Top 10 Best Bladers in the Cartoon Beyblade World

It's about the characters of beyblade and to see who is the best.
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1 Ryuga

You don't know the power of the dragon emperor. I'm not a big fan or anything but he is badass. Ryuga works his ass off the be the best. And he is independent. Compare to other bladders they need friends to win. Ryuga fights for himself and reach his goals. That's what I like about Ryuga. And for the fanboys don't just say things like "Kai can beat Ryuga with one shot or Ryuga can beat Kai with one shot" they both great bladers. But the difference is that Kai needs strength and support from his friends and not Ryuga. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted except for Ryuga he doesn't give a care. I still have more to say but I'll say it another time.

2 Kai

Kai was a Beyblader who was so ambitious, tenacious in hard-working, intelligent and extremely skillful. He proved many times that no matter you get your desired results or not, you shouldn't give up training but rather you must strive more to conquer your suffered loss. His heart was flooded with love for Beyblade. He'd an aura that mesmerized spectators, fans and even his opponents. His tactics were superb, moves were unimaginable and execution was simply perfect. He'd utter respect for his opponents and had a heart of a true fighter. He should be on the top of list.
Kai Hiwatari-Always and Forever #1!

3 Kyoya

Kyoya only lost to Ryuga. He tied with Gingka every time except the first time. Even then I don't really think that counts as a loss. Gingka would have never beaten him if Madoka hadn't told him how to. I like to call that cheating. She's using a computer to examine the beys Gingka fights against and then tells him exactly how to beat them. If Gignka didn't have any help, Kyoya would have beaten him. Also at the end of Metal Fury it's never said who won in their last battle. And Gignka has the main character advantage too. Basically there seems to be a rule that the main character always has to win.

4 Gingka

People keep saying that Ginga isn't the strongest because he uses other bladers strengths and spirits as his own. But without any physical or mental power/strength he would have never been able to control Cosmic Pegasus the way he did. The only reason why other bladers aren't as strong is because they don't have the strength that Ginga has to control his or her Bey. But in saying this I think Ryuga is also the strongest because he managed to gain the power on his own.

Best of all. Master of the strongest Beyblade. He is awesome. He is unbelievable. Only listens to his own Beyblade, his heart and his friends. He is very friendly. He has a bladers spirit. He is meant for being one of the legendary bladers. He con control his Beyblade. He is totally cool and awesome. He is my favourite character. He is the best bladder in the whole universe. He is unstoppable. Rayuga is no match to ginga. He can defeat ldrago with his. Pegisis.

5 Tyson

Tyson's really a fun living boy. His competitive attitude and determination makes him win all the matches. And he has beaten Kai more than once. No one can stand a chance against him. His expressions of season 2 and 3 really kills me!

Tyson is the best, in every battle he give his best, sometimes lose, but three time world champion and no one has that much of power to beat him..

Does Tyson always have to win? I mean he is super dumb disgusting character. In my opinion, kai is the champion and Tyson is the looser

6 Tsubasa

Tsubasa is the most interesting character and the only episodes worth watching are the ones where he's in it. He's mysterious in the first episodes but in metal masters he's so distant and involved with the dark power that Ryuga helps him. It's also cute how he and Yu are like brothers. Also I'm a big fan of his hair.

Tsubasa was great. As I was a kid I watched him grow he was really strong and won some very hard battles in his career.

Tsubasa is the best blader as he had blocked ryuga's special move by calculations and motive speed. His bey Earth Eagle 145WD is the world's fastest bey because of its sharp spin track. I really like him

7 Yu

Yu is one of the top ten bladers for sure! He made it into the Japanese team in the World Championships and he was in Battle Bladers. On his first try, Yu beat everyone in the survival battle. Yu was being used in the Dark Nebula, but he still was the second strongest before Reiji. Yu is also really positive and happy which makes his Blader's Spirit real strong. Yu is ny favorite character and I'm so obsessed with him. He's literally my role model. Yu is strong! Go Yu!

He is optimistic and energetic even though he went/ goes through allot. I wish they finished his backstory. Besides that he defeated Ginkga and Kyoya on his first try, as well as many others. He is a heavily underrated character.

8 Chris

My name is anish. Chris owns phantom orion in metal fight 4D. He is good and self confident in his battles. Phantom orion is a stamina type Beyblade.

