Top Ten Boss Battles in the Quest for Glory Series

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements is released on January 30th of 2019, a video game inspired by the classic Quest For Glory series. So I will be making lots of Quest For Glory related lists until that game is released. I've already made lists about the best monsters in each game, best soundtrack of each game so now I'll be looking at the best boss battles in the game, although they're not entirely boss battles but whatever. In order for a monster to be classified as a boss, they will need the following: 1. They can only be fought once (excluding Master Wraith who gets a pass) and 2. There is a specific pattern or something like that to defeat the monster, so Ad Avis, Demon Wizard, Brigand Leader and Warlock are not classified as boss battles but rather as final battles just. Here's the list!
The Top Ten
1 Khaveen (Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire)

Khaveen gives one of the best boss battles in the entire series, in my opinion! Not only is he one of my favorite characters because of his handsome design and epic personality, but his boss battle is straight-up awesome. It's very unique and requires a lot of skill.

While he can only be fought as a fighter, he surely is the best. You need to have a vigor and healing potion, or you might not succeed. First, you will fight a bit, and after some time, you will accidentally drop your sword. You must get it back by thinking carefully. After getting it and fighting some more, Khaveen will accidentally drop his sword. You can choose to spare him or kill him. If you want to be a paladin, you must spare him, and then the real battle begins.

It's a super challenging boss, and I love it! The best part is that before the true battle, the song "En Route to Ad Avis" will play, which is my favorite song in the game, so that makes it even better. Easily the best one!

2 Leopardman Shaman (Quest For Glory III: Wages of War)

Even though Quest For Glory III was a disappointing game overall, the side quests for the wizard were among the best. There are tons of awesome side quests, and the best has to be battling the Leopardman Shaman, a very skilled magic user. He will use a spell, and you must use another spell to counterattack. It's very unique and creative and forces you to be smart. He surely deserves to be high up on the list.

3 The Kobold (Quest For Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero)

The Kobold is one of the more unique bosses, as it's one of the few boss battles in the game that doesn't take you to the combat screen. It's very different from other monsters, as you have to constantly stab him, but he will teleport, so you must make sure to switch direction to hit him. It's a very good boss.

4 Ogre (Quest For Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero)

The first boss in the entire series and generally an easy boss if you have high stats - at least above fifty in weapon use, health, and stamina. It surely is quite a memorable boss. I love the pink color, which is very vibrant and colorful, and his loot is just excellent! He's one of the few bosses that have loot, and it's excellent! Fifty silvers and one gold are excellent! He surely is a great boss.

5 Toro (Quest For Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero)

The hardest and perhaps strongest of all monsters in the game is surely Toro the bull. He is very, and I mean VERY, difficult. Even a character with maxed-out stats will have trouble with him. Hitting him is very hard, I have to say. His loot is excellent, though. You get so many coins, although I don't remember how much.

6 Master Wraith (Quest For Glory: Shadows of Darkness)

This is surely a difficult one. I mean it. Unless you have the aura spell, this monster will suck the health from you very fast, and you have a small chance of winning. I guess if you have extremely high health, you could survive it, but it's very unlikely. Very awesome boss.

7 Demonic Doppelganger (Quest For Glory III: Wages of War)

Objectively the hardest boss in the series. That's because it's actually impossible to win. It's a great boss because the excitement level is high, and it's fought near the end of the game. The music helps you feel that you have to defeat the bad guys. Luckily, you don't need to defeat it. About halfway through, a friend of yours will defeat it instead, and you can proceed to defeat the main villain of the game.

8 Fred the Troll (Quest For Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero)

Even though you are actually supposed to say a secret word to lure him away to get points, you can choose the hard way (and perhaps less rewarding way) to fight him. Compared to other trolls, he is much tougher and requires tons of skill. He's about as hard as Toro from the same game.

9 Queen Tatiana (Quest For Glory: Shadows of Darkness)

In a way, this is the fourth installment's version of the Leopardman Shaman from the third game, except way less interesting or fun. You just spam this one spell I don't remember at her while she and her companions attack you with spells. Not that fun, although I found it somewhat interesting still.

10 Gargoyle (Quest For Glory III: Wages of War)

There's not too much to say about the Gargoyle, although it's technically the final boss of the third game, created by the Demon Master to distract the player (if the player is a fighter or paladin). It's quite easy, if I do say so myself. It's nothing too special, though, so it's quite low on the list.

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