Top 10 Best Bloodborne Weapons

Bloodborne has many unique and diverse weapons, what are the most over-powered of them?
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1 Ludwig's Holy Blade

Ludwig's Holy Blade is a MASSIVE sword with the massive stats to back it up. It isn't just for show ladies and gentlemen. This weapon had two forms, one with the cover and the other without. When with the cover it dealt massive blunt damage at a perfect speed. The charged attacks could drop ANYTHING in it's tracks. Then when the sword was taken out of the cover it was able to strike quickly and deal only the most damage.

This weapon is not overrated, I have plenty of favorite weapons that I switch around with for different types of foes. However this one has come in handy and I easily use it more often than any other.

Easily the best weapon in the game, although there are many weapons that tie for 2nd in my opinion. The Holy Blade is the best of both worlds, a strong hitting greatsword as well as a fast and efficient 'normal' sized sword.

Agree with the no. 1 spot. Those pesky kidnappers were vexing me until I got this and two handed it. It disrupts their attacks while you get 3 - 4 hits in.

2 Burial Blade

Great range with fast moving attacks in scythe form. The curved sword form is just as good as it can hit very fast and reliably with a high chance you will hit. The range on the sword isn't very good though, yet it's still amazing.

The charged R2 is amazing in scythe form. It is great for crowd control and has high damage and will most likely hit everything in a short - medium range if it's in front of you.

The Burial Blade offered a very long range attack when in scythe form dealing massive damage. When in blade form, The Burial Blade offered a high damage but quick slash that was able to end most average opponents quite quickly but not cleanly. This weapon is obtained after beating the final boss of the game.

The scythe deals high damage, while its charge attack is excellent for stopping an enemy. As well as this, its range is great. The blade is good for quick and powerful combos. The weapon overall is pretty fun to use. The only downside is that you can't get it until the endgame.

Nice mix of (very) long and short range option coupled with high damage due to it being one of the few arcane scaling weapons makes it the threaded cane upgrade you've been waiting all game for.

And it a damn scythe.

3 Hunter Axe

The Hunter Axe is another starter weapon that is just almost over-powered. It feels great to use having a perfect charge time then swinging it in a circle getting not one but two 360 degree charged attack hits. Yes go with this if you are a strength build and you will be quite unstoppable.

This axe has an amazing charge attack that allows you to stagger most enemies and lets you take a step forward while spinning making great area damage.

Easy to you, Fun to play. Fast and pretty Strong in early and lategame. Poverfull early Weapon! Like it. Strong to use Transformed! Love it. Strong against every enemy, cause of the knockback if you hold R2!

4 Blade of Mercy

The Blade of Mercy is a great weapon for a dex-build. It it a very fast striking sword that deals damage so quickly it gives the look that it is melting your opponent's health bar. It almost looks as if the health bar has sprung a leak and is just gracefully draining out. When in other form it breaks into two pieces striking quicker and keeping your opponent from being able to strike. This weapon is GREAT for PVP.

Bad little sidestep makes short work of most bad guys. You are pretty much untouchable if you were sidestepping with the R1. Furthermore it is a very versatile weapon With some power strokes and incredible speed in the modified form. My go to.

This weapon is lethal, especially when utilizing the Old Hunter Bone. Quickstep damage is increased on this weapon, so it's encouraged to get in quick hits after quick stepping

5 Threaded Cane

This weapon isn't the best at dealing damage but when it's in it's chain whip form it has some seriously good range and covers a wide area and this is a good trade off for it's damage. It's harder to use then most weapons but when you learn it you will do some amazing damage. The things I just said along with the fact that it makes you feel like a really bad ass gangster while wielding this makes this weapon personally my number one weapon to use.

The Threaded Cane is a starter weapon that is able to deal tons of damage to multiple opponents at once when in it's metal-wipe form. This feels badass to use but has a huge learning curve so yes you will die a lot with this weapon. Also using it, you may feel a bit like an old man wacking away at your opponents with a cain.

Best all purpose weapon in the game. There is no enemy that can't be handled with ease once you fully understand how to use it.

This thing doesn't do much damage, but dammit it's fun to use.

6 Saw Cleaver

Free. Get the Uncanny variant and it becomes the perfect weapon. Uses one hand, so you can parry with a firearm, or Evelyn. The damage and stamina are in good conditions, Serration == 20% damage bonus against beasts, it can be imbued with elements, it has the HIGHEST attack speed and highest potential DPS-over-time, where the rate of attacks easily overrides damage from other weapons, which perform in a short-term.

I bought Bloodborne a week or 3 ago and this is by far my favourite weapon until know and I reckon it will always be. It's extremely fast and damaging, and enemies will be dead before they know what hit 'em. It's also a great weapon for using Fire Paper, Bolt Paper or Phantasm Shell. The transformed mode (oh boy) is also ridiculously fast and damaging, and you can finish off anything with a swipe and a smash. It is a good weapon for being aggressive and up close to enemies in normal mode and long range in trick mode (if you can time the attacks right). What this weapon lacks in range, it makes up for in ass-kicking.

