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I figured out I could be making some Sierra Entertainment related video games lists, as this is my favourite video game company of all time, as three of these games are in my top five favourite video games of all time. A long time ago I made a list of the best sierra entertainment video games, some months after I made a list involving only the King's Quest video games, later I did about the best Quest For Glory characters and later Quest For Glory games, short after that I made a list about the worst Sierra entertainment video games, and a few months in the year after I made about the space quest games instead, and short after that I made list summarazing the best things in the second Quest For Glory games and the biggest problems in the third entry of the same series, and my latest list is about the best VGA Sierra games. This will be my tenth list about Sierra Entertainment, so I thought about talking about the best Sierra Entertainment games from their golden era, AKA the games that used the EGA colour palette, as this was when they made games at their best. However that's not the only reason I made this list. A few days ago, the upcoming video game Mage's Initiation" which has been in development for years, and is quite similar to the Quest For Glory games finally got release date of January 30th of 2019, and I am quite hyped for it. Without further ado, let's start
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1 Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

Well obviously, my favourite video game of all time surely tops this list, in fact the top two games on my list are my favourite video games of all time. The series follows an adventurer (which you get to decide to name) who wants to be a hero, in all of these five installments, he visits a different place at a different season, and each setting has their different mythologies centered around, (well III kinda destroyed this in a few ways but it was a good game as well nevertheless). In this second entry of the series, we find our hero in the arab country of Shapeir (word is a play on the world Persiah), in the town of Shapeir. Something that makes this game stand out to the others is that unlike the other entries in the series in which you were able to do different quests in whatever order you wanted to, this game has its own calendar, the whole game is concluded in thirty days, thus you must plan up each day. While the first sixteen days can get repetitive, as they are set in the colourful town of Shapeir, and different quests occur at different days and you must think of what you should do the remaining time you aren't doing a quest (and to be fair the quests can be completed before it's even mid-morning), it's still pretty fun, however on Day 17, when you have saved Shapeir from different problems, you will go to the town of Raseir (word is a play on the word Sierra), Shapeir's twin sister city, and things get really interesting here, unlike Shapeir, Raseir is under a dictatorship, after the previous emir is overthrown, his brother takes the place and tyranny had fallen over the city of Raseir. It gets quite spooky, and it's pretty nostalgic for me as well. My only real problem with the game is the alleyway system, basically in the towns of Shapeir and Raseir, in order to get to different areas of the town, you must walk in this endless labyrinth, while you do have a map, you first need to buy one, and while buying maps isn't a a problem, you need to change your... more

2 Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero

At number #2 we have the first entry in the Quest For Glory series, which is how to want to be a hero (pun intended), but seriously this game is almost as good as the sequel, even though it has a few flaws that holds it back. Anyway this game takes place in the germanic town of Spielburg (german for game castle) in the valley of Spielburg, a valley made up of beautiful forest. As the first entry in the series it honestly was very impressive. It was the first video game ever that combined point-and-click adventure games with RPG games, and it was a blast! It worked so well, the way your character fought monsters and completed quests, it was amazing. The nostalgia is excellent as well! However there are a few flaws I'll admit. For one, battling happens a bit way to often I guess? I mean it sometimes feel like every fifth background there is a new enemy ready to attack you, but it's not too big of a problem. I also think a lot of the characters in the game are just "there" and don't serve much development. While the royal family recieves backstories and stuff as well as Shameen, Sheema and Abdullah Doo (but that's because they were characters in the sequel as well) the rest isn't that interesting to be honest, sure there's Erasmus as well, but other than these there aren't a lot of interesting characters in the game. However I won't complain too much because the gameplay is beyond excellent

