Top 10 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Soundtrack Songs

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey is released in Europe on January 25th of 2019, which is less than a week left! I'll be making lists centered around Mario & Luigi until the game is released, so without further ado, let's start!
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1 Mountaintop Secrets

Definitely my favourite piece of soundtrack in the game. One of the best mario soundtracks of all time, why? Well let me say that this is one of the calmest mario songs ever to date, it doesn't even feel like a mario song, in a positive way. The calm instruments are played in such an emotional and nostalgic way the first time I listened to it I got nostalgia attacks, it sounds so emotional, it can be played when something terrible has happened and you feel like crying, but could also be played when you feel like you've finally accomplished something very big, it's a soundtrack of calmess, there's nothing bad about the song, it even sounds like something that once came from a dream I once had, it's hands down not only the best song in the game, but one of the best mario songs of all time. Like one commenter on youtube once said, this is the music that plays when you reach the top of Mount Everest

2 Big Bang!

The standard boss theme, and it surely is quite great! It has a very exciting and fast theme, even the intro is just very fast-paced and exciting! Like I said, the song is very fast as well, funny enough, the slower part that happens after the verse that happenes after the intro is my favourite part of the song. This may actually be the best boss theme in the series as well (I haven't played PiT or BiS though)

3 Forest Fairy Melody

Gloomy Woods is quite a calm and beautiful song. While nowhere near on the same level as Mount Brrr, it's very good. It's a bit more in the adventurous side with the pianos in the background playing, it truly sounds like you're in the forest, maybe lookking for birds to study or jut going on an adventure and the calmness is part of the reason as well

4 Final Battle

Although I'm not entirely sure this song is that fitting for a final level in the game, it surely is a bit epic and fun to listen to in my honest opinion overall. Overall this song is quite thrilling and exciting and you get a feeling that you gotta defeat your nemesis, and the organs are quite awesome surely

5 Epic Story

Theme of Twinsy Tropics, the beach location of the game, and honestly it gives me some Yoshi's Woolly World vibes. The steel drums really fit in the song as it gives a calm and nice vibe to the song, and the song itself is very calm as well. I think listening to this while on a vacation on maybe a beach would fit quite well as how peaceful the song is, although it's somewhat hectic in a way as it still feels adventurous. Still, an excellent song

6 Mysterious Bowser's Castle

Quite a spooky song overall in my opinion. It does sound very creepy and like you're in an isolated castle with tons of guards patrolling the area. It's certainly a top ten worthy music for my list because of the feelings you get when you listen to this awesome song.

7 Springtime Breeze

Overall a generic yet pretty nice and adventurous song I'd classify as great. This is the song that plays when you're just strolling around the plains while yet being quite calm, and it's a sunny day by the way, in the springtime (no pun intended). Overall a very nice song.

8 Attack And Run!

Played during my favourite moments of the game, the papercraft battles! These battles are so unique and creative words cannot describe! You're basically fighting each other with cardboard statues by dashing into each other and stuff and it's quite awesome. This song makes these battles even more exciting! Such an awesome theme

9 Come On!

The standard battle theme originally used in the game, you know a remix on the one from Superstar Saga, the one you listen to when you fight your foes, with style(cringe warning)! I think this is better than the other standard battle theme in the game which plays after you've gotten Paper Mario, unfortunely this only plays in the beggining, but eh it's a good song

10 Peach's Castle Theme

Nice remix on Peach's Castle fron Super Mario 64, and I quite like it. It has a very calm tone and really fits for the first area in the game (even though it's mostly just an area to get you started, as Sunbeam Plains is the actual first location in the game). Overall I really like it

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