Chris is a good blader but because of his past made him live a solo life. even though he faced problems in the past he still didn't gave up Beyblade

9 Masamune Kadoya

He is not a legendary blader, but he is stronger than a lot of them. He is way better than the Solar System Legendary Bladers who only became legendary because of their heritage.

Masamune owns ray striker. His special move is striker lightning sword flash. Please vote for masamune. When I saw him he was good looking

Altho he isn't a legendary bladder he can have a fair fight with Gingka, prooving thus that he is awesome. he's my favorite, and will hopefully become a legendary bladder.

10 Nile

I totally love Nile, he is such a cool character and a really strong bleyder, he even beat Masamune! And I love his personality and his friendship with Kyoya

His bey is the best. The special move too. That's the best metal-masters blader.

One of the best beybladers in the metal saga because he only lost once.

The Contenders
11 King

Are you kidding me man... King is a legend he almost beat ryuga in a left rotation battle... He has the greatest blader will in the whole series... When he got angry he goes super sayen and nobody could stop him.. He wins against masamune and aguma... He even goes ahead against both gingka and chris together.. This dude is out of control and you put him 12

Here's one thing you don't know about king dude... This guy is outta controll he goes super sayen when he is angry... He beat masemune and aguma... Also he goes against both gigka and chris without breaking a sweat... The guy almost beat ryuga himself in a left rotationel battle... He has the sword of the titans (ares) a legendary bey... And you put him 12! Are you serious!... you know what... I think gingka is a fodder compared to kyoya and king

12 Kenta

Kenta is a beast and has great potential as he is only like eight or something also if ginga, kyoya, ryuga or anyone went into the future to battle kenta when they are the same age then kenta would win 100% it's only because of his lack of experience

Kenta was Ryuga's best friend, yet he damaged L-Drago which arguably led to his defeat by Nemesis. Ryuga trained him very well however.

He never gives up and he gets flash saggittario which is like the best beyblade in the world.

13 Tithi
14 Rago

Hey ago is the strongest blader because he alone defeated ryuga like anything and also gingka was able to defeat him by using the power of all the blader in the universe.

As much as I hate him...he is 100 times powerful than that...some says he is an old chump with stolen power and given bey...but those who thinks this,knows nothing about beyblade. At least you should know that the blader needs to be as much powerful as the bey to control it.

Look,rago may be strong but he's a power hungry ass I don't like him at all.

15 Toby

Toby is a kind hearted blader with a strong bey spirit he never lets anyone get hurt he is always willing to help his friends because after all he did help Gingka win against Nemesis he is a strong blader with his bey Lira.

16 Sora
17 Aguma

Aguma is very strong, he only lose to kyoya.

18 Dashan Wang

Truly I like his personality his seriousness The way he Fights and his dashing looks

19 Ryuto

He is strongest with omega dragonis.

20 Dynamis
21 Volt Aoi

Valt used to be world champion and deserves more. I hope more people vote for him + get him to at least 2nd place.

Valt is way better than kai he beats evil forces and cares about his friends and beyblade.

Beat Shu Kurenai in championship match. He should be number 1.

22 Brooklyn

Brooklyn Masefield is Tyson and Kai's strongest rival. He is a calm and he loves nature. He became bega's powerful weapon and defeated a lot of opponents so easily. He defeated Kai hiwatari like child's play and he never practice. At the tournament he was called by Kai to have a rematch and they started battling. He kept attacking Kai and finishing but Kai was still standing and didn't gave up. Kai finished him with his new special move and Brooklyn was beaten and humiliated. In the final match he was up against Tyson but he was in his dark form. He and Tyson started battling and Tyson showed Brooklyn what beyblading was all about. After that, Brooklyn found his blader spirit and he and Tyson continued battling and departed as friends.

23 Benkei

Ryuga 106 your probably fat and ryuga is so weak and gingka is so much better so shut up

24 Ryo

He's a very interesting character and there is barely anyone in the fandom who pay attention to him, barely any ships or fan-fictions, he was a powerful character in the metal fusion and it would have been really awesome to see him doing more battling after that (in the world championships and so on). He's my favorite character.

He is dad of ginga. He owns burn fireblaze a forbidden bey, with lot of stamina.

25 Ray Kon

How rude ray should be a lot high then Brooklyn!

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