Best 4D System Beyblades

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1 Phantom Orion B:D

In Stamina mode, it can beat any Beyblade, even ones that spin left, or have rubber, it has an enormous amount of help with its B so when it's low on spin, the tip stops rotating, but the bey is still spinning on it. If you consider stadium out a win, I don't, because that just cancels out the STAMINA part of this awesome Beyblade, I rank it first of ALL GENERATIONS. Vote Orion, the 7 minute legend bey!

Phantom orion is pretty cool too it has amazing stamina I was watching a YouTube video and this guy said that orion can last up too 6 or 7 min. I don't have the bey but I wish I do cause its amazing and once again the owner is cool chris is the owner it's the best stamina tipe I've ever seen in my life its stamina is amazing it is so op and I love it I wish I had it

I have a Phantom Orion and he can spin for 8 minutes he is the best of all the Beyblades in the world, because of the B I has ultimate stamina and can not go out of the stadium that well. You should get a Phantom Orion and use it a lot. Phantom Orion is the number 1 Beyblade in the whole world!

I have it and it has almost infinite stamina because of its free spinning tip and the momentum that the ball bearings allow, creating a bey that can spin for up to 7 minutes and 12 seconds (according to Takara Tomy) and can resist most smash attacks from most beys.
Also it ownS l-drago destroy!

2 L-Drago Destroy F:S

L-Drago destroyer would no doubt be the strongest bey if it hadn't been for a fake bey like nemesis L-drago has lost only two battles one against gingka and the other where he died giving it his all to beat nemesis.
Even though ryuga just beat L-drago, L-drago lets him know who's boss when he beat pegasus, orion and variares at the same time.
So with this it is safe to say that L-Drago is far the strongest and out matched bey.

L drago destroy is a very well made bey. With absorb mode and attack mode it can easily be used for hard or tight situations in a tournament. (I.E. Last Beyblade is l drago and you're down by 1 point, or someone has a killer right- spin bey and is asking for a battle. )

Awesome beyblade! Also nemesis smells like POOP! My x drive broke because of mercury anubius. And while I was using my combo Diablo Kerbecs BD145RF my fang leone broke diablo. And nemesis energy ring and face is all I have left

L-Drago Destroy is the strongest bey on the face of the earth and it looks the best too! Also check out my channel on youtube diblee123

3 Diablo Nemesis X:D

Is there a reason why this should not be number 1 its one of the best 4d beys out there its fusion wheel is heavier than basalt horogium in fact diablo has the biggest fusion wheel. It has ultimate balance mode. It is a beast in ultimate balance mode plus it changes its performance tip in ultimate balance mode its just that awesome

Well... I have seen in YouTube that this is a Beyblade that can defeat the most number of other beys. And I am definitely going to buy it.
PS: This Beyblade also has an about 80% win rate against Phantom Orion so this should be in first place.

Because ultimate balance mode can change its tip during battle and has 3 different tips. And in the anime it has some all the legendary blader's star fragment.

Gotta say this is the best Beyblade ever it beat phantom orion fang leone big bang and much more. So I definitely think that this should be #1

4 Big Bang Pegasis F:D

My big bang pegasis defeated twisted tempo, diablo nemesis, rock leone, galaxy pegasus,
L drago destructor F. S, dark bull, storm pegasus, lightning l drago, aquario, rock aries, phantom orion, variaris, meteo l drago.

Beat L Drago almost every single time needs to be the first Beyblade on that list. It can defeat almost all the beys I know. You can also change the modes on it...

Without It's Final Drive, it's stamina would be way shorter. So it also adds onto the stamina of the bey, and has plenty of modes to pick from

Cool Beyblade I have a Beyblade battle my friends have 16 Beyblades and big bang pegasus kick there Beyblade's ass!

5 Fang Leone 130W²D

I agree, Leon can withstand a lot of attacks from other Beyblades. It is very good if you are someone who is looking for a defensive type beyblade. It is not really a lot on the attacking part but is very good for free for all battles and good to use agains Meta L-Drago. *smirk* leone is way better than that! I like it because its defense is just great!