The Saw Cleaver is a starting weapon that is just too perfect. In it's default form it is a very fast striking but damaging saw. When extended it is a bit slower but bashes the health out of your opponent. It has a feel and charge time that just feels amazing. I

Speedy enough to prevent being intercepted by enemy hits, range in trick mode is great for poking enemies, and damage is enough to play through the whole game. What more can I say.

7 Whirligig Saw

At 50 STR, The DPS on the Whirligig Saw is unreasonably powerful, especially in PVE. The serrated damage makes tissue paper out of any Beast enemies/bosses and since it's a pure STR weapon, you're free to dump those extra levels into Arcane, add some fire gemstones, use blood pellets and make it even more incredibly dangerous. On NG+ Lawrence goes down in 8 hits.

Needs to be higher, this is probably the best PvE weapon due to the dps, it's a saw so it hurts beasts more (which is the majority of the game) and that it's damage rivals Ludwig's. This weapon is easily top 3.

Behold! The almighty pizza cutter! The only drawback is the range on some attacks, and the long charge wind-up.

The Pizza Cutter of Justice has a maximum scaling in strength, a perfect S, and unfortunately Sharp gems suck in Bloodborne, so you'll never get mileage from split-stats, however, it also have AMAZING beasthood generation and a constant-DPS attack that can stunlock most bosses. This weapon's damage is no joke, definitely not.

8 Chikage

For losing health consistently the entire time, the tricked form offers a nice damage rating. Just don't get killed because of this.

The Chikage cuts through enemies like a hot knife through butter. It's damage output in its transformed state is absolutely ridiculous if you have the Bloodtinge to back it up. At Bloodtinge 50, a +10 Chikage almost feels like cheating. The health loss in negligible. If you haven't killed what you've been hitting by the time it runs out then the sword might not be the problem. NOTE: This weapon can kill you during the Moon Presence fight if you aren't careful.

The Chikage is a katana that is obtained after completing a grueling quest-line in an over-powered area. This is an extremely powerful weapon, but there is one major draw-back keeping it from being #1 on this list. It drains your health to use. If you use this weapon you are a bloodtinge or dex type build meaning you don't have much vitality to play around with to begin with.

The Chikage can be described with one word: Overpowered. Even when untransformed, the katana does ridiculous damage to anything. The only problem is the hitboxes. If you charge an attack, there's a high chance you'll miss, especially against faster bosses.

9 Holy Moonlight Sword

Has literally the highest potential attack rating in the entire game. Nourishing gems balance the magical and physical stats perfectly, the tricked form's magic attacks have a high multiplier, allowing the R1 beam attack to do insane amounts of damage-- this damage stacks with physical damage, if you shoot the beams up close, to slash enemies with.

In the transformed state it will outperform all but a paper/phantasm-buffed Ludwig's Holy Blade. It has a similar moveset while transformed (with a faster thrusting power attack than the LHB while in base form) but swings quicker, can perform ridiculous area knockdowns with L2 or its transformation attack, and has a built-in ranged option via the moonlight waves released from R2 attacks. Use them at close range so the blade and wave both hit and it's very easy to deal damage in the thousands, especially as the follow-up R2 is ridiculously fast for a weapon of its size and strength.

Ludwigs Lightsaber is super fun to use and is rather effective, I have found its DPS isn't as high as LHB but it swings faster and with sufficient strength and arcane it mows through enemies. Using R2 close to enemy means a blast and 2 swing combo which annihilates most foes. With high enough arcane you can even just rely on ranged beam attacks. Its untransformed form is actually quite good too, I utilized it to beat Laurence to good effect seeming as it still deals decent damage despite swinging rather fast.

Holy Moonlight, indeed. This thing is fun to use, and acquiring it from arguably the best boss in Bloodborne feels all the more satisfying.

10 Kirkhammer

The Kirkhammer, personally I utterly hate this weapon remembering all the times I was killed with it in my hands... BUT there is a whole community of people who worship this weapon so it deserves a spot on this list. The Kirkhammer god bless it is a sword stuck in a hammer that basically is only useful when charge-attacking an opponent. The downside is the charge attack takes SO long, you're usually dead by the time you swing the damn thing. Also not to mention it's super hard to hit your target but my bias aside, this also doubles as a sword in it's second form. It is bipolar not knowing whether it wants to be strength or dex.

I love the Kirkhammer. It looks cool and feels cool. The silver sword is fast and has good reach for a straight sword (not as good as Ludwig's ss version though). It's very helpful for dealing with dogs and easily staggered, low health enemies. Its charged R2 is a thrust with extra range, but also very situational so I don't often use it. Now we get to the hammer. The best part about the Kirkhammer is the great hammer. It doesn't have the best range and it can be hard to judge how far from enemies you are when you swing. However, the stagger on the R1 is good enough to keep most enemies stunlocked forever. Provided you have the stamina of course. And don't scoff at the damage. It has A scaling in strength from +7 and with some good blood gems can decimate enemies. Another downside is the speed of the hammer, that is to say it's pretty slow, but the sprinting R1 and jumping attack are very fast and make up for its other attacks. And AoE is not a problem. All of the hammer's attacks do ...more

The axe is probably the best in the game. The cane was a great first weapon though, and my personal fave is the saw spear, which isn't even on this list lol. But I've recently started using the kirkhammer and it's been great. The hammer part is pretty slow but the sword is quick.

