Top 10 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Weapons

In the heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled world of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it's not just about the strategies, tactics, and reflexes that help you succeed, but also the tools you wield to secure your victory. Your weapons can turn the tide of the battle, and choosing the right one can be the difference between defeat and sweet triumph.

From the roaring power of a machine gun to the sharp precision of a sniper rifle, the arsenal of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is as diverse as it is deadly. Each weapon in the game has its unique attributes, pros, and cons, and your choice can significantly influence your gameplay style.
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1 Barret .50 cal The Barret .50 cal is a powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle. Its high damage output and exceptional range make it a favorite among players who prefer to engage targets from a distance. Its slower fire rate can be a disadvantage in close quarters combat, however.
2 M16A4 This is an assault rifle known for its three-round burst fire mode, making it extremely accurate and lethal at long ranges. It has a medium rate of fire, making it a balanced choice for a variety of combat situations.

This gun is really easy to use but not too overpowered. It's really stable and the grip is very good. It also has incredible aim and is a beast at killing players. In my opinion, it's not a nooby gun but a gun for the players who want to be good at the game.

This gun is accurate, reliable and kills a lot easier than the M4A1. I know this because I'm a weapons researcher; not a gun fan. GOT THAT?!

If you infinite ammo from intel and get one with a grenade launcher in war pig at the begin it shoot's REALLY fast!

3 M60E4 This is a light machine gun with a large ammunition capacity and high damage output. While its rate of fire and mobility are less than ideal, its sustained fire capability makes it perfect for providing cover fire or defending chokepoints.

I haven't personally tried this weapon, but we can do better! I think we can stop being nooby for a while to vote for the AK-47 with this being the dominate gun in the game for CQC (Close Quarters Combat). I have been thinking is the AK better than the Scorpion from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for CQC.

4 Desert Eagle Pistol The Desert Eagle is a powerful sidearm with high damage output. It can be a game-changer in close-range engagements or when your primary weapon is out of ammo. However, it has a slower rate of fire and high recoil, requiring accurate aim.

It's a powerful hand cannon that could be a primary weapon. Also it's a desert eagle.

I shot kill on the entire body on all difficulties. Awesome. It's a hand sniper.

This gun kicks ass! The best pistol in all of the Modern Warfare series.

5 M14 This semi-automatic rifle delivers high damage output and good accuracy at long ranges. Its slower fire rate compared to other assault rifles is offset by its power, making it a good choice for players who can land their shots consistently.

High power+accuracy, may kick like a mule but if used with red dot sight and steady aim it can be brought up to Close quarters. I use this instead of a sniper rifle because of it's CQB capacity.

6 M4 Carbine This weapon is a variant of the M4A1, offering similar performance characteristics. The M4 Carbine's automatic fire mode provides a high rate of fire and solid accuracy at medium ranges, making it a reliable choice in most engagements.

Best gun ever, this should be number 1... RPD has 40 damage, 705 rounds per minute, and also a gigantic 50 round drum. Even better, adding a grip will make the gun's recoil moderately low. The gun also has the best iron sight in the game, making it an unbeatable weapon in medium to long range.

8 G3 The G3 is a semi-automatic assault rifle that deals high damage at the cost of a slower rate of fire. It requires a more precise aim but can be incredibly effective in the hands of an accurate player, particularly at medium to long range.

Insanely accurate, the G3 also has my favorite irons of all time. It's only flaws are it's rareness and 20 round clips.

This gun is epic because 2 shots with red dot aimer to the chest dead

9 AK-74u A compact variant of the AK-47, the AK-74u combines the damage and range of an assault rifle with the mobility and fire rate of a submachine gun. This hybrid performance makes it an effective choice for aggressive, run-and-gun tactics.

This was my favorite gun in the game I got 40-3 using this. Use this gun its amazing I guarantee you.

The great 74u. Before BO this, powerful 30 clip SMG was awesome.

