Top 10 Greatest DotA Heroes

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1 Jah'rakal, the Troll Warlord

Agreed, Troll is really a warlord. When I played against Ursa, Void, Axe, Lich, Tiny - every hero came to his feet. All he requires is Helm of the Dominator, Monkey King Bar, Vanguard, Desolator, and he will take everyone out of the picture!

I can defeat four insane AI heroes by using Jah'rakal alone.

He's the only hero that makes an Ultra Kill (four heroes killed in a row) possible in one game.

I like his Jamaican accent too in Dota 1.

Well, this guy is certainly unbeatable. He is the perfect stealth assassin, the game's strongest tanker, and for damaging and bashing, well, he is the man, plus the ability of 60% evasion! He is a god.

2 Traxex, the Drow Ranger

Traxex is the first hero I've come to master. I've used lots of different item combinations (some outside of the guides) and know what to use in each situation. She is super easy to play with and really OP in the right hands.

Her Chill Wind + Frost Arrows + 3rd and 4th abilities are devastating combinations. And when I have Desolator, Shadow Blade, and Daedalus, I am BEYOND GODLIKE.

Be careful early in the game, she dies fairly quickly, especially against other ranged heroes like Windranger and Sniper. Once you get to level 6, it's easy to gank. Communicate with your teammates. Let one initiate and attack a little bit, and when the hero is retreating, gank from behind or the side with a Chill Wind.

Launch those Frost Arrows and they are dead. It's especially good in 2v2 if you Chill Wind both enemy heroes - you kill one, and your teammate the other, or you can damage both so your teammate can kill them. This is what I do when I have low health. Plus, the Frost Arrows' slow movement effect can slow them down from running away enough for your teammate to get a kill. BEST HERO EVER.

3 Nevermore, the Shadow Fiend

The best hero because he deals huge damage to his opponents but has no force early in the game due to his low HP at the start. With Shadow Blade, Desolator, and Requiem of Souls, you can destroy any opponent, even the mighty Ursa!

I like this hero because, with his Raze, I can kill many heroes, and Necromastery adds extra damage. His third skill is good for lowering their armor, and last of all, Requiem. If you have a Shadow Blade, just activate it and go next to your enemy hero and kaboom, their life is surely reduced, and that's the time you need to use your Raze.

4 Carl, the Invoker

He may be weak during the early game, but in the late game with Eul's, Sunstrike, and Chaos Meteor combo, he can literally smash an enemy within seconds. He can also drain mana on STR heroes and kill them with EMP + Deafening Blast + Chaos Meteor. In short, he can smash any hero.

The most powerful spell-caster assassin, with his usable skills, he can both kill from a far distance, and nobody can hurt him because they died before they could reach him with his Cold Snap and Ice Wall.

He's got it all: stuns, slows, nukes, damage, sustain, disables, crowd control, global presence. You seem to never run out of options while playing him, but his high skill cap prevents him from being a broken pub stomper. Overall, very fun to play.

5 Pudge, the Butcher

Pudge, the Butcher, is one of the most difficult heroes to play effectively but also one of the most rewarding. His Meat Hook skill is extremely deadly but also difficult to utilize. A well-placed Meat Hook will snag an enemy hero and drag them to the Butcher, dealing a lot of damage along the way.

I love you, Pudge.

Meat Hook, Rot, and Fresh Meat together make an unbeatable combo. Pudge is one of the few heroes that is strong both at the start and the end. With proper use of his hook, every other hero would look bad.


6 Mogul Khan, the Axe

Axe is my best hero. Just build him with the right items (2 Vanguards, Phase Boots, Battle Fury, Heart of Tarrasque, and Helm of the Dominator) and he's unstoppable.

Axe is the best! Axe can instantly kill an enemy if the enemy's health is below 600 with Culling Blade.

For me, Axe is great for his passive and for that powerful ultimate. He is also a good tanker.

7 Darkterror, the Faceless Void

For me, Darkterror is the best hero in DotA with a great set of skills, especially his signature Chronosphere, which will surely be a killer to those opposing heroes, combined with a good set of items like Mask of Madness, Cranium Basher, etc.

Darkterror is one of the best heroes in DotA because he can kill and secure first blood due to his item, Mask of Madness. He can execute a combo: Time Walk then the Chrono. That's why I pick Terror.

The best killer in DotA. Attack with his third skill for stun. And a 5-second Chrono to kill INT heroes.

8 Huskar, the Sacred Warrior

He has Berserker's Blood to help him change a loss into a win. Plus, with his Life Break, he can easily slow down enemies' speed, and half of the enemy's life will be gone. He can easily get first blood at level 6 and become unstoppable by level 10 and above.