The Contenders
11 Hunter Pistol

The Hunter Pistol has no stagger but high damage for a gun. Most people choose this beauty and use it to the end.

This is quite literally the only gun you need.

12 Rakuyo

Thrusting damage is one of the types in the game with few enemies capable of protecting against it and the stamina usage is fairly low for the damage it can potentially do. It can be improved with paper and a phantasm shell. And it stacks with beasthood, allowing for elemental-physical carnage. This weapon stunlocks many enemies and does fair damage for everything. Gehrman, the First Hunter, can be stunlocked and potentially cheesed with this, and some bosses aren't keen on being stabbed, so they stagger.

Damage is a little less than its bloody counterpart, the Chikage, but its moveset more than makes up for it.

Great for skill build

Rakuyo is the best

13 Hunter Blunderbuss

The Blunderbust ANOTHER starter weapon is good for staggering opponents. It is very useful for any build because hey, who doesn't love a good stagger on those pesky wolves?

14 Beasthunter Saif

Something people forget to mention is how well the std R1 staggers enemies. Yes it's slow but you can stunlock and chain hits.

15 Beast Cutter

This thing can WRECK groups of enemies when transformed. It has huge range (transformed), great damage for this type of weapon, and wide sweeping arcs (transformed), decimating everything in front of you.

Slamming enemies into the ground from miles away is just too much fun. The retracted form also allows for a completely different aggressive playstyle, balancing it very well

16 Saw Spear

Has NICE scaling in Skill and Strength, but also has good scaling in Arcane. This weapon is considered one of the best weapons for an Arcane build, because it's capable of exploiting all the elements to reign against bosses and certain defenses.

This is actually the best weapon in the game believe it or not.
After playing for more then 400 hours, grinded through the whole game and maxed out my combat stats, this weapon surpasses all of the weapons in the game, including the Cleaver.

I'm soloing the entire game and killing everyone in a blind run using this. so far it's the perfect weapon for the job

17 Simon's Bowblade

What are you hiding under that cloak, Hood? This bow scales off Bloodtinge, and it's one of the most enjoyable weapons in the game to use. Use 30% fool's or charging gems and this beast can DESTROY bosses.

It's a bow. And a blade. It's Simon's bowblade.

Good for range and melee

Could cheese bosses easily? Also very good at pvp
Could use binoculars same time ti ranged monster in distance
10+ awesome than you think

18 Ludwig's Rifle
19 Church Pick

A faster, more versatile version of the Hunter's Axe from first impressions. Very satisfying to use; excellent range, speed, and power.

Seriously underrated, shame it wasn't even on here yet.

Best weapon in the game

20 Evelyn

Literally the best gun in the game. 99 Bloodtinge, your best damage gem, some bone marrow ash, this weapon can single-handedly destroy a boss, any boss. Few enemies have a resistance to Bloodtinge, making the damage type and the weapon optimal.

If you're building Bloodtinge, it's objectively the strongest gun in the game. And if you're not building Bloodtinge, gun damage is negligible, so you might as well use the most stylish one!

21 Stake Driver

Arcane stake driver is cool because you can use the flame sprayer for crowd control. And since you might not have a pistol equipped you can use the augur of ebrietas for parries. Plus all the hunter tools. In conclusion the stake driver rocks my socks off!

Fast, great versatility, and the most powerful charge attack in the game wrecks any enemy.

Perhaps vampires are a bit strong but...

22 Beast Claw

It starts off with standard and not stellar damage, the stamina isn't as low as it could be, the range could be nicer, but it generates Beasthood, scaling upwards to 100% damage. Whether you primarily use this or not, once the meter is filled, the weapon goes to town. If not, the beasthood scales with Holy Moonlight Blade, making an already powerful, OP weapon that much better. Yikes-- talk about a duo.

This thing is so much fun to use, especially with the Beast's Embrace rune. Like the Saw weapons, it can do crazy DPS, but unlike the Saw weapons, it doesn't have a transformed mode that gives it more range.

In beast form this thing is a god.

23 Bloodletter
24 Tonitrus

My first time playing, I beat the entire game with pretty much just this weapon. Much love. I beat many bosses like Ebrietas and the Moon Presence on my first try with this weapon, and finished the game at around level 60, which I think is under-leveled but I managed to pull it off solely because of this weapon.

Easily the best for a Vitality/Endurance and/or Arcane Build, without scaling it does great damage, with some it's viable against any foe or player.

With no buff, it bash no good. With self applied buff, it bash real good.

Rom, Ebrietas, and the Celestial Emissary think it no good, but that's because they get hit with good electric mace.

Kin enemies no like, Hunter like.

Just PVP is also no good, but PVE real good.

25 Reiterpallasch

Nobody can spell it, not many use it. But it is a thrusting sword and it is a gun, what more do you need to hunt with. Fans of poking in dark souls get to poke and shoot and look stylish while doing it. Give it a shot and a poke.

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