compendium of fan-made concepts, dreamt up by people who love the Super Mario universe just as much as you do. We're talking about game ideas that could potentially introduce new characters, spin classic Mario tropes on their heads, and even venture into brand new territories.

The question here is: what Super Mario games should be created? Are you an advocate for more princess-led adventures? Or perhaps you'd like to see the plumber himself explore new galaxies in 3D? Maybe you even have a wild idea of your own that hasn't been mentioned.
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1 Mario Biking

Yes, I know Mario Kart has bikes, but the Mario characters are on actual bikes racing or just practicing on bikes, not on motorcycles.

2 Super Princess Daisy
3 The 3 Little Princesses

Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, and Wario have been kidnapped by female Bowser, and it's all up to Peach, Rosalina, and Daisy to save them. The player must go through 20 different levels to find Mario and the others.

4 Super Mario 3D Galaxy
5 Super Mario 3D World 2
6 Tatanga's Return
7 Rosalina's World: Find the Lumas!

Yes, I love Rosalina and Luma. They are the best Mario characters, along with Princess Peach. The three are the best.

Go, Rosalina and Luma, the superstars! I hope people make a Rosalina's World: Find the Lumas.

The Lumas have randomly disappeared around the galaxy, and Rosalina has to find them in over 50 levels.

8 Super Mario Open World
9 Mario Kart Maker

You get to make tracks and maybe even design a kart. I would love that.

10 Paper Mario Kart
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11 Mario and Pac-Man
12 Mario Kart 9

What's next after having the anti-gravity tracks in Mario Kart 8? I don't know, but Mario Kart 9 should be an interesting game for people.

13 Super Mario Galaxy 3

In the third sequel, they should finally change the same old plot (save the princess) and write a new one. I hope it will be a good one.

Super Mario Galaxy was the hardest game, and its sequel was long and easy. What if this had a third sequel?

The first two games are awesome, and I would enjoy a third addition.

14 Mario and Sonic Adventure
15 Mario and Luigi Meets Power Rangers
16 Super Mario FPS

Mario has been branching out into several popular genres of video games, such as kart racing, party games, RPGs, and sports games. However, one popular game genre that the Super Mario Bros. franchise hasn't explored yet is first-person shooters (FPS).

FPS games like Doom, Halo, and Call of Duty are very popular these days, and I am surprised that there hasn't been a Mario spinoff in this genre.

Although a Super Mario FPS game wouldn't contain blood, intense violence, or realistic weapons like most shooters, it could still be an interesting concept. In this spinoff, players could use shell guns or Mario Kart-esque items or objects as their weapons and ammo. It would provide a unique twist on the FPS genre while maintaining the lighthearted and colorful world of Mario.

17 Mario and Luigi Meets The Loud House

Not gonna lie, this actually sounds interesting.

18 Super Mario Sunshine 2

Why doesn't Super Mario Sunshine have a sequel if Super Mario Galaxy and Luigi's Mansion already have sequels? The hardest and best Mario game deserves a sequel.

I would enjoy seeing Super Mario Sunshine make a comeback, whether it's a sequel or an HD remake.

19 Super Princess Peach 2

Super Princess Peach should have a sequel with playable Princess Daisy and Rosalina. Princess Daisy deserves to be popular.

20 Super Mario 64 HD

Best Mario game that had a Nintendo DS remake and deserves to have an HD remake.

21 Dr. Yoshi

First, there was Dr. Mario, then Dr. Wario (in WarioWare, Inc.), and then Dr. Luigi. How about Dr. Yoshi next?

22 Super Mario RPG 2

As much as I like the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games, I would love a true sequel to SMRPG. The chances are unlikely, but hey, we never know. Strange things do happen sometimes in the gaming industry.

23 Paper Mario: Back from the Underwhere
24 Mario x Luigi
25 Mario and Luigi vs Caillou
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