Best Yuri's Revenge Vehicles

The Top Ten
1 Apocalypse Tank

Maximum firepower, heavy armor, ability to attack air units. But slow and expensive.

Because the Apocalypse is the strongest tank in the Soviet arsenal.

It pushes buildings like it's pushing dirt piles.

2 Rhino Heavy Tank

Has heavy armor, is low-priced, has amazing firepower, and fast movements. The only tank man enough to face an enemy Apocalypse tank alone.

A team of these tank types can cripple an entire Yuri base.

Simply the most reliable tank of all.

3 Battle Fortress

Can carry 5 soldiers with different abilities, has medium speed, can crush enemy tanks and infantry, and is nearly invincible. But expensive.

Put 4 Guardian GIs and 1 Navy SEAL in there, and it becomes a tank and infantry killer. Combine that with Prism tanks, and you have almost an unstoppable force.

It can be combined with infantry.

4 Prism Tank

Good at destroying buildings, has long range, and is effective against infantry units. But has light armor, is slow-moving, and ineffective against enemy tanks if alone.

A small army of these can wipe out an entire base in no time. Expensive and slow to build.

Because a swarm of these tanks can destroy seven bases.

5 Mirage Tank

Can hide. Can eliminate both infantry and tanks with ease. But is lightly armored and useless if detected.

6 Master Mind

Can control infantry units and tanks. Has medium armor. But will overload if controlling more than three enemies.

7 Grizzly Battle Tank

Fast, medium-armored, good firepower, low-priced. But doesn't stand a chance against a Rhino tank and often needs a support team.

8 Tesla Tank

Can destroy enemy tanks and infantry with no problem. Fast, cheap, attacks can arch above walls. But has light armor.

9 Lasher Light Tank

Fast, cheap, and has considerable firepower. But lightly armored, and easily destroyed by other tanks. Not suited for fighting infantry units.

10 IFV

Can be converted to any modification by letting one infantry unit ride in it. Very reliable, but easily destroyed.

The Contenders
11 Tank Destroyer

Great at destroying tanks but weak against infantry and buildings.

Those Grizzly tanks are no match against this!

12 Demilition Truck

Amazing fire and radiation damage when self-destructing. But expensive, has light armor, and can be a headache if the enemy attacks it when still at the home base. Good luck fixing your base up.

13 Kirov Airship

Best vehicle in the entire game. The words "Kirov reporting" strike fear in the hearts of men.

14 Robot Tank
15 Floating Disc
16 Terror Drone
17 Gatling Tank
18 Flak Track
19 V3 Launcher
20 Siege Chopper
21 NightHawk Transport
22 Magnetron
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