3 Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

When it comes to the normal Sierra Entertainment games, AKA not the RPG ones, I think it's safe to say that the third entry in the Space Quest series is obviously the most memorable one as well as the best one overall. The different settings and colours used for them is just mind-blowing for a game that uses the EGA colour palette and it just looks so beautiful overall. There was just nothing remotely bad about this game, now ok, I guess the story could've been more of, but overall I think it was a perfect ending for the first Space Quest trilogy (the fourth one completely ruined the series honestly, and don't get me started on the fifth one. Sixth one is the best of the three but has serious problems as well)

4 King's Quest II - Romancing the Throne

The King's Quest series was the first video game series Sierra Entertainment made, and it usually considered the weakest one as well, and I can understand, however this is viewed as the worst of the series. I honestly think it was the best. Overall it was the most fun, the puzzles weren't too annoying and the backgrounds were gorgeous! Especially towards the end, which gave me hyper-nostalgic feelings. I'll admit it feels a bit similar to the original in a few ways, but overall I like it the most of the series

5 Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge

Space Quest is surely one of the most memorable series by Sierra. While the third one is my favourite, the second one is a close second, because of reasons of course. For one, I really like the setting. Laibon is a very lush and beautiful forest planet overall and the plot was quite good. We get to meet Sludge Vohaul, mastermind behind the plan in the first entry, and it's quite exciting. Although it was boring sometimes, you gotta admit it was quite good for a video game made on the AGI

6 Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter

Of the two Sierra games I've played, I liked this one more than Police Quest. Both are great though.

The first Space Quest game is an awesome beginning to the Space Quest trilogy! As you start the game, you realize that you've woken up in a janitor's room during an invasion of the spaceship Arcadia. You're the only one who has survived and must escape the ship while learning about a quest to retrieve the star generator. This device, when in the wrong hands, can destroy entire galaxies. The star generator on Arcada has been stolen by evil aliens known as the Sariens. Roger Wilco must destroy the star generator to ensure the safety of millions of galaxies. The plot is quite good, and I really liked the settings in the game. Kerona was a cool desert planet, and so on.

7 Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

The Police Quest trilogy is a lot more reallistic compared to other Sierra Entertainment games, as they focus more on the job of being a police and fighting drug dealers. I think the third entry was the best one, but that was VGA, out of the first two games I think the original was the best. It was very interesting and exciting and there was almost never a boring moment. Definitely a pretty good game

8 King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown

The first Sierra Entertainment video game ever made deserves a spot on the list. While looking back at it, it may not have aged the absolute best, it's still very playable and nostalgic in a few ways. It's the definition of a classic adventure game! You've got a fun little story, fairy tale characters and a nostalgic intro soundtrack. It's definitely a great game! One flaw is some of the puzzles are very frustrating though

9 King's Quest III: To Heir is Human

This game has both its excellent things, but on another hand it has some seriously annoying things as well. Let's talk about the great stuff first. It's a huge improvment over the first two games when looking objectively. The story is much deeper and more interesting than in the previous two entries, the setting is very interesting and we actually get a very intimidating villain. This one is about the child of King Graham and his wife (don't remember the name) whose son, Alexander got kidnapped as baby by the evil wizard Manannan, as he has brainwashed him into thinking he has a much better life than everyone else and is a slave of him. It's quite an interesting plot and Alexander must find out about his true self and who he is, and get back to the land of Daventry, his actual home country. However some serious flaws this game has, is that is was just way too hard and complicated at times. At some points of the game you will need to use magic formulas and stuff, and you must gather ingredients for that. However you are given to clue what you should have and in what order you must use ingredients, from what I remember, this can get frustrating at times. However it's still a great game for what it is

10 Police Quest II: The Vengeance

Second entry in the Police Quest series, "The Vengeance" is my least favourite of the real three games (the fourth one isn't part of the series), however it's still quite interesting. It takes place a year after the first game, and the main villain from the original has escaped from prison and I don't remember too much of it. However this game is more of a romance story than a drug dealing story, which isn't as interesting but it's alright because it doesn't shove romance down our throats (even though it beacomes the main plot later on in the game). It's quite a good game overall in my opinion

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