Items for him are cheap and effective. With certain items, Roshan can be defeated easily at level 14 and above. Then, dying for Huskar will be hard. That's why I choose Huskar for Dota battles.

Huskar is easily the most overpowered hero in Dota if used efficiently. He is all about making sacrifices of himself, which relatively affects his deaths in a game. Yet, he is a team player and can solo mid. Being the best carry and an easy hero, he can win matches for his team.

HUSKAR for the win!

9 Banehallow, the Lycan

Better watch out, here comes the wolf from the jungle. Flanking people is ridiculous with his wolf pack and transformation.

I like it! He was my favorite hero! Come on, try to use him! He can kill other heroes so easily when transformed into the ultimate wolf!

He should be the best because his attack speed and strength are so remarkable when he turns into a wolf. So cool. So awesome.

10 Terrorblade, the Soul Keeper

Terrorblade, the Soul Keeper, is the most powerful hero because of his high attack speed and hit point regeneration rate. He can take on 2-3 heroes due to his clones and Metamorphosis ability. His ultimate can be used to exchange hit points with stronger heroes, so it will be a good combination with his movement speed and attack speed.

Everything about this hero is done perfectly. I've always loved Illidan from WC3 with his Metamorphosis. It really feels like a demon on Earth, and it's a nice feeling to see 5 enemy characters running away from 4 Terrorblades (original + skill image + 2 images from items) hunting them down.

The Contenders
11 Nessaj, The Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight has a complete skill set: a disabling + damage Chaos Bolt, the Reality Rift with serious damage and ganking potential, and a 275% Critical for serious damage (his base damage is pretty big). Phantasm. Just pure awesomeness. All illusions do what you do, except for Chaos Bolt, which deals full damage for half the stun duration you get. The dude is just a hard ganker, not a hard carry though.

But he can kill most hard carries. Well, Earthshaker can be annoying though, really annoying. Haha!

12 Ulfsaar, the Ursa Warrior

By level 3, he can already take down Roshan by using Earthshock, Fury Swipes, and Overpower. He is a true killer in 1-on-5 games. If there's any Dota hero I'd choose, it would be Ursa. But sometimes, he's banned because he is just too awesome.

Using his Earthshock along with Overpower really makes us 'Godlike'. Enrage also puts him on top of all the heroes of DotA. Provide him with an Abyssal Blade, a Shiva's Guard, and a Shadow Edge, and leave the rest to him.

His awesome speed can also make a difference.

Choose him once, and you will never think of another hero.

13 Outworld Destroyer

Literally the highest damage output in the game. Can dish out like 600+ pure damage per hit if he isn't already dead.

Great late-game damage with his Q, an awesome ultimate for wrecking Strength and Agility heroes, and almost unlimited mana for spamming capabilities!

14 Barathrum, the Spirit Breaker

I like Barathrum. With Mask of Madness, Power Treads, and Crystallis, you will be able to make a kill in 4 seconds. Barathrum is an awesome hero, and with proper items, he is unstoppable.

Because he runs fast, sometimes it's cool.

With Mask of Madness, Power Treads, and Crystalys, you will be able to make a kill in 4 seconds. Barathrum is an awesome hero, and with proper items, he is unstoppable.

A good runner, good bash, good charge, good haste, good strike, good for the team, good to make a kill, good strength, and good Madness!

15 Lina Inverse, the Slayer Lina Inverse is the main protagonist and the only character that appears in all incarnations of the comic fantasy themed light novel, manga and anime series Slayers, where she is a young yet very powerful sorceress travelling the world.

Lina Inverse, the Slayer, is indeed the most powerful hero in slaying one enemy hero! Lina can kill all types of heroes seen in the game map. If you're good at using this hero, then you will know how powerful she is.

Lina Inverse is so amazing. Actually, she's my favorite character in DotA.

Lina is stunning near the enemy heroes, and Laguna Blade is used to kill and can be upgraded by an Aghanim's Scepter.

16 Luna, the Moon Rider

One Butterfly, one Manta Style, and one Satanic. With these three items, no hero will be able to defeat Luna. Not even if Troll Warlord has six Divine Rapiers. He can't win. Seriously, go test it out.

Butterfly, Bloodstone, Satanic, and Abyssal Blade: A killer combo for Luna who can take on multiple heroes at a time. Her ultimate is super strong, and with Aghanim's Scepter, it can deal 1800 damage to two different heroes each.

This hero is awesome for killing other heroes!