10 AK-47 This iconic assault rifle is renowned for its high damage and good range. While it has a higher recoil than some other assault rifles, its raw power and versatility make it a popular choice among players for a wide range of combat situations.

The best gun I've ever used in the game, no doubt it's one of the most well known rifles in the world!

This gun lets me win nearly every match. I know it may sound nooby, but trust me, snipers are much harder to control.

Who could for get the great, powerful, big clip 47?!

The Contenders
11 M4A1 This is an automatic assault rifle that offers a high rate of fire and good accuracy. It's a solid all-rounder, providing decent performance at both close and medium range. Its versatility makes it a popular pick in many combat scenarios.

Those who vote for M16 obviously never tried the M4.

So easy to use. It's great for everything.

12 P90 This submachine gun is known for its exceptionally high rate of fire and large magazine size. Its high damage output in close quarters is offset by reduced effectiveness at longer ranges, making it ideal for fast-paced, aggressive playstyles.
13 MP5 This submachine gun is a favorite for close-quarters combat, boasting a high fire rate and good mobility. Though it loses accuracy and damage at longer distances, in the hands of an agile player, the MP5 can be a formidable tool.

Fast firing and accurate, this 30 clip quick reload god is also really common.

This is my weapon for multiplayer I can go at master gunnery sergeant with this gun in 4 hours

14 G36c An automatic assault rifle, the G36c offers a balance of damage, rate of fire, and accuracy. It performs well in a variety of situations, but excels at mid-range engagements where its balanced characteristics shine.

This gun melts against bots. Add a silencer, Stopping Power, steady aim, and bandolier, and you're pretty much unstoppable

This highly versatile carbine is useful in all situations, both long, short and mid.

Strength clip and range of an Assault Rifle, but fire rate and reload of and SMG.

15 M40A3 This bolt-action sniper rifle packs a serious punch at long ranges. Although it has a slow rate of fire, its high damage output makes it deadly in the hands of a skilled sniper, especially for headshots.

It's the classic trick shot weapon! Used by the finest players everywhere. The M40A3. Too good mate.

16 FGM-148 Javelin The Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile launcher capable of locking onto enemy vehicles or ground locations. Once fired, it delivers a devastating payload. It's slow to reload and cumbersome to carry, but its damage potential is unmatched.
17 M249 SAW This light machine gun boasts a high rate of fire and a large magazine. While it lacks the mobility of smaller weapons, its suppressive fire capability makes it excellent for defense and covering fire.

Ah, the saw. This 100 round accurate LMG is amazing, but its rareness is it's downfall.

18 Skorpion A compact submachine gun, the Skorpion offers a high fire rate and good mobility but suffers from reduced damage output. It is best suited to close-quarters engagements where its rate of fire can overcome its lower damage.

Perfect with a silencer to freak out any campers, especially as a ninja/infiltrator

19 RPG-7 A rocket-propelled grenade launcher, the RPG-7 delivers massive area damage at the expense of slow reload times and limited ammo. It's highly effective against vehicles or groups of enemies, but requires precision to use effectively.
20 Mini Uzi This compact submachine gun offers a fast fire rate and high mobility. Its smaller size sacrifices some damage and range, making it best suited to close-quarters combat where it can make the most of its rapid-fire capability.
21 M16 Modern Warfare is a burst-fire assault rifle known for its accuracy and power at range. Its three-round burst can be lethal with precise aim.
22 Dragonuv The Dragonuv is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It provides good range and decent damage, but its rate of fire and recoil can be challenging to manage, especially at long range.
23 R700 This bolt-action sniper rifle offers superior damage and range at the cost of a slow rate of fire. Its high damage potential can take out most enemies with a single shot if placed accurately.
24 M9 Pistol A standard sidearm, the M9 offers balanced damage and accuracy at close to medium range. It's not the most powerful weapon, but can be a lifesaver when your primary weapon is out of ammo.
25 MP44 An older-style assault rifle, the MP44 provides good damage and rate of fire, but lacks an option for attachments. It's a solid all-rounder, useful in a variety of situations.
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