Leone is awesome, fusion wheel is great for attack power, just switch tips to RF or R2F to make it super strong, its still pretty good with W2D though.

Leon can survive concrete attaks and in attack mode he can beat 7 other beys at 1 time. And he is a very strong defense type. Thanks vote 4 LEONE!

Leone is the king of all beys! Leone was already the best & now he can swich to attack & defense! So getting one!

6 Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF

Who ever puts Quez in the last is a loser its has 2 modes defense and attack it's defense mode is pure awesome it can beat Big bang easily! And I used it ot beat phanthom easily with attack mode so dun put it in the lst place.

Its like it can beat all the top 6 beys easily! And it has two awesome modes-attack and defense! Even the tip is too awesome for you!

Super great attack and defense. Same as Fusion Hades. Death Q is a awesome beyblade because its designs and attack and defense. If you like a bey that's powerful vote Death Q

It is the best Beyblade in the world. The design on the fusion wheel is great. A aceint dragon is better then all those other stupid things like pegasus and orien

7 Variares D:D

This bey is AMAZING! When in attack mod Variares has smash power that rivals that of the highest tier attack beys. Then when it starts losing stamina the spikes of defense mode come out giving extra stamina and defense. The performance tip switches are also really useful. This bey in my opinion should be tied for first with Phantom Orion

Boasting the metal wheel with the highest attack, it is infamous for its ability to launch other beyblades out of the stadium. Versatile and strong overall.

Bought this bey and the delta driver is just amazing! It has the perfect combination of attack with defense which makes it the perfect balanced type beyblade. It should be in the top. Vote for it!

This bey has three tips and is a great defense type. I have Diablo Nemesis and Cosmic Pegasus. Variares beat both of them.

8 Flash Sagittario 230WD

Great stamina. I love the 230 spin track but it is outcassed by th170

It's a beast my friend one of my Beyblades

It has a rocking stamina I hate bey shape

Tons of stamina, yet it can be beaten

9 Beat Lynx TH170WD

Brilliant bey. Its powerful smash attack (when in attack mode) is devestational. It has been compared to variares and can smash phantom orion on a lucky day. This bey should be up at least in the top 3

Very good 4d system bey but y is it number 9? Like I know you may do this list by the best beys but I just think of it as coolest mode changing beys if that was the list then this may have got number one

Its not so great bey but the only thing is that it can increase its hight

Design and spin track is so amazing, my favourite!

10 Jade Jupiter S130RB

It can beat big bang Pegasus, beat lynx, death Quetzalcoatl variaires, and fang leone with ease

Great defense with Rubber Ball tip.

I like eating potatoes.

It is awesome it knocked out diabo Nemesis

The Contenders
11 Scythe Kronos T125EDS

Scythe Kronos should be in the best 3 because in stamina mode it beats fusion hades, death quetzalcoatl and big bang pegases and rest of the other 4d beyblades. If fused with ewd, it beats orion in stamina and nemisis in attack stadium, so put it in first, second or third place.

Scythe Kronos T125EDS is clearly the best bey in the world. It has a free-spinning fusion wheel which means that it hardly slows down when it is attacked.

Has an impressive spin time, but EDS breaks quite easily. When it works it's extremely difficult to beat however.

Hhh its good but the metal wheel shape is not good

12 L- Drago Guardian S130MB

With good training this bey will own own l drago destroy AND phantom orion at the same time. Vote for it. BUY IT.

Possessing a surprisingly long spin time, it is rivaled only by Meteo L-Drago in the spin stealing category.

13 Kreis Cygnus 145WD

Obviously the best Beyblade in history. Though it is a defense type, it has all of the amazing strength and skills of an attack type. I just can't believe that it isn't even in the top 10. Please vote for Kreis Cygnus and bring him into the position he deserves to be in, and that's number 1!

