Top 10 Best Races in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

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1 Nord

Being a tall, muscular, blonde-haired, blue-eyed man, I find I more closely relate to them. So it's easier for role-playing. Not to mention, I also enjoy Khajiit, Breton, Dark Elf, Redguard, Orc, and Wood Elf.

Being a Nord is cool, but never join the Stormcloaks. If you've played the game well and know the lore, you will find out that the Imperial Legion is the better side, especially for a united Tamriel, for the future of Tamriel. Otherwise, the High Elves will again dominate over humans.

Nords are the best. I think Khajiit actually suck, their powers and abilities are useless. I think playing as a thief or assassin is kind of boring.

2 Khajiit

Khajiit are literally the best race. They start out with the highest thief skills like sneak, pickpocket, and lockpicking, and also have high one-handed armor. Plus, they just look badass. I mean, who doesn't want to be an awesome warrior cat?

Nothing describes "fury" better than a Khajiit racing around the battlefield, faster than the enemy can swing. And nothing brings terror more than a Khajiit's fangs speeding from the dark towards you!

There's just something so awesome about being a 6ft talking cat, which has the best accent ever! Too bad guards are racist towards Khajiits! I've probably got bounties simply because I punched a guard after he called me a "Cat."

3 Orc

The Orsimer are a proud race of mer that are truly awesome and should be ranked number one because they are the best warriors in Tamriel by far. They are uniquely gifted in combat, unlike all other mer races, and make for a visually appealing character when choosing between the Stormcloaks or Imperials.

It's so fun to pretend to be a barbarian, since that's what Skyrim is all about. Magic is pathetic, but strength is what allows you to survive in the cold, harsh land of Skyrim.

I think that the Orcs should be number one because they excel at blacksmithing and share some of the greatest armor across Skyrim and Tamriel. The Orcs also have some of the coolest strongholds across the land.

They are the greatest hunters in Tamriel. Orcs are proficient with all weapon types and can excel in heavy armor. Orcs are definitely the master race.

- Alex Robinson.

4 Breton

Made the best illusion/stealth ninja character with a Breton. Best in my book.

I think Bretons are cool because they are magic. Like magic magic.

They are the most talented race in Skyrim. They basically eat cats.

5 Argonian

Argonians are the most deadly killers. Black Marsh was the only province in Tamriel that was not annexed by Tiber Septim and the Empire.

The Shadowscales are the most deadly assassins for the Dark Brotherhood, and the Hist trees are the source of power for Black Marsh.

Mine is red and black and sounds like a snake. Plus, it's almost impossible to turn into a vampire and ruin the game. Argonians are the best, full stop!

The unlimited time underwater really helps when you are trying to get away or hide. It's a very helpful ability to have.

6 Redguard

Redguards are gifted, talented warriors of Hammerfell, fantastic with a bow as well as a mace, dual-wielded of course. Also, they are fun characters to interact with, such as Iman or Saadia!

Resisted the Thalmor after the Empire abandoned them, pretty badass!

7 Imperial

By far, Imperials are a good mix of anything you want. On the downside, they are pretty pathetic compared to other races just because they lack any particularly useful talent. Also, it's not fun to be pressured into joining the Imperials just because you're an Imperial.

The Imperial has the best variety of being both a mage and a warrior. To pair it with Imperial luck with finding extra gold, this has my vote for the favorite class in the game alongside Breton.

Imperials are all-around, so if they became level 100, it would mean they are perfect beings. Spoilers! Found out that Dragonborn is Nord, Cyrodiil Champion is Imperial, and Nerevarine is Dark Elf! So happy my main guy for each game was so accurate.

8 Dark Elf

Dark Elf is the best because it gives better skill to destruction, and using destruction magic is more fun than using swords.

Who's more badass than somebody that does not care about any other race and says it to their faces?

Dunmer are the best race, easy! They are the last race left (along with Khajiit) that reside in Masser after Nirn is destroyed and everyone is wiped out.

9 Wood Elf

I always like to play as an archer or a ranger, or something with a bow. So generally, I'd go Wood Elf before anything. Plus, Wood Elves are the finest archers ever made.

I am usually the archer in RPG games, so Wood Elves are my first choice. Plus, they have 50% disease resistance.

Wood elves are the best race in Skyrim because they are the best at archery, and second in sneak, lockpicking, and pickpocketing. They are also the second-best assassins in Skyrim. So, if you want an assassin or thief, you should choose wood elves.

10 High Elf

The reason why the High Elves are the superior race is that they are genetically superior to every other race in Tamriel. Most races have a lifespan of 80 years, but the Altmer can live for thousands of years. This means High Elves can master every single fighting style and could become the most skilled warriors, mages, archers, thieves, and assassins. Also, they are the tallest race in all of Tamriel.

Really? Number eight? I know most are either douchey Thalmor members or snooty in general, but playing as a High Elf is pretty awesome! They look great, and since you start with an extra 50 Magicka, you can focus on your health and stamina for a while.

Also, most mage skills are already leveled up a bit. Plus, you get some decent spells (for beginners, anyway) automatically.

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11 Dwemer
12 Altmer
13 Bosmer
14 Snow Elf
15 Dremora
16 Kothringi
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