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1 Miniclip

I think Miniclip deserves the #1 spot because:

1. It has lots and lots of games to choose from when I'm bored.
2. It does not lag as much as Addicting Games does.
3. They are always updating their games, keeping it fresh and new each and every day I get on Miniclip.

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I visited Miniclip 5 years ago and I liked the games there. But then I forgot the website's name and I stopped playing any games on Miniclip for 3 years. Now I know that such wonderful games are on Miniclip and I love all of them. My favorites at the moment are Wartune, Tanki Online, and Papa Louie 2.

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2 Armor Games

Best website ever! So many fun games. It's like gaming heaven. So many awesome games like The Idiot Test, Wink: The Game, and billions more!

Armor Games has so many games I knew since I was a little kid. In my opinion, Armor Games is the best game website that was ever created in this world. Who's with me?!

The first game I played from Armor Games was Raze, and that really brought me closer to the site since they released many other great hits like Chaos Faction, Crush the Castle, Armor Mayhem, and Fancy Pants.

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3 Kongregate

Kong is fun, caring, intelligent, and unique. It's also smart, considering how many years it has been in fine service. Kongregate hosts the best saga, Star Trek - the rest don't even compare to Deep Space 9. The courage in adversity has been with Kongregate from the start, and it is a beautiful relationship.

If accounting for all points and details, I would say Kongregate should be in a stellar first place among all flash gaming websites available. The best thing about it is how much effort did not go to waste in order to save crafts and provide a well of fine entertainment.

It holds true to what it does best, and this is why it is the most important, in my personal opinion, which might even be a fact. With work done well and gaming in development, it is a great subset to control and reminisce about its greatness for much longer. Good job, Kongregate!

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4 Newgrounds Newgrounds is an entertainment website and company founded by Tom Fulp in 1995. It hosts user-generated content such as games, films, audio, and artwork.

Fulp produces in-house content at the headquarters and offices in Glenside, Pennsylvania... read more

Newgrounds seems second place to Kongregate. It completes the gaming experience with a few for each chosen distinct user, so there is something for all. Nice job to the Newgrounds team.

Many categories and will sort on subcategories.

It's the best site I have ever seen. Man, it's awesome. It should be number 1.


This is one of the websites that I have been playing on for so long! It has so many great games that are organized in lots of groups for what kind of game you want to play!

It is my favorite website. This is the website I always play on. They have many categories on which to play. I love it like a McDonald's burger.

This is an awesome site full of the best and most popular MMOs and general games, very useful for people like myself.

6 Addicting Games

This was the very first website that I started playing flash games on back when I was 7. The first flash game I played on this site was Electricman 2. That game was the best back then.

Their games are amazing, fun, and very enjoyable. Therefore, I believe they should promote to the very best game website out of all of them, especially Miniclip.

Addicting Games is the best! They feature their own special games and the best games from other sites.

7 Girls Go Games

It is awesome! There are many different types of games on this website. I like to play games on this website.

After playing games on this website, I always say, "Wow!" I love this website.

I think it's the best online playing site. Earlier, I used to play Loola games, but compared to Loola, Girls Go Games has much better graphics and more games too.


This website is very awesome for playing online games, and it is my favorite website.

This is a good website where I always play games. Too many playable games.

Free HTML5 games, Unity3D games, and Flash games. New Friv games every day.


Displays some of the most outrageous games ever! One of the best gaming communities around the World Wide Web.


I like this website a lot. It has short, fun, and easy games to play when you are waiting or just bored.

It's good. I like this website, but they are not as addicting as Miniclip games.

This website is good because, below the game window, the walkthrough is also given.

The Contenders

I found four games of interest on, so it deserves a chance. To put it in perspective, Miniclip is at 12%, which is double Kongregate's 6%, while WillingGames is at 3%, half of Kongregate's. This is good since these sites seem to pass their grades to each other. They can at least do a passable impression of the one ahead.

The future is uncertain, but what can be seen there now is quite fine. Fairly good gaming - just looking around, one can certainly spot some good options. This is good for WillingGames.

The games were awesome! When I was playing, I felt speechless. The games were superb.

12 Friv

This is yet another wall of icons site that doesn't do much to give you a clue as to what you're clicking on. No descriptions or screenshots. No menu to find what you're looking for.

Good for anyone without discriminating tastes in games, as you're likely to just get something random, for all your ability to choose informatively.

It always has good games, and if you don't like one, there is a cross. Click on it, and you can change them.

It's a lot of fun and has many games that I like. It also adds new games, and whoever I have told about Friv loves it.

14 FOG

This one has an organized site with those types. Pop-ups, though, would maybe not hold the view. I found the game called Bob the Robber and that seems to work. Should try this some other time. WillingGames seems simpler to connect, but no Facebook feature. Otherwise, neat job FOG.

It is a very good website. It has many new games for downloading, uploading, and playing online.

Good gaming website. I love Tu-Unleashed and all the others the most.

Overall, this is a good website.

15 Nitrome

Every other game site other than JMTB02 has crappy games. Nitrome takes time with these things and they make the best games on the internet.

The retro style of their games is most attractive. I believe the first Nitrome game I played was Mutiny.

It basically has all of the funnest games you can find on Miniclip.


Good for games like Galaxy Life and Crazy Penguin Wars. It is awesome.


CrazyMonkeyGames is so awesome. It has so many games, and you just feel nostalgic.

18 Not Doppler

Not Doppler is definitely up there with AG and Kong in terms of enjoyability and site layout. I play all my games here when possible, and there is a huge selection with new titles added weekly!

What more could you ask for? I'd say it's tied with Armor Games as my favorite Flash games website, but Not Doppler gets my vote since I use it more frequently.

This should be number one. It has maybe not every game you could think of, but every type of game you could think of. I have never ever gotten bored on that website whatsoever. I still play all my computer games there.

19 Flashgames247

I really like A10. It is one of my favorite game sites.

A10 is one of my favorite game sites.

21 Flipline Studios

High-quality judgment. If you like a fun incremental experience, this is the site for you!

This site makes really amazing cooking games. You should try some.

22 Pogo

The best game site I've ever visited. There are lots of free games, badges, and a mini to dress up if you wish. Badges every day.

24 Kizi

This site is not for kids. It has violent games like Kingdom Rush that have blood. Keep kids far away from this site!

It's the best site for kids - Ponybronybrohoof.

It has lots of cool games like Fire Boy and Water Girl and Bob the Robber.

And it even has videos for them to watch.

Best game site I have ever been on. I have been on Kizi since 2012.

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