Most Useful Minecraft Items

God knows most items are useful but which ones are the MOST useful?
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1 Wood

If you want to progress in minecraft at all you need wood. Even if you have hundreds of diamonds if you want to make tools you need wood. Wood can make charcoal which is a good fuel supply and wood is already a fuel. Bottem line if you want to get anywhere in minecraft you need wood PERIOD!

When you first spawn in Minecraft, you chop down wood. Why? Cause it is the base of EVERYTHING you need in the game (except food).

When you spawn in Minecraft, you don't go picking flowers, do you?

Without wood, you can't do ANYTHING. It's the beginning of the resource chain. It is: Wood pickaxe, cobblestone pickaxe, iron pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, and then you can mine anything.

2 Crafting Table

It wouldn't be Minecraft without a crafting table :P

P.S. - You grab wood cause you have to make a crafting table. After that, it's planks and sticks. They're pretty useful, but nothing beats the workbench!

No isn't this first? You really can't do anything in Survival without this. Though after you use wood, you really can't do anything with it.

Although you need wood for it, without a crafting table, wood is pretty much useless, with it, you can make tools, items, and a mass number of otherthings.

3 Pickaxe
4 Food

I could run away from those monsters without supplies, but if I can't punch those trees and cows for apples and meat, it's game over for me.

Food is the most important thing in real life and in Minecraft but not useful if you're in a peaceful mode.

You would die without food. I know you can't survive with other stuff but still. by the way, I like creative mode

5 Chests

OF COURSE WE NEED CHEST when our inventory is filled up we'll need to put our items in chests or if we find some special things like lapis, diamonds, emeralds, etc. We won't have enough storage in our inventory and we won't be able to collect it

Incase of accidentally dying on a mining adventure, these are absolute life savers

6 Sword

Not super important. On your first night, a stone pickaxe will do fine for fending off baddies. A good pickaxe is more versatile, but swords are good at what they do.

A sword can save your life and is worth your life. A sword saves you from mobs.

Of course we need swords for protection. We need them to fight zombies or any other hostile mobs

7 Bed

So I don't have to have NIGHT!
Wow, why did I actually think I could survive in Survival Hard?
Actually, I was doing pretty good until my sister wanted our mom to play and she blew up our 3 story house and killed the wolves.

A BED AND WOOD! Wood so you can get these going, bed so you can easily continue building! Also, beds are really cool when you make bunk beds.

A bed can make another spawn point but no bed means no making a different spawn point in Minecraft.

8 Dirt

Crainer is right, dirt=life. Trees only spawn on dirt, and without trees, there's no wood, and if there's no wood, you can't do anything. Also, most passive mobs spawn on dirt (the only exception being the rabbit, which can also spawn on sand in deserts)

Wood is #1 on this list, eh? Well, without dirt, how can a tree grow? Without trees, you have no wood. Good luck surviving without dirt. It sounds dumb but it is extremely useful.

This is like saying that Beethoven did not know music. Dirt is the worst thing somebody can ever have.

9 Cobblestone

Cobblestone is a necessity. You use it to make a furnace, tools, and craft pickaxes for endless mining!

10 Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks is the thing u use to make stuff like a:Wooden Trapdoors; Wood Stairs; wood Doors; Bed; Sticks; Wooden Sword; Piston; Boat; Wooden Pressure Plate; Note Block; Signs; Wood Slabs; Wooden Shovel; Bowls; Crafting Table; Fence Gate; Wooden Hoe; wood Fences; Jukebox; Wooden Button; Bookshelf; Chest; Wooden Axe; Shield; Tripwire Hooks; Wooden Pickaxe. You can also use wooden planks as fuel in the furnace and as a tool repair item in the anvil.

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11 Diamonds

If you wear Diamond Boots enchanted with Feather Falling IV you won't take as much fall damage, and if you're Diamond boots are also enchanted with Depth Strider III, you'll be able to swim in water so much faster. I recommend Depth Strider III over Frost walker II, but it depends on what you're doing.

Well the reason diamonds are in last is because they aren't nesecarry. Sure they are the best tools in the game but they are the most hardest. I'd rather have iron picks instead of one diamond pick. The only two main uses of diamonds are obtaining obsidian with a diamond pick and an enchantment table

12 Furnace

You cannot smelt ore without it and therefore never advance beyond wood or stone tools.

To mine diamond you need iron and to get iron you need too SMELT it!

You can't get iron with out a furnace unless you find a loot chest like in a dungeon, mob spawner or a viliger blacksmith and his building

13 Iron

Iron is very common and about half as useful as diamond so 2 iron picks is about as good as a diamond pick, besides the the fact that only a diamond pick can mine obsidian.

Iron is somewhat tough. Not as tough as diamond. But unlike diamond, Iron is also quite common.

+1 vote! Iron is the most versatile item in Minecraft! Ingredient of most recipe in Minecraft!

14 Command Block

THEY ARE THE MOST USEFUL BLOCK! You are in an ocean with no islands seen
and the only thing thatt can save you is the command block. You don't need anything to get it and it can give you all items. ALL OF THEM! This should be in the top 2. It even give you rare mobs and small to huge houses. It even spawns hilarious mobs! It can cheer you up.
Minecraft would be awful without command block.

Command blocks are very useful and can give you almost everything.

I have used command blocks on ALL of my creative maps. Sadly you can not use them in survival. :( to get one type "/give @p command_block" in chat.

15 Coal

You can get Charcoal by burning wood in a furnace or with a flint and steel in the forest

16 Obsidian

Good for enchantment tables and portals+TNT proof houses.

Nonononono I don't want to go to the nether but I also want to enchant stuff.

17 Redstone

Torches, comparators, repeaters, pistons, HOPPERS, buttons, levers are all needed if you want to add automation to a farm

18 Map

You will lose track of where your home quote easily without one.

Now, loaded maps won't change much (I think). Not a great thing.

19 Fence
20 Torch

Look. Without the torch you're going to be wondering blindly around on your first night riding with zombies and creepers and more...

You need light? Then get some coal or charcoal (smelted wood) and a stick and boom! You got light! Burn mobs!

Why is this on place 19? It should be number 5 or so...

21 Butter

Did sky put this here? Well you can make a cool apple with it.

22 Water Bucket

Water is needed to grow food and most of the auto farming and monster trap works with water and redstone.

A water bucket can save your life from fall damage, lava, fire damage, making stone, and making obsidian.

23 Dead Bush

Voted because it does not deserve THAT much hate. Tall grass is worse and it is not that hated!

24 Tamed Wolf

With a torch you can see around the night yourself but with a wolf all you have to do is stand in the same spot and one of the bad guy attacks you, your wolf will defend you

A tamed wolf can protect you from getting killed.

A tamed wolf will protect you, and all you have to do is shoot them w/ your bow and arrow and they will DIE

25 Stone
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