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This is a list about the top 10 best survival games. Please don't hate if your opinion is different as you can just respectfully disagree. So without any hesitation here are the top 10 survival games of all time
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1 Subnautica

This is what Stranded deep should have been. This game is a breath of fresh air after all the crappy zombie survival games out there. I have always loved the sea and the water. All though I would never swim in this sea I can tell you that much. It has a simple (but good) crafting system and unlike most games like this it has variety with the whole alien sea ocean and you will meet new creatures constantly that will either kill you or you will kill them. If you like underwater survival then Subnautica is the way to go.

2 7 Days to Die

This to me is what a survival game should be. Hunting, scavenging, protecting your house from the undead and most importantly... working together. That seems something that other survival games seem to miss. But what makes 7 days to die unique is that the zombies are different depending on the time period. Through the day the are slow walking shamblers but when night falls they turn into sprinting zombies. They also come in greater numbers during the night. It's this kind of change that makes you run to the quickest safe spot in the game. Of course you can put the zombies on never run if you are (you know) a coward.

3 The Long Dark

3 survival games that are not surviving against zombies go originality. In the case of The long dark you are a survivor trapped in a post apocalyptic earth covered in snow and you must do everything you can to survive this harsh winter in this national park. Again the game has a nice art style that is called cell-shaded which (while not original) it makes the game look nicer then it really does. And there is a lot of stuff that you have to keep in mind here. You have to make sure you don't get cold from the snow, you have to keep your calories in check or else you might starve to death or you may die of being too tired there is a lot of stuff in this game which ultimately puts it at number 5 because I can't look after so much stuff I am no robot. Although that does show my intelligence level doesn't it.

4 Don't Starve

It's easy to say but hard to do. In don't starve your character (a scientist of some sort) has to survive in a forest or something by of course not starving. But this isn't gonna be easy as your hunger meter depletes rather fast and you need to find food somewhere. Luckily the forest is filled with fruit, trees and animals you can kill or harvest for later. Be careful of what you eat though cause a food may restore your hunger but it may also drive you into madness where imaginary monsters will attack you and possibly kill you. What I like about Don't starve is the art style. I have never seen anything like it in a while. That alone makes this survival game worth a try.

5 No More Room In Hell

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. And that is exactly what this game is. The best way to describe No more room in hell is imagine Left4dead but with a bit smaller maps, very little ammo, big reliance of melee weapons and generally terrifying scenarios. That is No more room in hell in a nutshell. This game is arguably the best free to play zombie game out there. But I gotta warn you. If you don't like hard games then this game isn't the one for you. For me though this is a bargain.

6 Alien: Isolation
7 This War of Mine

Probably the most original game on my list. This war of mine is about surviving in a war and it does this concept very realisticly. It is packed with outright depressing moments where the characters want to just kill themselves and you have to reason with them by talking to them and this does not always work if the characters are way to depressed. Other then painful suffering in this game you also have to collect supplies and materials in order to survive and sometimes this requires robing someone's house or killing their loved one who has done nothing to you but without killing him you can't take that one can of vegetables. This is what leads to the previously mentioned depression part of the game. It is really depressing and really awesome.

8 The Last Stand: Union City

The first and only free flash game on this list. Although it looks more like a polished indie game that I would at least pay 2 dollars for. In this game you must find your wife that has been trapped in the zombie infested city. But on your way you will encounter zombies who will do anything to get your face. On your way you will meet other survivors which for a little favor (side quest) will join to help you. Also you are a human after all so you will need to look after your hunger and rest bar. You can rest in safe houses which are scattered around on the map. This is a game that anybody should check out because it's totally 100 percent free and you don't even need to install it. Just go to and play it.

9 Minecraft

I like to think of Minecraft as more of a "build your own adventure" game. But I think it definitely deserves a spot on this list, but maybe around the 7 or 8 spot.

Fun if you're a kid. If you're looking for hardcore survival go somewhere else. The "hardcore" on Minecraft is just as easy as peaceful.

Minecraft is better because it has awesome mods you can add and everyone can play it because it is not violent. This is NUMBER 1!

10 Dead Rising 3
The Contenders
11 Rust
12 Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

This game just recently (and by recently I mean yesterday) came out on steam as an early access survival game and before you jump into a pool of lava let me explain. It's not an FPS survival game (thank god) but a kinda of a strategy reclaim area from zombies kinda game. It is the most original zombie survival game that you are gonna get so far so buy it or don't it's up to you.

13 Stranded Deep
14 Dying Light: The Following
15 The Forest

The game has been released and it's finished. Great game! Played it for over 300 hours.

Great graphics, great gameplay, very realistic, etc.

I voted this. Great game and the devs are improving a lot this game lately

16 Fallout 4
17 Dayz

Great survival game. Terrible developers.

18 Project Zomboid

This might be one of the most realistic zombie survival games of all time (well as realistic as a zombie game can get) It is full with so many choices I can not even count. You can rip the sheets of a ed to make a curtain, you can harvest plants till your hearts content, you can rip your shirt off and make a rope that is the level of simulation we are talking about guys. Only one problem: The graphics are terrible. I usually don't see graphics as an important part in a game but in a zombie game better graphics can raise my opinion about the game then a zombie game with crap graphics. So sorry Project zomboid you are just gonna have to sit on number 9.

19 Last of Us Remastered
20 60 Seconds

Ever wondered what would happen if your city was nuked. Well don't worry because 60 seconds has got the answer. But why is it called 60 seconds? Let me explain. The game is divided into 2 parts: scavenging where you have 60 seconds to collect all the supplies in your house and be in the shelter once the time runs out, and survival in which you are stuck in the vault until somebody comes to save you and while you are in there you have to survive on the things you have gathered. This game just recently came out on steam and I have been having the time of my life playing this. It is so much fun and for 8.99 what more could you ask for?

21 Subnautica: Below Zero
22 Fallout: New Vegas
23 Pubg Mobile
24 The Oregon Trail
25 Starbound

Most beautiful space focused survival game I see. You can travel through planets with your ship.
The Story mode is entegrated with sandbox unlimited universe "not world :)".With races and with big modding community its just "awesome".

I am recommending this awesome game.

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