Kreis Cygnus is a really cool beyblade. My Kreis Cygnus (in attack mode) could spinning longer than defense mode, around 2 minutes 24 seconds by using light launcher2. Very nice one.

Keris cygnus is also called swan it is a defense type bey my on of my friend is having phantom orion and I am having keris cygnus and keris cygnuc has won with it. It's absolutely a best bey I ever seen till now

This bey as amazing. It was my first 4d bey and destroyed all of my other ones

14 Mercury Anubius 85XF

Guys do you know this thing it throw my Beyblade far outside my bey is divince chimer

It's a bad bey

15 Basalt Horogium 145WD

My Basalt Horogium could spin 312 seconds (5 minutes 12 seconds); having longest spinning test in my video record is 296 seconds (4 minutes 56 seconds) by using the Light Launcher2 (the one coming with it in the Takara Tomy package). Usually when I launched it properly, my Basalt Horogium could spin at least 4 minutes (more than 240 seconds). The weight of my Basalt Horogium is 53.7g with a spinning power of over 4 minutes; meaning this beyblade is highly possible to achieve 80+% winning ratio in any tournament. I have Duo Uranus, Duo Ice-Titan, Phanton Orion, Death Quetzalcoatl, Jade Jupiter, Kreis Cygnus, Hades Kerbecs, Galaxy Pegasus, XTS beyblade, and many Beyblade bursts, but the final champion after hundreds battle was Basalt Horogium.

My Basalt Horogium had 312 seconds stamina spinning record. Usually when I launched it properly, my Basalt Horogium could spin at least 4 minutes (more than 240 seconds). The weight of my Basalt Horogium is 53.7g with a stamina spinning time of over 4 minutes; meaning, its power is highly possible to achieve 80+% winning ratio in any tournament.

It spins forever and can't ever get knocked out

It's the best it won at idiot big bang jurkysus

16 Omega Dragonis 85XF

It's the fastest attack type and can spin for 2 minutes even when it has a flat tip

I think Omega Dragonis should be more circular.

17 Duo Uranus 230WD

The Duo wheel is the best metal wheel for defense and also happens to only be beaten in stamina by Phantom and Scythe. 230 is a huge minus for this one.

Duo Uranus is a great 4D Metal fusion beyblade. It's stamina spinning time could reach 3 minutes and because its 230WD it is very stable and great for a long run tournament/battle. It was #2 in my all beyblades (the same ranking with Phantom Orion). The champion was Basalt Horogium, the one could spin more than 5 minutes with 145WD and light launcher2.

I have this bey. This is one of my best bey. Lucky I have this bey.

Its fuision wheel is same stamina as phantom and better defense than basalt should be 1st

18 DA Sedah Noisuf DWS541DA

What kind of bey is this?

This don't exist

Best 4d bey ever

19 Gravity Destroyer AD145WD

I have this bey and I modified it with a metal spin track and it uses Xtreme Flat tip it's so damn over powered defeated Nemesis, meteo l Drago, and more this combo is UNDEFEATED!

Just another legend destroyer is a warrior like varares please vote for it its d best

It also defeated hades kerbecs lol

20 Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F

Great overall beyblade

21 Samurai Pegasus

If customized correctly it can legit break off pieces of your stadium. Possesses immense smash attack capabilities under the right circumstances.

It got really awesome attack state and its COOL!

I hope you like playing Beyblade

Thanks for reading ☺

22 Rock Leone

420 I am the one Leone is awesome as subscribe to catmasterjumpy

Just awesome

23 Fusion Hades

I can't believe this is below NON-4D BEYS! Plus it absorbs from left spin.

Amazing Bey and has great blader

24 Spriggan Requiem

Well, even the metal meta can't escape spriggan.
Lord Spriggan is better.

25 Hades Kerbecs BD145DS

Still not as best as others but u gotta give it some credit.. If pegasus is on the list hades has to be..

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