17 Kardel Sharpeye, the Dwarven Sniper

Kardel is the best in long-range appearances. I know that he is weak, but he can also finish the job. That's why I chose him over Drow Ranger, and I want you all to use Kardel because he has great skills (especially with his last skill), and I know he is slow at speed.

Fragile yet very strong and precise, as the name suggests. He's easy to play but hard to master. Only a true DotA player can use him at his fullest potential.

My advice is to hit fast and hard. Be polite, efficient, and professional. Never kill steal. Assassinate.

18 Davion, the Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight can be powerful, with Dragon's Blood allowing him to last long against heroes and towers. His Elder Dragon Form makes him powerful, mostly against towers. Using Dragon Tail to stun the enemy hero when it tries to run is good. But when in Elder Dragon Form and against a hero, it's just GODLIKE!

Great carry, can stay in lane forever, transform into a giant dragon, and eat your face! Great for burst damage. This hero is for me. Can fill any role, really a versatile hero.

Dragon Knight can be anything. Using his skills, he can range from a stunner to killer, and even a pusher.

19 Lanayar, the Templar Assassin

Clearly the best. Her Refraction ability gives her massive damage for a few attacks and can block the most powerful spells and physical attacks. Her Meld ability can turn Lanaya invisible as long as she doesn't move, and when she breaks her invisibility by attacking, the attack will be much more powerful than her normal attacks.

Her Psionic Blades passive ability can easily kill creep waves and can be used to harass your opponent in the middle lane. Her ultimate ability, Psionic Trap, can be used to give vision to Lanaya or greatly slow her enemies.

The recommended build is Power Treads, Desolator, Daedalus, Butterfly, Black King Bar, and Monkey King Bar. With that, she can be beyond GODLIKE!

20 Slark, the Murloc Nightcrawler

Slark is great if you don't like team fights but prefer ganking, farming, and pushing. As the MMR rises, team fights become harder. Slark provides a way to win without being exceptionally skilled. It's like in an RPG. Do you prefer stealth or brute force? I lean towards stealth.

So, I prefer to use my head and plan, rather than being adept at team fights. I don't play with friends, and team fights often have synchronization issues. Slark cannot tank. He can only flee and hide. There are many possible builds.

Stealing agility is a strategic advantage, and the unobservant opponents don't even realize it. With the right items, tanking for the team is feasible. Now, with a scepter in patch 7.00, his ultimate applies to the team.

21 N'aix, the Lifestealer

N'aix, the Lifestealer, has been my favorite hero since childhood. His skills are easy to use. He can also use another orb effect, including lifesteal. He becomes unstoppable once he gets good items and high experience.

Lifestealer and Visage combo for the win. Also Lifestealer and Chen. Also Lifestealer and Beastmaster. He can pair with almost anyone and still be super effective.

N'aix is the best. Try him. I'm sure you will like him too. When I was just a beginner in DotA, I didn't use Vengeful Spirit like Drow Ranger, but even when my playmates were Vengeful Spirit users, they couldn't just kill me easily.

22 Sven, the Rogue Knight

The way he pushes lanes late in the game... Wow!

God's Strength - +40 strength. Enough said.

Sven has God's Strength. No one can beat him with God's Strength, not even Troll. He just needs to get Basher and MKB for Troll.

He is a tank, hitter, stunner, runner (with Warcry), and what else?

23 Razor, the Lightning Revenant

I love this hero, though weak at the start but given the right items, like Butterfly, Boots, Skadi/Mjolnir, Battlefury, Radiance, Heart of Tarrasque, this hero is awesome. Plasma Field with these items can blast all surrounding creeps in the blink of an eye. With Eye of the Storm, Static Link, and Unstable Current, your enemy will surely run.

He is a very good hero. I've used him many times. With the right items, he can be very effective, and his special skills are just awesome!

I use this hero a lot of the time, a great pushing hero with Plasma Field, and with the right items, he will surely be a team asset mid to late game. Items used: Boots of Travel, Linken's Sphere, Daedalus, Butterfly, Sange and Yasha, and Shiva's Guard.

24 Akasha, the Queen of Pain

Poor armor, poor agility, and hey, she is intelligent. She has great skills, is an effective chaser and escaper, and her scream tends to bring nightmares to any enemy who dares to stand before her.

Yes, he or she is right. This hero must be in first place because she is powerful and beautiful.

25 Nortrom, the Silencer

This hero is better than Anti-Mage:

1. Using Glaives of Wisdom, he deals high damage - the higher the intelligence, the greater the damage.
2. His ultimate silence won't let your enemy nuke you down.
3. Overpowered (OP).

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